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Ten Years Of Sexual Bliss!!!

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At sixteen, I am not a virgin, and my sex life is pretty varied for my age. I guess I'll start from when I was younger. At six, my mum was hovering under her bed, and she had moved the bed. On the floor, I found a black 6-inch long vibrator with two speeds. Mum took it off me immediately. And I guess that's when my curiosity Began.
Over the next couple of years I realised that when I squeezed my thighs together I felt really good, it was like an intense pleasure. A few years later than this, when I was maybe 12, I had just learnt sex education at school, but I still had no idea about masturbation. I did it, but never knew what it was, although what I did was only clitoral stimulation. I remember sitting on a chair with my legs open in front of the mirror, and the shock that went through me when I first slipped a finger inside myself.
I then found a few of my dad's porn magazines, and began reading them. By now I knew what masturbation was because of changing room gossip. I began to get myself off with my dad's magazines.
Then I found my mum's latest vibrator. A simple thing, similar to the one I found when I was six. Except this one was silver with 3 speeds.
slowly I began too use her vibrator on myself, working up from slow to turbo. It was the most amazing orgasms I've had.
more recently though, my mum doesn't use her vibrator (she is menopausal) and it seems to have vanished. Dad's magazines however, they are still available.
I now use a hairbrush I have. It's funny because one of my ex-boyfriends knows, and he looks at me really strangely whenever I brush my hair with it.
This ex-boyfriend, I was in year 8 with him at school, and our lessons together were always sexy. There was another girl, and one other boy, Charlotte and Joe. This ex is Michael, (he'll be adding his biography soon, so he'll read this and know who he is). In English, we would push the tables together so me and Charlotte were on one side, and Michael and Joe were on the other. Charlotte and Joe would touch each other under the table, and so would me and Michael.
One time, in a drama lesson, we had to do this homeless exercise. When we performed it to the class, we were under a blanket, as a prop, and the boys had their hands up our tops, and we were tossing them off.
Still we carried on acting and the teacher to this day doesn't know what was happening.
About a month ago, my boyfriend then, I'll call him T, we had some really fun times. He came round mine, and with my parents downstairs, he had taken my top off, and he was sucking my nipples, and nibbling on them gently.
He was kissing my neck, which really gets me hot. I really couldn't take anymore. Without him noticing (I don't know how, he was lying on top of me between my legs) I slipped a hand down the front of my jeans, and I fingered my clit through my thong.
as I built up speed, the pleasure must've shown on my face, as he glanced down, realising what I was doing. I could feel him growing against me. He hoarsely muttered 'you dirty bitch', which is something I love to be called when engaging in any form of sexual activity. It makes me even more horny, and desperate to climax.
He asked if there was a penetration, so I moved my hand further down, and said, 'now there is'. He nearly went wild, he was thrusting himself against me, and I knew he was gagging for it.
my arsehole began to throb, and I knew that what i wanted was something in both holes. Using my right hand I used the juices from my cunt and slid my little finger into my arsehole, leaving my forefinger and middle finger free to finger my cunt, and my left hand to finger my clit. I was in ecstasy.
He reached down to stroke himself, and I simply said 'no'. I knew he was close to cumming in his pants. He came as I did, and we both just lay there, our smells mingling and then I took my hands away from my body.
He placed my forefinger and middle finger in his mouth, sucking them clean. From then on our experiences became more and more daring.
We were sitting on a bench with some of my sister's friends (she is 13) and he fingered me. They knew exactly what was going on. He wasn't trying to hide what he was doing, and I wasn't trying to hide my pleasure.
Then one Sunday, with his parents downstairs at his house, we went to his room. We had sex, and then when he went to clean up, I removed the porn I had found earlier, and began to flick through it, I am bi sexual, so all of the pictures and stories were a major turn on.
I began to circle my clit with my finger, and then I opened my legs wider, so that I could finger fuck myself. T came back, and at first he was shocked, but soon his lost erection returned, with a single word from his lips, 'nice'.
I knew I had his approval. He sat between my legs and jacked himself off, squirting cum over my belly and breasts, thighs and cunt.
I then made him lick it all up, and by the time this was over, we were both hot enough to fuck again.
over the next couple of weeks we fucked in the local supermarket toilets, and then at his house again. One Friday night, we were stood on my front doorstep, and he masturbated me to orgasm. It was risky as my parents' bedroom window looks down onto the doorstep, and it was open. Smothering my cries into his shoulder, I finally orgasmed, kissed him goodnight, and then waited for a phone call asking me over to his the next day.
Of course I went, and we had sex, and he ate me out, as he seemed to enjoy doing, and I enjoyed receiving. He was amazing. We then went into town, and on the bus back, it was late, and we were the only people on it, apart from the driver, but we were on the top deck, and he fingered me to orgasm. I came loudly, and the bus driver winked when we came down, all flushed and hot.
The final stage in this biography is me and Michael, he knows who he is, he'll be reading this, we regularly visit this site. But you should all feel sorry for him because he cant masturbate when reading, as his computer is in a part of the house his whole family use all the time. Whereas I, and he gets jealous of me for this, have a laptop connected to the internet in my bedroom, so I regularly masturbate over other peoples stories. and so does he. I always talk to him on msn, describing what I'm doing too, it drives him mad. but then, what are best mates for?!?!?! Have fun you lot.



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