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Temptress Sisters

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I'm 70 now, and I have been masturbating most of my life. As a youngster, I often jerked off to the point of pain. I'm hooked on it. I love it! One memory from my youth has stayed with me all these years, and I can't get it out of my mind. It was truly a seminal event.
One evening, when I was 16, I was home taking care of my siblings while my parents were out for a late evening. The younger children were asleep, but two of my sisters, A (14) and B(13) were still awake. I heard them being silly in their bedroom, and I went in to see if I could quiet them down. I was already in my pajamas dressed for bed.
As I entered their room, A giggled and said mockingly 'I see a wiener.' Then B picked up on it, and the two began chanting 'wiener, wiener, wiener in a bun.' Puzzled at first, I suddenly realized my pajama fly was gaping open, they could see my flaccid penis. It embarrassed me, and I quickly turned around, whereupon they began to chant 'coward, coward.'
Suddenly, it occurred to me what was happening, and immediately my penis took over for my brain. I turned around again and said 'oh yeah, well let's see who's a coward. You've seen mine, now show me yours.' Both were under the covers wearing nightgowns. A pulled down her covers and pulled up her nighty for a flashing second. 'There,' she said; 'that's all you get to see.' The image of a black triangle of pubic hair was burned in my mind. I said to B, 'OK, it's your turn.' B slowly lowered her blanket and just as slowly raised her nighty, leaving it up for a few seconds. Her pubic area was lightly covered in soft blonde hair. I got a good look, though her legs were tight together. I complained to both that 'you get to see everything I have, and all you showed me was some hair. I want to see it all.' The both looked a little scared, but A, the bolder of the two said 'you're right, and fair is fair. But if we uncover ourselves, you have to get undressed too.' I readily agreed, and removed my pajama top. Before lowering the pants (my penis still showing through the gaping fly), I insisted that they had to remove their nighties. Both complied, and as I lowered my pants my penis slowly began to grow.
I stood at the foot of their bed, staring at their soft, lovely young bodies. A had rather large, firm B to C size breasts with dark nipples, while B's were perhaps the same size, but softer and with pinker nipples. Both parted their thighs slightly, giving me a view of their vulvas. For several moments we were all transfixed, just staring at each other as my penis was slowly becoming a hard cock; they were mesmerized by it as it began to point skyward. B, who apparently hadn't seen an erect penis before, said 'Wow, doesn't it hurt when it does that.' I reached down and grasped my throbbing cock, and I said 'not only does it not hurt, it feels wonderful.' To which B said 'can I touch it?' I replied slyly 'Only if I can touch both of you.'
A couple of years earlier, A and I had done some sexual exploration with each other, involving an almost clinical examination of each other's body. We were very curious, and we carefully explored every crevice. Of course, I got a hard on, as I had been masturbating for a couple of years. When we heard Mom coming our experiment crashed and burned.
Back to the temptresses, clearly, A was interested in pushing the envelope this time, but she was uncertain how to proceed with B present. B's question about touching 'it' apparently opened the door, because A placed her finger onto her cunt and began to move it around, causing the lips to open and reveal pink inside skin. B looked on and was fascinated by what she saw. She quickly followed suit. I crawled up onto the big double bed, kneeling between the two of them at about the level of their knees. My heart was beating like mad, and I was in a quandary about how to proceed. I was still a virgin, and I didn't have a clue what to do next. B broke the ice by reaching out and grasping my cock. I began to tremble as I reached for her soft breast. It felt heavenly. Then A reached over and fondled my balls, so with my other hand I groped her breast, noting the difference in texture between the two girls. Their nipples became engorged and stuck out like hard nubs. I pinched both of their breasts and nipples lightly, then I slid my hand down to their pussies. They both opened their legs wider, allowing my hands to cover their cunts, and my fingers to slide into them slightly. We were all in a very high state of excitement.
Not sure what to do next, I arbitrarily moved between B's legs, spreading them wide and frigging her cunt with my hand. This caused my finger to slip out of A's cunt, and she seemed to get offended that I hadn't chosen her to be first. A got out of the bed and went into the next room, sitting at the piano with a full view of the bed and of our actions. Clearly she wanted to see what would happen next.
I didn't know anything about how girls reacted to sexual stimulation; all I had to go on was my experience with my own body. I now devoted my full attention to B's nubile body, caressing her lovely breasts and fingering her now very wet cunt. I was in seventh heaven, and I was literally trembling with excitement. Never before had I had this kind of sexual excitement. B continued to minister to my raging cock, pulling on the skin, jacking it.
All of a sudden, much to the surprise of both of us, my cock erupted with a mind blowing orgasm, shooting semen all over B's leg and belly. We were both stunned, as gobs of semen gushed out. B held on tight to my cock, as the last bits of cum dribbled over her hand. B recovered her senses before I did, and she immediately shouted 'PIG, SLOP!!!' Then she jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to wash herself.
In shock, I just remained on my knees trying to comprehend what had just happened. As I regained my composure, I got out of bed, gathered my pajamas, and walked out of the room. As I passed D, at the piano, she looked down at my now limp dripping dick and seemed to be saying with a wry smirk 'serves you right.'
Never again did I see either of them in such a state of undress, and we have never talked about this event. But we still have a close, loving relationship. I'll never know whether this event had a positive or negative effect on our lives or on our relationships. I only know that it's something I'll never forget.



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