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Tender Loving Care

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I am 37 years old, 215 pounds on a 6'-2' frame. I have always been fascinated and really turned on by the subject of mutual masturbation with a woman. I love to see women masturbate, but they do it only for a few strokes when I ask them to, as a teaser, without really meaning it, without entering 'the zone'.
Last fall, I had just ended a two year relationship in which I had put a lot of energy, and I was working on regaining my balance. Now I have this very good friend, a 29 year old woman named Dominique, who had helped me through these rough times. She was happily married, without any children, when right after Christmas, her husband decided it was not enough for him and left without further explanation. She was devastated, and I was happy to be there for her, after all she had done for me. She needed a lot of attention, so I thought it would be a good idea if she moved in with me instead of being alone in her depressing apartment. We painted and decorated a room I did not use, one with lots of sun coming through the window, moved some of her furniture, and there she began to heal. We grew accustomed to each other, living easily as friends, sharing my house as if we had been living together for years but without anything sexual happening between us. We were both content just to be at ease with someone who understands, and cares about the other.
In fact, we had been living under the same roof for only three months when, one Saturday evening after supper, we cuddled up as usual on the sofa, watching TV, talking softly about our day. I had been snowboarding all day, she had been shopping with a friend all afternoon. So after a warm shower, we were really happy to spend some time doing nothing together. We were both wearing boxer shorts and t-shirts, she looked real sexy. She smelled of soap, her jet black hair was loose and somewhat tangled. She had the remote and was zapping aimlessly, and we were talking about buying a movie on pay-per-view when the phone rang. It was a friend of mine, asking my advice about buying a used engine on eBay, so I went into my office to look at the item on my computer.
When I came back, about fifteen minutes later, she was crimson-red, remote in hand, and an x-rated movie was playing on the screen. I was kind of surprised because porn is not her thing at all. She sheepishly explained that she had ordered it by mistake, and she seemed genuinely ashamed because she did not want me to think that she was hitting on me. She went on saying that she appreciated the way I had treated her since her break-up, and that she would never do anything to jeopardize our friendship. I reassured her, I said it was nothing at all, and that we could select another one. I got back under the comforter with her, and took the remote to order a new movie. But moving the old and heavy bedspread under which she was resting brought up the unmistakable scent of a woman who is sexually aroused. This in turn made my groin stir, and I decided to stall and see what would develop.
I know, you probably think that I am stupid or blind, or that I have an incredibly thick skull. I have always thought that she is very desirable, very sensual, rounded and full, with dark eyes and long black hair, and moving with a hard to define fluid motion. Overall, a very feminine and sexy woman. What kept me from seeing her as a sexual person is that I had always considered her off-limit since she always had been in a relationship, and I wanted to keep her as a friend rather than lose her because of a stupid move from me. But now, the two of us free from our former partners and living in harmony together, I began to see her in a different light. I was beginning to wonder if she really had bought the movie by mistake.
So I made it appear as if I was making a joke when I said 'look at that tool, that guy is really giving it to her!' She nervously giggled, and she agreed, eyes riveted on the screen. It was a good quality movie, with two great looking women and a man, engaged in a very erotic threesome. I too was excited, and I had to shift a little to accommodate my hardening penis. I think she noticed but she did not say anything. By mutual consent, but without saying it out loud, we began watching the movie. We tried to keep a relaxed attitude, as it it were an everyday occurrence between us, but pressure was building inside us both, making it harder and harder to keep our cool. I could not stand it anymore, my hard-on was hurting, and pre-come was steadily oozing inside my short, I could feel it. So I decided to openly discuss the situation with her.
'Look Dom, this is becoming very difficult for me, you know?'
'What do you mean?' she said.
'Well, I really am excited by that movie, right now, so excited it hurts, and with you all curled up against me like that... you smell so good, you're so warm and soft, it's very hard for me to keep cool and pretend nothing is happening.'
She remained silent for a minute, thinking, and then she looked at me, her eyes very dark. She took a deep breath, as if needing some strength, and said: 'To be totally honest, I feel exactly the same, but I dont know what to do next. I feel that whatever we do could together would harm our relationship, I am not ready to be with a man right now. I like the way we are, you and I, the way we have been behaving toward each other, those past three months, but I am not ready to go beyond that.'
'Hmmm, I understand', I answered. 'I dont want to lose what we have either, so let's watch something else. It'll be easier on my system!' I knew as I said it that it was going to end there and then, and I realised that I wanted more, so I added, maybe as a bait: 'But you know, I would respect you always, whatever happened between us, because you are so precious to me. I really do love you'.
Another silence, but she did not stop watching the movie. Instead, she kept staring at it without really seeing it, obviously thinking. My hard-on still hurt, and my hand was on it under the blanket, trying to ease the pressure, without stroking.
Then she said in a low voice: 'you really are hurting? You're that hard?'
'Yes' I whispered back, 'I need to stop watching this.'
'Well, I am very excited too, and I need to get off real bad. Maybe we could just play with ourselves, you and I, but I would not want anything else to happen between us. I trust you enough for that, and if you say you will still respect me after that, I am willing to try that with you.'
Wow! I was stunned. My fantasy was presented to me, without my ever asking for it, on a silver platter by a woman that I truly loved and cared about. I was also left speechless, and she mistakenly thought that I was shocked by her proposition, so she began to try to do some damage control, stammering that she was sorry, that she should not have said that, that she knew even while saying it that it could lead to no good. Inwardly kicking myself, I quickly regained my voice and assured her that I was comfortable enough with her to do it in front of her, and that I too wanted to get off very badly.
Then it became very awkward. She turned off the TV, set the remote on the end table, and she threw away the blanket. She looked very shy, very young, and I remembered the first time I did anything with a girl. The exact same feeling of things forbidden. She backed away from me at the other end of the sofa, half sitting, half reclining, her back against the armrest. I did the same at my end, turned toward her, our legs meeting in the middle between us.
'You still want to do this?' she asked, shyly meeting my eyes. She looked very vulnerable, very naive, and I felt the same way.
'Yes, I need to very much.' I answered.
She raised her hips, grabbed her boxers with both hands, and pushed them down to her knees. Then using only her leg, she finished removing her boxers and threw them on the floor. Only then did I see her sex, her outer lips parting slightly, revealing a little of her inner lips, soft pink flesh in the dim light. I kept staring, she was so beautiful. She could not resist lightly rubbing the top of her clit with the tip of her index finger, and she told me to get naked too. I got on my feet, facing her, and stripped from the waist down. My penis sprang straight up, very hard and wet at the tip. She kept staring at it, still rubbing her little clit, unconsciously spreading her legs slowly, finally putting her left foot on the hardwood floor. I knew that if I so much as touched my penis, I would shoot my load right then. Her labia were very wet and shiny, and her caresses were getting stronger. She was using three fingers, now, but still only massaging the top of her slit. She was looking at me, standing there, when she said: 'Oops, I almost forgot!'
She reached for her shorts on the floor and placed them under her ass, obviously to prevent staining the cushion. That did it, to this day I still do not know why. Without even touching myself, I shot four ribbons of creamy sperm on her t-shirt, her forearm, her hand, and her thigh. Seeing this, her eyes became unfocused, and she tensed from head to toes. Lifting her hips slightly, rubbing faster now, she came hard, panting almost silently, lost in her world. I had never seen a woman produce that much come before, another fantasy come true!
I was sorry that we had orgasmed so fast, not having had the time to enjoy it to the fullest. But it was so new, so sudden, so exciting too, that we simply had to come as fast as we did. As I was having these thoughts, I realised that Dom was still slowly rubbing her slit, a satisfied smile on her face, looking at me with such tenderness and love that I almost choked. My dick was still hard and hurting, so I sat back, began to masturbate and said: 'Wow! we really needed it, huh?'
She said with a smile: 'Look at what you did to my favorite night-shirt.' She then removed it and proceeded to wipe my come off her arm and thigh with it. She also wiped most of her come from her ass crack, and set the t-shirt on top of the almost drenched shorts. All the while, she kept lightly rubbing her clit with her other hand. Now she had free access to her breast, and I could at last see those marvelous boobs.
I said: 'I couldn't help myself, sorry! You're so sexy and I was so excited, that was fantastic.'
'Dont worry,' she answered, 'there is plenty of time left, no hurry now.'
She inserted her middle finger in her wet hole, and with the thumb of the same hand she started rubbing her clit again. Her other hand played with her nipple, pulling and rolling between thumb and forefinger. 'When I do it like this,' she told me, 'I can last for hours. It's the first time ever that I bring myself off in front of another person, I never did this, not even in front of my husband. It really was exciting, I loved it.'
Her eyes alternated between mine and my dick, and I did the same, looking at her, trying to see everything at once. Every stroke of my hand on my penis brought so much pleasure, it was exquisite torture. But this time, I knew that I could last a long time too, and I intended to enjoy seeing her playing with herself for as long as I could.
She went on saying all kinds of erotic things: that she liked the way my balls bounced with every stroke, that her fingers felt good on her clit, how she had enjoyed seeing the sperm shooting out of my dick, how hot it had felt on her thigh, how she liked her breast. And she asked questions too: did I like her breast, her nipples, her lips? Did I like the way she had come on her boxer shorts? She was so at ease, as if it were something we did everyday. she had a relaxed smile, entirely comfortable with me, in perfect harmony. All this time, answering her questions and saying things of my own, how i loved her smell, the heat that seemed to radiate from her crotch, the sight of her breast. I kept thinking about how great this was, and concentrated on the feeling she produced in my groin through my own hand. Never before had I felt so at ease with someone, and I was filled with a new kind of love for her.
And then, after some time, maybe twenty minutes, I am not exactly sure, she began rubbing faster again, looking in my eyes. I wanted to keep my eyes locked with hers too, but she was so beautiful that I wanted to fill my memory with all the sights she offered. She was panting now, sweat forming between her breast, one foot on the floor, one foot lightly hovering above the sofa, her hand caressing her clit, the other pulling on a nipple, her anus wet from her secretions, her smile, her dreamy gaze that saw the back of my skull through my eyes and brain. I picked up her pace, followed her in that crazy world of hers, until I felt it was right to orgasm. It was building in me, and in her too, judging by the way she went at it. She began chanting: 'I'm coming... I'm coming... I'm coming...' and she became stiffer than the first time, rising her ass as high in the air as she could, and clear liquid pouring out of her vagina like I had never seen before. I felt it rise in me too, and it erupted as strongly as the first time, one white ribbon landing on my chin, one on my right nipple, another on my belly, and I gently finished milking every drop out of my shaft, the white semen collecting on my thumb and dripping at the base of my penis. She was slowly finishing herself, eyes closed, cooing almost inaudibly.
She lowered her gaze toward me, and she smiled, satisfied and happy. I returned her smile, and we both stayed there, looking silently at each other. After a while I got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, and brought back a wet washcloth and a towel for her. After that, we got under the blanket naked, and simply went to sleep together on the sofa. Before drifting off, she thanked me, and I kissed her.



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