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Ten Times the Pleasure

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Here is another story that occurred recently between my friend Katherine and I. Kat, if you find this, sorry if it's a little long for your taste, but you gotta realize that ten is quite a lot. To everyone else, especially Kat, enjoy!


'Didn't you say you hardly ever go to sleep without getting yourself off?' I asked as we cuddled in her bed after a long night out at the the local watering hole with some of our friends. Just lying in bed with her was enough to get me aroused and I wanted to play, not sleep just quite yet.

'Yeah, it's a rare night when I go to sleep without masturbating. Usually I can get myself off ten times before I go to sleep on a good night.' My interest was peaked at this proclamation. I can sometimes get my own self off two or three times in a session, but ten times? Of course the mechanics are different for males and females, but I decided to press the matter to see if we couldn't have a little fun.

'Ten times?' I asked. 'Really? You can get yourself off ten times in a row in one go at it?' My boxers were beginning to tighten as my dick stirred to life against her sweatpants covered ass at the thought in addition to having my arms wrapped around her nubile little body. She's just so soft and touchable that anytime I can get my hands on her, its almost an immediate turn on for me. Coupled with the fact that we're so open talking about sexual things with each other, it takes no time at all for me to get riled up in Kat's presence. Its both a blessing and a curse, though this night would prove to be the former.

'Yes, really. What, you don't believe me?' She could feel my dick pressing up against her and pushed back against me, giving it a little grind. I sucked in a quick breath and then lopsidedly grinned and spooned into her tighter, reaching around to caress one of her perfect C cup cami covered tits. I traced around her nipple, bringing it to standing attention and then giving it a quick hard pinch like I know she likes. I then began to firmly but slowly massage her left tit from the base all the way to the nipple, getting her juices flowing a little.

With my lips next to her ear, I murmured, 'No, I don't. I dare you to bring yourself to ten orgasms in a row, because I really don't think you can.' She broke out of my embrace and rolled onto her back and looked at me with slightly narrowed eyes. I was worried for a moment, but then she reached down and slid off her pants, throwing them over the side of the bed. I scooted back to give her a little bit of room to work with and so that I could get a better vantage point as this little minx began to rub herself through her panties. She sighed and began to grind her hips into her fingers in rhythm. 'Not gonna take off your undies, are you?'

'Not yet, at least,' she cooed. 'You're going to have to help me keep count.' As she softly moaned this, she looked me straight in the eye with a very tender, yet intense expression and it brought my dick to full attention. She picked up the pace on her clit through her sexy little panties and began to gyrate and moan with pleasure. I was also absently stroking myself through my boxer briefs at this point when she gave a low cry and called out, 'One.' She didn't let up her assault and instead just redoubled her efforts in order to carry her straight into the next one. Her breathing became even more ragged as she assaulted her clit through the thin material until she cried out again and arched her back. 'Two!'

Slowing down for just a moment, Kat reached inside her panties and started to finger her clit directly eliciting a different quality of sound from her lips as she moaned. I took this opportunity to take off my own underwear and begin to pump my dick in time with her hip movements. Gods was I turned on at this point! Here was this gorgeous girl rubbing her clit right next to me as her tits quivered with each thrust of her hips. She was getting close again as her breathing picked up pace. 'Ohhhh!' She yelled as she came yet again, riding the wives of her hot little pussy.

I grinned, 'Three.' She locked eyes with me and nodded as it looked like she reached up to stick a few fingers into her pussy.

She humped her hand like this for no more than thirty seconds before she purred out, 'Four... Ohhhh...' Pulling her fingers out of herself, she took a quick break at this point to bring her knees up to her chest and remove her now soaked panties, throwing them over the side of the bed before spreading her legs wide so her left was draped over my own. I could hear the soft schlicking sound her wet pussy was making as she toyed her clit from side to side at lightning pace. She gasped as her legs strained and her toes curled, moaning deeply and turning her head to the side while tightly closing her eyes.

'Five...' I groaned as I increased my own pace and let my head fall back on the pillow, my precum flowing freely now. She didn't slow down her pace and continued to quickly slide her fingers back and forth across the top of her slippery pussy, not even concentrating on the clit anymore.

She started to buck again her she squeezed my leg with her own as she called out, 'Six!' As she fell back to the bed, she slowed down to a more moderate massaging of her pussy. I turned over so that I was facing her and raised myself a bit in order to get access to the shoulder straps of her camisole.

I slid them down and over her shoulders in order to expose her beautiful breasts and hard nipples for my viewing and playing pleasure. I smiled, 'I love undressing you...' Lowering my lips to her left nipple, I licked around the areola before sucking it into my mouth hungrily. She seemed to enjoy this as she yet again began to moan and increased her ministrations on her soaking pussy. She arched her back to push her tit further into my mouth and I swirled my tongue around her nipple, which sent her over the edge. I kissed it and withdrew, saying satisfactorily, 'Seven.'

I took this opportunity as she was writhing in pleasure to rise to my knees and take my dick and rub the head across her hard nipple, coating it in my precum. She gasped, looked down and smiled wryly as she said, 'Well thanks for that.' Grinning, I began to pump my dick while letting it run into her soft tit over and over again, which turned me on even more. She seemed to enjoy it too, evidenced by her eyes locked on my cock as I hovered over her chest masturbating. Her eyes rolled back and she got oddly quiet as her body shook, causing her nipple to reach up to meet the head of my dick again. 'Eight...' I started jacking furiously now, realizing that the end was coming near.

Seeing me increase my rhythm, she groaned and started to absolutely assault her pussy, sprinting to the finish line. I began to breath heavily as my excitement started to build and I could feel my cock get fuller as it approached its own orgasm. Kat's body tightened up and she went rigid as her ninth orgasm of the session rocked her. 'Nine!' I said heavily as I stroked away.

I lay down on my back again next to her since it was easier to get off that way. 'Where do you want me to cum?' I asked in a low voice.

'Mmm... You can cum on my tummy if you want.' The idea of this seemed to set her off as she inhaled with a short 'Ah!' and then moaned long and hard as her tenth orgasm blazed through her pussy. 'Ten!' I reached a frenzy at this point and just started going to town on my cock while she rolled over onto her side, her fingers still massaging her pussy. 'What, I cum ten times, and you haven't yet? Cum for me!' At this command, I became impossibly harder and stroked even faster while Kat began to finger herself maniacally as well. We both lost ourselves a little bit as I began squirt rope after rope of cum on her cute little stomach and every where else. As the cum hit her, she began to orgasm yet again. As we both came down, panting from our exertions, I began to laugh a little bit and turning my head to smile at her.

'Well that was fun. I guess you win.' Although we were definitely both winners that night. We put our clothes back on and curled up together to go to sleep for the evening. Yet another adventurous story with the beautifully wild Katherine in the record books, with plenty more to be told and written in the future, hopefully.



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