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Temporary Employment 1

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In the early 90s, I had taken a temporary job at a well-known software manufacturer, participating in a data entry project. As the project went on, the group of 25 temp employees shrunk, as the amount of information needing to be input got smaller. At the end of the project, there were only five of us left, judged to be worth keeping on to work in customer service.

Two of that group were 'Janie' and 'Gail'. I'll talk about Janie first, as I didn't become close to Gail until after my time with Janie. That's for another posting.

Janie was in her mid-40s, about 5'4' with shoulder length brown hair, a great smile, a slim figure, and exquisite legs, which I got to see once in awhile when she wore this great red dress, or a long blue slit skirt.

We worked in the same cube, and became regular lunch partners, and friends. As time went on that year, Janie started to be more demonstrative with affection, moving from holding my hand surrepetitously, to quick hugs, and became more frank in our discussions of various topics, mentioning how she watched some talk show where the topic of younger men-older women was discussed, and how she thought that was a great idea, especially regarding sex. She made a practice of crossing her legs and facing me when she was wearing a dress, and I had to talk to her about some matter. During a break, she sat on a table while she was wearing the red dress, and stretched her legs out, knowing that I couldn't miss them. Of course, I developed an erection, always keeping an eye out for great legs. As we walked back, she stopped abruptly, and (of course) I bumped into her firm ass. She turned her head around, smiled, then closed her eyes, and puckered her lips quickly, as if she was going to kiss me. Right there, I completely dropped my self-imposed rule of not thinking about fucking co-workers, especially married co-workers. What the hell, I figured, she's a big girl. However, as I was renting a room from my folks, and had limited financial resources, I couldn't afford thinking about motel rooms to meet with her and fuck.

The next day, our physical contact increased, starting with sneaking a 'good morning' kiss in our cube, under-the-table handholding during meetings, usually with one person stroking the hand of the other with a thumb, or a hand on a thigh, where we could make the other person squirm with stroking an inner leg, feeling the softness of nylon, or feeling a hand brush my balls. Our breaks turned into 15 minute makeout sessions. Janie usually wiped off her lipstick beforehand to avoid having it smear and leaving evidence of our activity, which was prohibited by the company and the contractor, and would have gotten us both fired. After work, we would park in the lot of a nearby deli, kiss each other goodbye, then drive home. I spent many a night jacking off about Janie.

One day, there was a company meeting for the regular employees, so temporary employees were given the day off. I suggested to Janie that we spend the day together. She thought that was a great idea. She left her car in the company lot, since her husband sometimes drove by, and we left in my car.

We stopped at our deli spot, and of course, made out. I told her I couldn't afford a motel room, and she asked when my folks would be out of town, if ever. I told her that they would be gone the next weekend, and she said that would be fine, and I could give her the fucking she wanted from me. She kissed me hard, her hand moving to my crotch. She told me to find a matinee, it didn't matter which one, as she wanted to do something that she had been masturbating about for a week.

We drove to a theatre in a nearby city (my idea, to avoid any chance encounter with any of her friends who might be out). As we drove there, her hand still on my cock, mine on her thigh, her dress pulled up to her waist, so I could glance down occasionally and see the tops of her pantyhose and her cunt hair, she began talking about how much she wanted to taste my come, see how far could she take my cock into her mouth, and how long she wanted me to suck her clit. Of course, I was thinking about pulling over, and fucking her to death in the back of my car.

We finally made it to the movies. When we got in, she took my hand, kissed it, and said she wanted to sit in the balcony, in the back. As the theatre was nearly empty, since it was in the middle of the workday, that was no problem.

She raised the arm of the seat between us, and moved closer to me. She kissed me passionately, not caring that her lipstick smeared. She said she didn't know what the future of her marriage would be, but for now, meeting with me on the sly, and occasionally fucking would be fun.

The theatre got dark, and the movie started. Janie's left arm went around my shoulders. She kissed my cheek, then moved her coat over my lap.

'Unzip your pants, honey' she whispered into my ear, before she began licking it. I was going to move her coat, but she said to leave there.

I unzipped my pants, and immediately felt her hand moving around. I loved the feeling of her warm soft hand seeking my penis. She found it, and brought it through the fly of my underwear.

She began stroking it slowly.

'Close your eyes, sweetie. Let Janie do all the work.' I did so, just feeling the pleasure sweep over me. Of course, with the coat over my lap, no one could see what she was doing, including the usher who went by the row of seats.

I don't know how long it took, but I could feel my orgasm approaching.

'Janie, I'm coming' I managed to say. Her hand moved faster. She said 'Face me', and as I did, she kissed me, but not before she said 'I love you.' I came all over her hand, the lining of the coat, feeling ecstasy and her tongue moving around my mouth.

As I recovered, she took out some tissues from her purse, but not before licking her hand and tasting my come. 'Mm. Salty and a little sweet.' I grabbed her, and kissed her as hard as I could. When she broke the kiss, she cleaned me up, put me away, put her arm back around me, and started kissing my neck, telling me that she loved me, and wanted to run away from her husband. Me, I was happy waiting to fuck her. I didn't think about wanting to marry her.

We finally got to fuck the following week, and we did everything we wanted to try, but the idea that she loved me put me off wanting to continue being her lover, since I wasn't in love with her. She eventually cooled off when she saw that I wasn't pushing the idea of running off with her, and she left the job assignment. A few weeks later, I started to date Gail, but that's for another posting.



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