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Teenage Sleepovers 2

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After a night of masturbating while secretly watching Lisa masturbate.


The next morning, Lisa confessed that she had realized that I was watching her and that she had watched me masturbate. At first I was embarrassed but my embarrassment soon turned to a strange excitement.

It was Friday night two or three weeks later before we had another sleepover. It was late and we were laying in my bed talking about the different boys at school. Earlier, we had been playing around with my body pillow taking turns play humping it like it was a boy and laughing about it. Somehow the subject of masturbation came up and I thought the way it was going, Lisa was going to try and get us to do it together. The thought of it excited me but I really wasn't ready for it and was sort of relieved when she asked if I wanted to play a game called 'follow the leader'. I asked how you play and she said she would show me.

She had me lay on my back with my knees up and then she lay beside me the same way only she had her head at my feet and my head at her feet. She then instructed me to follow and duplicate her every move. She then started very slowly and lightly to run her fingertips all up and down my legs in a light tickling way that made my legs wiggle around a little as I carefully following her every move.

At first she was touching my calves, knees and lower thighs but soon she ever so gradually started inching her way nearer and nearer towards my pussy and I just obediently followed. I suddenly realized where all this was headed and my pussy gave me a nice little twitch. We were all but touching each others pussies as we went from leg to leg circling so close I could feel the material of her undies.

When we got as close as we could, she disappointed me by moving up to toy with my tummy. When she started rubbing my tummy, I realized that her forearm was pressing on and gently rubbing my pubic mound! Whaoo!! My clit sprang to life and I let out a little gasp that made Lisa giggle.

After a while of tummy play, I started to feel her heat as her hips kept pressing up against my arm. She moved us back down between our legs and when she did, she let her fingers lightly drag across my undies and lightly touch my pussy as they went by causing my hips to quickly jerk up and down and my breath made a quick hiss.

I could tell that we both were getting really hot and turned on and I wasn't sure how long we could keep this up without something major happening.

I kept following her every teasing move as we moved right on in to where we were lightly and continuously touching each others pussies through our undies. I could feel her wetness as I know she could feel mine. Our backs were arched up as our hips danced off the bed and our breathing had long ago turned to hisses and whispered ooohs and aaahs.

I told her I had reached my limit and needed to cum sooo bad. I was bucking against her light touch but that was just frustrating. Finally, I guess she reached her limit also. Anyway, she quickly said, I've got to cum as her hand dove into her undies and went at it like she was possessed and making those wet sticky sounds. I didn't need an invitation and joined in. Just a few moments later we both started to cum and this time, we didn't hold back at all.

After we calmed down, we turned back around and cuddled as we drifted to sleep. We had many wonderful and hot sexy nights after that. I often think about it when I masturbate knowing that they were some of the hottest nights ever.

Thanks, Amy



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