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Teenage Kicks

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This happened just a few weeks ago between my girlfriend and I. It is completely true. We had done other stuff before, but this was a turning point. Just to say, I've been visiting this site for about four years and Solo Touch is the best pro-masturbation community I have ever experienced. Keep it up. It is also one of my ambitions to write one of the longest and most descriptive entries in the Solo Touch archive, as I enjoy the longer entries the most.


Here's a little description of myself and my girlfriend, whom we'll call E. I am just less than six foot tall, with ear-length, light brown hair in a side sweep, blue eyes and an average build. My girlfriend is about five foot seven, has long light brown hair (that was blonde when this happened), a toned body and a pretty face, with hazelnut eyes. She is 15. We both like Emo music and we both play guitar.

This happened nearly a month ago. E was looking for a place to go, as her mum was away from home for the evening and her step dad was going out to the local. She called me and asked if she could come over. I hadn't seen her in about a day and some stuff in school was getting me down, so I said yes. When she arrived, we went upstairs to my room and just chilled for a while, talking about our day, that sort of stuff. After a while, we fell silent, just being content with each other's presence. E slowly slid over to me and placed her mouth on mine. We kissed slowly, holding each other tightly. As we stopped to look into each other's eyes, my parents came home from dinner. We decided that we should find some where more private to go so that we could be alone. I led E down the stairs, saying goodbye to my parents on the way out.

We decided we should try and get into E's house, as it was free. We walked hand in hand down the road towards her home. On the way we discussed the best way to get in, as her step dad had locked the door, and would be back before she was supposed to go home. E thought it was best for us to go around back, since her mum hadn't locked the patio doors. We went in and watched some TV for a while.

I was sitting on the floor against a chair and E was sitting between my legs. I started to feel that familiar feeling of excitement and rushing blood that teenage guys experience so often. Slowly, I started to rub E's neck and back, occasionally brushing them with kisses when she moaned and leaned her neck towards me. As I continued to massage her, my tongue found E's earlobe, making her giggle and more turned on at the same time. I slowly started to suck on it; it was too much for her. She turned round and started to kiss me, passionately. I returned them ten fold.

Gently, I lifted her top over her head and kissed her neck, moving down to her chest, giving her little bites all the way down. I reached around and undid her bra, releasing her wonderful, perfect sized breasts. My mouth found hers once again and we kissed more slowly. With my right hand I cupped her smooth breast, moving my palm around her nipple, never quite touching it, teasing her, while my left hand found the remote and turned the TV off. It was a boring program anyway.

I moved my mouth back to her neck, hardly touching her with my lips. Slowly I moved down to her erect nipple, and sucked and lightly bite the end and the surrounding area, whilst stimulating the other with my fingers. Ever so slowly, I moved my head down, whispering sweet intimacies to her. E has a really sensitive stomach, so just my breath on her sweating, hot and tight belly sent her back into giggles and near climax. Calmly, I undid her belt and button fly, kissing her hips as I slid her trousers and under wear down. I looked up and could tell that this build up had taken its toll on her; I could tell she was near. I gently kissed the inside of her thigh while moving my hand to her clit. Seven little circles of my finger and she was bucking her hips and groaning. Ten and she was calling my name. Fifteen and her tight, tensed body released the pressure and she gripped my shoulder. Thinking she had had enough for the night, I moved up to give her a cuddle and comfort her. When I looked into her eyes she told me she felt different, and wanted more. I was surprised; she had always told me when she had had enough, always after the first climax, but of course I complied.

With my left hand I gently felt the bump of her clit and rolled it between my index and middle finger. I then started to flick my finger back and forth over it. After about five minutes my arm was getting tired, so I started to move my fingers towards her opening. I gently felt her wetness and ran my fingers around the hole, putting pressure on the edges from inside, pushing its boundaries. E started to moan again at this. I leaned over and kissed her passionately, reaching in with my tongue to greet hers. I moved my right hand down to her clit as the middle finger of my left hand entered her. She gasped, and gripped my back. As my fingers brushed against her clit, the finger inside her made a come here movement. She must have shifted her weight, because my finger applied more pressure to the inside of her and she groaned in delight. Realising what she had just experienced, I returned my finger to the same spot and pressed, while stimulating her clit. I found it on the upper side, about two inches in. In two minutes, E had an even bigger orgasm than the first. After she had caught her breath, she reached down and moved my hand, saying thank you to me.

'Your welcome'. We both laughed at my response. As I cuddled up to her naked, sweaty body, we started talking about what had happened. She told me she had never experienced that before, and that it had felt different than every other time she had came. We concurred that we must have inadvertently found her G-spot. You can imagine how pleased we both were...

After several minutes of silence, E turned to me and told me it was my turn. This was a first; us doing each other in the same night. She stood up, still naked and not shy about it and pulled me up. She lifted my t-shirt over my head and undid my jeans. They fell away satisfyingly fast. E knelt down in front of me and gently eased my boxers down. My balls were amazingly tense and my six inch penis was twitching, craving her touch. She leaned in tantalisingly close to my penis, teasing me with her breath. She then stood up and pushed me onto the chair I was previously leaning against, and moved to turn the light out. For some reason, she is skittish about watching my orgasm and seeing my cum. She left the room quickly to get some tissues, and I happily watched her bear backside walk away, then her light pubic hairs and bouncing breasts return. E closed the door and knelt down in front of my chair. She reached up and ran her finger along my length. This sent a shiver up my spine, literally. Gently but firmly, she grasped my rock hard penis and ran her hand up and down it. Her other hand moved down to my balls and started rolling them between her fingers. She moved her hand up and down my cock, faster and faster, then easing off. Then she leaned up to me and started to suck on MY nipple. I couldn't go on like this; I think I lasted less than five minutes. I quickly grabbed some toilet paper and covered the head of my penis while gasping and telling her not to stop.It was one of the biggest orgasms I have ever experienced, on a par with my four hour jack off session reading the stories on Solotouch. I was so grateful, I leaned over and kissed her forehead and just held her.

Eventually we had to clean up and leave, as her step dad would be home soon. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life and I just want to say I love you E.

Peace, J



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