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Temporary Employment 2

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This takes place a few months after 'Temporary Employment 1'.


'Gail' came by my cubicle. Gail was in her late 50s, about 5'5', slim, short reddish hair, blue eyes, glasses. I had met her at the same time I met 'Janie', and hadn't thought about Gail much until I ended my affair with Janie, since I just wanted sex, and Janie was looking for a new husband.

Gail was wearing a blue shorts outfit, pantyhose and matching low heels. I didn't know she had such great legs, or a tight, firm ass. I felt my prick move at seeing her, and tried to keep from gawking at her. I did manage to say she looked great.

'Thank you, X. I decided to dress up a little today, it being the end of the week, and this being a new outfit.'

Thinking quickly, I asked Gail if she would like to go out that night. She said she had a date, but would be to go out on Saturday. A little disappointed, since she wouldn't be wearing the outfit again, I said that would be okay.

The next afternoon, I stopped by her apartment and picked her up. She was wearing a sweater and leggings. While they didn't fit snugly, they still showed off the shape of her legs.

The date went well, and we came back to her apartment. As she was saying goodbye to me, she kissed me. I pulled her close to me, and our kisses started becoming more heated. When I felt her mouth open, I pushed my tongue in, and moved a hand to her ass, and squeezed. She groaned.

'I never had a younger guy as a potential lover before,' she managed to say between kisses. 'I've been attracted to you for awhile, X, but knew that you had something going on with Janie. I'm glad you asked me out.' We returned to kissing, and I managed to take one of Gail's hands, and moved it to my crotch. She gently squeezed my hard cock.

'I want you, X, but it's too soon. Can't we just kiss today?'

'Go put on the shorts outfit again, Gail. I want to see your legs.' I croaked out. She pushed back, headed into her bedroom, and came out, wearing the outfit.

'It's a little wrinkled...' I grabbed her and began kissing her again, moving my lips down to her neck, and moving my hands over her body, squeezing her ass some more, and fondling her small tits. She moaned.

'Too soon, X...' I pulled her to her couch, putting an arm around her and putting my other hand on her thigh, stroking it through the soft nylon, towards her crotch.

'Oh, God! Oh, God, that feels so good!' I began pressing my hand against her crotch and rubbing it. She started to squirm.

'Oh, God,! X, oh dear, darling, it's so good! It's been so long!' She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth as I continued masturbating her.

'Lift your butt up, honey' I told Gail. As she did, I pulled down the shorts. I could see the hair on her pussy through her pantyhose, and I resumed jilling her.

I grabbed a pillow, put it on my lap, and told her to lie down. As she did so, I jilled her off several times as she lay there, one of my hands now wet with her juices soaking through the crotch, the other, under her top and bra, playing with a nipple.

The phone rang. She started to move to get it, but my masturbating her changed her mind. It was the guy she went out with the night before.

'Are you going to get it, Gail?' I said, teasing her after she had come again.

'No. I'm busy. Right now, I have to make my new lover come, then I need to have him fuck me. I think it's going to take all night and tomorrow.'

She was absolutely right. We were lovers for several months, until she felt that she wanted more and was planning on moving out of state anyway. Our last night together, as she was jacking me off, the phone rang. She answered it, and told the guy on the other end that she had her hands full right now, and couldn't talk.



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