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Teenage Flasher Public Masturbation

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I was flashing girls when I was a teen and I was an extreme exhibitionist. I began masturbating while flashing girls since my early teens, which I called a jerk-flash. I even kept a log of them in my school notebook, because I was also masturbating at school and in the library.

This flash occurred a long time ago, soon after I began to drive. There was a wooded park I found a few miles from home. It was mostly woods with a few trails, and a picnic area and a small playground. I frequented the park after school, and sometimes even followed couples into the woods. I peeked on a couple fucking in the woods one time as I jerked off watching. The woman was looking right at me as she was being fucked!

This flash happened on a weekend. I went to the park looking for girls to expose myself to and jerk off. When I got there, there was a large group of multiple families having a picnic. I parked and walked into the far end of the picnic area. There were two young teen girls with the group who were wandering around the area. I saw them and was immediately turned on. I went to a far picnic table in some trees, and kept walking around, hoping they would come my way. Finally, after about ten minutes, They started walking in my direction. I saw them and stood up and took off my shirt. They saw me and stopped for a few minutes, looking in my direction. I sat sideways to them, and showed them my legs, as I was wearing short shorts, but with the families nearby, I was too scared to flash. Then I left the area and started walking up one of the trails, away from the picnic grove. As I did I lifted my shorts a little, and I saw them looking at me, as I exposed an ass cheek!. I was being casual, as if I didn't know they were watching. I heard them yelp and then saw them run back to the crowd, and talk to a man, maybe their father! I thought I was done, and maybe in trouble, and was about to run, but in a few seconds they started walking back in my direction by themselves, all smiles. I think they got permission to hike the trail!

I waited till I saw they were coming in my direction and could see me. I was still near the picnic grove. The girls were very cute, younger than me, about 13 or 14, in shorts and skinny tops, both long brunette hair. As they got closer I kept walking up the trail and they were clearly following. After a few hundred yards, the trail split, with a horse trail straight ahead and a narrow foot trail to the left. I made sure they saw me take the foot trail. Then I ran ahead! There was an area of partial clearing with a few large exposed flat rocks, surrounded by pines. It was a spot I had masturbated at before. I knew it would be very visable from the trail, just before it emerged from the dense woods. I started masturbating, hoping the girls would follow.

In a few minutes I heard them and saw them coming!. As they approached just as I would come into their view, I dropped my shorts, but facing away from them, showing them my ass. Then I slowly turned and glanced in their direction, showing them my exposed penis! They stopped and were staring right at me. I laid down on the rock and now began to jerk off. I heard them hush and come closer, they were crouching right at the opening to the clearing, looking right at me from only about 20 feet away, thinking I didn't know they were peeking. One said 'look, he's jacking off', and I heard giggles and shushes. I just masturbated, sometimes stopping and holding my penis at the bottom, my erection sticking straight up. Finally, I just started groaning, and then came all over, with cum shooting on my chest!

I took sneak peeks at the girls, who were watching every motion! Then I stood up, and as I did, they got up and started running away, back up the trail! One hooted, 'woo woo' and they ran laughing and hooting! I got dressed real fast, and continued the other way, circling back to the parking lot away from them, in case they told on me. When I got there, I sneaked by and then I saw them! They were on the swings, by themselves, swinging like crazy, laughing out loud and hollering, woo woo and laughing!! They were so loving it! I got in the car and drove away fast, and then jerked off three more times that day just thinking about how I jerk flashed them!



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