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Teenage Girl's Sexual Ignition Part 2

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My second sexual encounter with a boy. A little more daring.


After getting some positive responses (thank you, Solotouchers!) I am submitting a second instalment that highlights my sexual discovery. If you missed the first part please review “Teenage Girl’s Sexual Ignition.” You will be able to read my first experience with a boy and one of my early intense solo masturbation sessions. Also, I bore you with some of my life details.

We were still 13 at the time. After seeing Mark’s penis, watching him masturbate in the closet at the Xue Center and seeing my first male orgasm I was admittedly addicted to sexual exploration. My own self-discovery, the exploration of my developing womanhood and the orgasms I gave myself catapulted my interests to say the least.

Mark and I attended the Xue Center every Tuesday and Thursday evening. A week or so went by without incident. Then one day, Mark approached me and asked if I liked playing “showsies” in the closet. I told him I did, and he asked if we should try it again. Of course I agreed! As luck would have it, the following week we were, again, the last two picked up from the center. Mark and I snuck into the empty classroom and then the closet without notice. He asked me to go first this time, as I made him go first during our initial encounter. I had taken the time over the weekend to shave my vagina (with the razor I used for my legs and armpits), as I was embarrassed since Mark had yet to develop pubic hair and didn’t want to look “different.”. Looking back, it seemed silly since but at the time I didn’t want to seem “weird.” I probably didn’t do a good job, and surely there were areas of hair I missed, but my vagina was basically hairless with the stubble starting to grow back and a bit of razor burn still visible.

As we got in the closet, I noticed a chair on its side. I propped up the chair and sat down, with Mark standing in front of me. I took off my jeans and was wearing some white cotton panties. I slid my panties down and instinctively closed my legs. Mark coaxed me into spreading my knees so he could get a better look. I remember him commenting on my newly shaven vagina and saying he could get a better look without the hair. Then, boldly, he asked if he could touch the “bump” on the top of my slit. I knew it was called the clitoris back then and his term made it sound juvenile! I was so nervous because the only people who had touched me down there were my mother (when she used to bathe me as a young child) and my paediatrician for a genital inspection during my annual check-ups. Nervously, I nodded and Mark bent down on his knees and extended one finger and sorta prodded my clitoris. It was kinda painful to have direct touching and I remember getting a jolted tingly feeling and my vagina started getting naturally lubricated. Mark continued to rub my bump and then he let his finger slide down the slit of my pussy. I recall my lips parting as he moved his finger down. It was so odd to have someone touching me, but at the same time I was excited. I instinctively slid my hips towards him to indicate that I wanted him to enter his finger in me, but he didn’t understand and continued to rub my parted labia. After a while I wanted to see him and ended up putting my panties back on. Sadly, I had not reached orgasm, but was very stimulated.

Mark stood up in front of me, as I was still sitting in the chair, and dropped his pants. I could see his erection poking under his briefs. He slid his underwear off and his erect penis sprung into action. I could see the head of his penis emerging from under his foreskin and it sorta glistened under the one light bulb in the closet. Mark asked if I wanted to touch it. I hesitantly reached out and grasped the shaft of his penis. Mark recoiled slightly causing my hand to pull the skin over his penis. He regained his composure and I began sliding my hand back over his shaft. I then saw his testicles, hanging a little lower than the first time I saw them. I took my other hand I cupped them. They were a lot softer than I thought and the skin was smoother than I anticipated. Mark began swaying back and forth as I held his penis in my hand. I then picked up his movements and started sliding my hand back and forth with the same motion as he was doing. There was stringy clear fluid dripping from the tip of his foreskin that would occasionally fall to the floor. Now I knew this as precum, but at the time I thought it was pee or something! After a few minutes, it was not long at all, I felt him tense up and he pulled my hand away. More milky seminal fluid fell to the floor like it had before. I remember the smell of having his penis so close to my face. It was sweet and musky. Something I have never forgotten. He bent down to grab his underwear and pants and our faces met. We kissed and he slipped his tongue into my mouth briefly. Then we quickly grabbed our stuff and ran out to meet our parents in the parking lot.

That night I had another incredible masturbation session. I pretended that Mark understood my cue and that he slipped his finger into my spread labia. I started fingering myself like I had wished he would have in the closet. The thought of me making his penis get erect drove me wild as I plunged a second finger into my hole. I started rubbing my “bump” with my other hand until I felt that familiar spasm and contraction that signalled another crashing orgasm.

A few weeks later I had a different, and far more satisfying masturbation experience with Mark and Lucas together. Let me know if I should write about that. Thanks, Solo Touch!



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