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Teenage Stripper

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This story relates to when I had just turned twenty and my then girlfriend, let's call her K, was sixteen. She wasn't ready for full intercourse at this time, but was more than willing to indulge in some mutual masturbation.

I still lived at my parents house at the time, and I would pick her up from her folks house and bring her over to mine. She would dress fairly conservatively, eg; skirt and blouse etc, but underneath she would have on the skimpiest lace bra and panties with matching stockings and suspenders and black stilleto shoes. We would chat to my parents for half an hour or so, before 'retiring' to my room to watch some TV.

Once in my room, she would slowly begin to strip off her clothes. Her blouse would come off first, where she would strut around the room giving me glimpses of her panties by slowly lifting the front of her skirt. Being blonde, and still only sixteen, she had a small patch of fair coloured pubic hair, which through her panties made her appear bald. Then, turning her back towards me, she would slowly drop her skirt to the floor revealing the most sensual butt encased in black lace. By this time I would be stripped of my trousers and underpants, and be slowly wanking my stiff cock. Her bra would come off next, whilst hiding her still maturing 34B breasts behind her hands. She would start to tweak her nipples making them hard and erect before stroking herself between the legs. Again, with her back to me, she would gradually peel her panties down, giving me a fantastic view of her now glistening pussy lips. She would put her hands against the wall and thrust her butt towards me in that 'come and fuck me from behind' fashion. After a few minutes gyrating she would join me on my bed, laying opposite me with her legs stretched out over mine, until my cock and her pussy were less than six inches apart.

Slowly she would alternate between teasing her pussy and her tits, whilst I continued pumping my cock. Soon she would concentrate on her pussy alone, running a finger around her lips, and plunging it into her pussy from time to time. I could tell she was getting well into it by the amount of juice leaking from pussy. She would thrust her hips up and down as her finger went in and out, whilst I did likewise with my cock in hand. Her clit became the centre of attention for both of us, as she gently rubbed it whilst I looked on.

Soon I would tell her I had that feeling in my balls that I was nearing orgasm, at which point she would sit up, grab my cock and pump hard and fast. The spunk would fly from my cock in three or four ropes over her breasts and stomach, which normally delighted her, and turned her on even more. Having orgasmed myself, I would then start to finger her pussy and clit until she bucked to orgasm. We both had to be fairly quiet about this as both my parents were downstairs. Afterwards we would clean ourselves up, and then watch TV or chat until it was time to take her home. We would normally sit in my car outside her parents house before dropping her off, and have some more fun, but that's another story....



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