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Teenage Girl's Sexual Ignition

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A teenage girl's first sexual experience that leads to further exploration


This is my story about discovering the male penis and how my experience ignited my sexual fascination, self-exploration and own desires. I put a little of my personal life history in the story to highlight the context in which my first experiences occurred, but feel free to skip over it if you feel it becomes a little wordy or long.

I was always a shy girl, an only child and interacted with mostly family friends and their kids. My father was born in Taiwan and my mother was a second generation Italian-American. Basically, I am half Asian and half Italian. My parents were both raised in a strict family with rigid ruled, and - expectedly - raised me with similar core values. I was intensely studious and was interested in exploring my own cultural heritage. My parents enrolled me in an after-school Chinese language program (referred to as Xue Center) where I could learn Mandarin. We spoke only English at home, but I wanted to be bilingual like my father. I attended Xue Center for two years (when I was 13 and 14), but looking back I not only learned Mandarin, but left with a basic understanding of teen sexual development!

I made a few friends at the Xue Center, especially two guys named Mark and Lucas who were both my age. Mark was fully Chinese and Lucas was white ( but was forced into learning Mandarin because his father worked as a diplomat in China). We all hung out a lot after our class was over and waited in the empty room next to the lobby for our parents. The older kids at our program started class after ours, so the instructors had limited supervision over us as we waited to get picked up. I identified strongly with Mark and we usually were the last ones picked up at the end of the day. Over the first six months of school we just hung out a lot in the empty classroom. Usually we just talked about TV, music and comic books (which I still love today). After a while, I think our hormones got the better of us and had our first kiss in a walk in closet that was used to store extra workbooks.

Things progressed and for some reason, one day, we thought it was a good idea to play “showsies” (show me yours and I’ll show you mine) even though we were a little old for such a childish thing (we were both 13 at the time). It was definitely Mark who spearheaded the idea so I made him go first. We both waited until every other kid was picked up, even Lucas, and then snuck into the back closest unnoticed. I was nervous, but Mark seemed more excited. He slid his jeans down and I vividly remember seeing him wearing white-tighties. Then he slid the elastic of his underwear down I there it was, my first penis. Not ever seeing a penis before I had no comparison, but now I would have recognized he was uncircumcised. He was flaccid at first and kinda small with the foreskin hanging at the end. There was no pubic hair or anything and his testicles were tight against his body. He asked what I thought and I said it was “weird but fascinating.” I started feeling tingly around my vagina, something that happened occasionally, but never this intensely. Then he asked if I would show him mine.

I slid my skirt up to reveal my panties, though I can’t remember what kind but I am guessing some type that was unflattering (as my parents would have never let me wear thongs at that age). Also, I remember being embarrassed because I had starting growing pubic hair a year before and noticed Mark had none. I sat on the ground and slid my panties off and distinctly recall Mark bending down to look between my legs. Then I remember Mark’s penis growing bigger (his underwear were still off) and I see him sorta grab his penis and massage the skin at the tip as he continued to look directly at my vagina. He asked if i would open my legs a bit more so he could get a better view. I saw how excited he was so I obliged, and to be honest I enjoyed the thought that he found me interesting to oggle. Mark started rubbing his penis and I remember seeing his foreskin bunching up at the top, but then moving back and exposing a purplish/red tip. This lasted for around a minute until I hear him grunt and some clear fluid dribble from the tip of his penis. Now I know he just masturbated to me as I ignorantly sat spread eagle on the floor exposed to him. Back then I just knew he liked what he saw. We were probably in the closet for ten minutes so we got our stuff back on and got ready for our parents who were surely close by now.

That night, after I got home, I replicated the experience and pretended that Mark was viewing my developing vagina as he stroked his penis. I sat on my bed with my legs spread, just as I was earlier that day. Only now I felt comfortable exploring my own pussy. I pretended that Mark asked me to show him my vagina and I started rubbing my lips (I had explored my own womanhood before, but never to this degree and not with this heightened arousal). I started massaging my clit as I recalled Mark’s penis swelling to the sight of my vagina. Remembering his skin going up and down and then the fluid that ended up dripping from his penis tip (knowing now that he produced just a little cum). I was so aroused and my vagina had never been as wet as it was that night. I felt a contraction and spasm and perhaps realized that my sexual awakening was upon me.

Over the next year Mark, and eventually Lucas, and I shared more experiences. Including mutual exploration of each other. I realize now that this entry is long, but if I get favorable/positive responses I will gladly include more masturbation experiences I had at Xue Center. Thanks for reading and hopefully I will get feedback to share again.



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