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Teenage Weekend

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Teenage Weekend
Well, I grew up in a fairly religious family, so sex and masturbation were never mentioned. But my friends knew enough about it to clue me in. Anyway, when I was 13, there were 4 really hot girls in 7th grade. I as fairly popular, but not in the same league as those girls, or so I thought. About 1 week from summer vacation, our teacher announced that 5 of us would be selected to spend a week alone in a cabin on a lake in the Pocono Mountains. The selection would be done by grades and lotterey. Anyway, as it worked out, me and the 4 amazingly hot girls were the ones selected. So, 3 weeks into summer, we were dropped off at the lake house, with radios, bikes, food, and no other form of entertainment. This was a follow-up to a extra credit "survival" course that we had taken in school.
Anyway, there was only 2 bedrooms, so naturally, we decided that the girls would share one room and I"d have my own room. That night I had to get up to get a drink of water at about 1AM. I walked past the girl's room, and noticed that someone was moaning inside. I solwly opened the door, and flicked on the light. One of the girls, Lauren, was sitting up, naked, in bed, masturbating. Naturally, she was speechless when I walked in. I asked "Mind if I join in?" She didn't answer, so I took that as a yes. I walked over to her bed and pulled down my boxers, revealing my rock hard cock. She gasped, but took it in her hand and started jerking me. I resopnded by reaching between her legs and starting to rub her. The decided to take it a step further, and went down to lick her. She started moaning really loudly now, and I was affraid that Shelley, Michelle and Jessica would wake up. But they didn't.
Anyway, she had orgasm after orgasam, and eventually she started calming down a bit. She then pushed me down on the bed, and slid away a bid and proceded to suck my cock. I came in her mouth, and ohhhhhh, it was haven. Then she lay back again, and spread her legs. I rolled over and slid my cock in to her soping pussy and started pumping away. I came inside of her, and she had another few orgasams. By now it was about 2 AM, and I decided to get some sleep.
The next day would be even better, but I had no idea of that. I work up at 8 AM, to the smell of bacon (darn, Michelle was a GOOD cook for a 13 year old). I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, where I almost fell over. I was greeted by the sight of 4 naked 13 year old girls, all extrordanarily sexy. Lauren stood up and came over and gave me a deep, passionate kiss, and then sat me down at the table. As you can imagine, I was rock hard by this point. But no, they wouldn't start yet, they insisted. I had to eat my breakfast first. I'll tell ya, even though breakfast was great, I almost died sitting there with 4 naked girls and not being able to do anything.
Anyway, after breakfast, while the girls cleaned up, I went in to the family room to catch up on the sports scores. Shelely was the first to finish whatever she was doing, and she sat down next to me on the couch, and moved her hand over to my cock. Then Michelle and Jessica came in, and they sat down on top and next to me. Michelle was sitting on top of me, with her well developed breasts right at the hight of my face, and her ass pressed up against my cock. It was just to much. I took one of her breasts, and started sucking. Lauren came hurrying in about now, and the show really began. Shelley stopped pumping my cock, and started sucking, while I sucked Michelle's tits. Jessica and Lauren were busy licking every inch of my body, and they were all moaning and groaning. Then I started fucking Michelle, and eventually fucked and licked and rubbed each one of them.
The coming week just got beter, but that's another story. :) --Anon.



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