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Teenage Lust

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Every time I think of this Sunday afternoon I have to make myself cum.


It was a Sunday afternoon and I was 14 years old. I was sitting on the floor in front of my dad, who I loved very much, watching TV. I felt this tingling in my budding puffy breasts and wanted them touched.

We were watching a silly program on TV and I made my excuse and went to the bathroom where I lifted my bra and looked at my breasts. The sensation I got when I touched my breasts was amazing. I had heard my mom and dad making out earlier that day, and wanted to know what it would feel like to have my breasts caressed. Mom had gone to her sisters and would be away for the afternoon, I took my bra off and went back downstairs with just a T shirt on, and took up my position in front of my dad.

I told him my neck was hurting and asked him to rub it so the pain would go. He rubbed the top of my neck and I wanted more. I said my back needed massaging and asked if he would rub my back. I lifted up my T shirt so he could not see my breasts and he began to rub my back, I think he could tell I was feeling better, because I was groaning, he asked if I was ok and I could only utter yes. I turned round and asked if I could get into a more comfortable position. He didn't say anything, so I turned around and faced his lap, he seemed a bit uncomfortable about it, but I explained the pain was bad and he reluctantly agreed.

I was facing his lap without a bra on and the feeling I was getting when he was rubbing by back made my nipples go like rocks, my breasts were dropping forward and I knew he could see my pert erect nipples down the top of my T shirt, I was leaning in his lap and could feel he was getting hard. He told me to go and have a hot bath and that it might ease the pain, but I just said it felt nice and he continued. I lifted myself up further on his lap and he was uncomfortable about it as he positioned himself away as far as possible so that I could not feel his erection, but I wanted more.

I wanted my puffy buds brushed and touched and I could feel myself getting wet. I went to get up because I thought running a bath would be a good idea, but I still had my T shirt up so that my breasts and puffy nipples were exposed for a few seconds, and that my dad got a full view of them. When I went to the bathroom I heard my dad go to his bedroom, the door was ajar, and he had taken his clothes off, his cock was huge, he took his cock between his fingers and rubbed long and hard.

I thought I was going to die because my cunt was hot and dripping cum and my tits were on fire. The thought that I had made my dad horny made me feel that I had a power over him. I went to the bathroom and left the door ajar, dad asked if I was ok, I said yes in a muffled voice. I could see him looking at me through the door and I could tell he was getting himself off just looking at me, and I was getting myself into a frenzy just thinking of what I had done to my dad. It was the first time I had an orgasm, and it was the best sexual encounter I had ever had. I think about the Sunday afternoon I made my poor dad a part of my first sexual experience. We never repeated or mentioned it ever again.



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