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Teenage Girl's Sexual Ignition Part 3

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A teenage girl (me) continues to discover the joys of masturbation and sexual experiences. This is the 3rd instalment to my "Teenage Girl's Sexual Ignition" that has been published twice here on SoloTouch on October 3 and 9 of 2013.


Hi SoloTouch! After a long break I have registered my username and am going to install my 3rd piece of Teenage Girls Sexual Ignition. Please review these stories if you want to get background on my next piece. These would be under my username, but I submitted them before having registered with SoloTouch (great new design, btw). www.solotouch.com/story/teenage-girls-sexual-ignition-50467 and www.solotouch.com/story/teenage-girls-sexual-ignition-part-2-50566

A few weeks later Mark, Lucas and myself were hanging out at the Xue Center waiting for our parents to pick us up. Lucas was going over to Marks house to spend the weekend while his parents were out of town. I guess Mark had told Lucas about our adventures in the closet. Lucas seemed really eager to see what Lucas and I were up to this past month. We made our way to the closet and I have to admit thinking about seeing Lucas naked was exciting. Lucas, a Caucasian, was somewhat more developed than Mark (taller, more muscular, bigger in general). I guess Asian guys hit puberty later than White guys.

We got to the closet and Lucas blurted out, "Mark told me that he saw you naked." I blushed and suddenly got really nervous. "Yeah," I muttered. "I have always thought you were so hot," Lucas replied. Mark said, "Well, who should go first?" Lucas kept staring at me and indicated that I should go. I was wearing a denim skirt so I sat down on the only chair and pulled up my skirt. Lucas's face was priceless. I swear he didn't blink and kept looking down at my torso. Quickly, I peeled my undies off and tossed them aside. Then I closed my legs, suddenly embarrassed. Mark said, "Come on, Ellyse, we wanna see!" Lucas nodded in agreement.

I slowly parted my legs and both boys got down to look. My pubic hair was short and trimmed, but not shaved like I tried before (I didn't like the prickly regrowth!). It was so erotic knowing two boys were fascinated with my lady parts. Lucas said, "Wow, that is awesome. Mark told me that he touched you. Can I?" I nodded hesitantly. He got down on his knees next to me on my right side and extended his hand. Lucas placed his hand on the top of my vagina (by my mons pubis) and sorta held it there. I remember getting really wet anticipating his fingers against my labia. It seemed like a while, yet he didn't move. I then placed my right hand on top of his and guided his hand down towards my opening. Lucas said, "You are wet down here!" And he then started rubbing my lips in a circular, almost clockwise, motion. I parted my legs more and urged him to continue rubbing. He rubbed me for about three minutes and I had a mini-orgasm. Lucas, like Mark, didn't insert his finger into me, but the rhythmic motion against my lips and clitoris was divine! My pussy was leaking pretty profusely. I guess I was turned on more than I thought because I yelled out, "Now I get to see you."

Lucas stopped rubbing and looked at me. "Uhhh, okay I guess." He stood up and started slowly pulling down his cargo shorts. Lucas was wearing boxers and I could see a distinct bulge. He stopped and then didn't slide them down. I directed him and said that he had to show me since I let him touch me. Lucas dropped his underwear and his penis sprang up. I commented, "Wow, that is way bigger than Mark's." I didn't realize at the time that it probably made Mark feel sad. Lucas' penis and balls were much thicker and he had some thick pubic hair, unlike Mark who was hairless when I saw him. I also noticed his penis head was so pronounced and there was a large vein running up the side, where Mark's had skin over the head.

Now I know that Lucas' was circumcised, but at the time I just noticed it looked different. I reached out and touched Lucas' shaft. It was so much thicker but the skin wouldn't glide like Mark's penis. I rubbed Lucas' erection for a little while and was so fascinated on the vast difference. I then asked Mark if he would show me his penis, but he adamantly refused. Lucas said that Mark had to since he had to be naked.

Mark begrudgingly took off his jeans and barely pulled down his underwear. It was hard to see because of the one light-bulb was casting a weird shadow. I said, "I want both of you to stand in front of me." Lucas and Mark both moved next to each other while I was still sitting on the chair. I was still holding Lucas' penis in my left hand and then reached out and took Mark's in my right. Mark was pretty soft and his testicles were tight against his body. Lucas was still very hard and his balls were loosely dangling. Mark's foreskin was fully covering his head. It was really easy for me to pull the skin back on his flaccid cock. I have to admit that foreskin is still a huge turn on for me today. At the time I didn't know there was a difference, though. Lucas looked at Mark's penis and said, "Oh, that looks like an elephant trunk." I felt Mark pull back and he told Lucas to shut-up, but I kept holding his somewhat soft penis in my hand and continued manipulating his foreskin between my fingers. A little precum dripped on to my fingers. Lucas' penis was maybe 7 inches while Mark's was about 5. Lucas was much thicker in my hand and I could barely touch my fingers. His penis had not dripped any wetness like Mark's did. Mark's penis was softer and his skin felt much more smooth and velvety. It was so amazing having two boys in the palm of my hands, but unfortunately I was too inexperienced at that time to do anything cool!

We all ended up putting our clothes back on and rushing to get into the waiting room to not raise suspicion. Back at home I re-enacted my exciting experience and masturbated multiple times that night thinking about having two cocks in my hand. Lucas turned me on so much because he was so hard and his penis head was so thick and large. I got to be with him alone a few weeks later, but will write about it at a different time. I rubbed my pussy in a clockwise motion to simulate Lucas' movements earlier that day. I imagined that Mark came over and slipped his finger deep into me as Lucas massaged my clitoris. I came so hard thinking of two boys handling my tight cunt. There were a few more experiences I had with those boys if you guys want me to write about those. Thanks for letting me share!



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