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Teenage Exhibitionist Public Masturbation - Teen Girls

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When I was a young teen I was already a flagrant exhibitionist, and exposed myself to young girls in the neighborhood. I was masturbating, and soon thereafter started masturbating in public for girls to see. This is one of my very first public masturbations.

About a mile from my house was a small shopping center. One hot spring Saturday I was so horny I went out looking for girls to expose myself to. As I was walking looking for girls, I eventually ended up there. Behind the shopping center it was pretty deserted, but I saw a car parked with two teen girls inside. They were smoking and laughing, listening to music. Since one was driving, they were at least 16, a few years older than me. I was so horny and eager to flash them! I walked along the walls, and found a spot with cement stairs on one side and a dumpster on the other that was relatively hidden, but still easily in their view! I couldn't really see well into there car, but could hear them. I just looked around, pretending I didn't know they were there, and then suddenly dropped my pants all the way to my ankles, completely exposing my penis! I heard peels of loud laughter! Then I urinated! There was more laughter! After I was done I slowly shook my penis, taking a lot of extra time, showing them my cock, and eventually I pulled my pants up and started to walk away. The girls were hysterical with laughter! As I walked across the parking lot, they put the car in gear, and started to follow me. They were going real slow, matching my speed, behind me.

I was so super horny, I suddenly turned around and went right back to the spot I was before. The girls slowly pulled their car around and stopped, parked directly in front of me, not more than 20 feet away. They turned the radio off, as to be quiet. I stood there and again pretended to look around, as if not knowing they were there! They sat quietly in the car, watching my every move!

Then once again I dropped my pants all the way to my ankles! I pulled up my shirt to under my chin, and totally exposed, I started masturbating!! The girls were hooting, laughing hysterically as I jerked off at a feverish pace! I was young, so very quickly I felt the cum building up inside of me!! I kept rubbing my hard penis as they watched! Then I exploded with big jets of cum shooting out right on the parking lot! I then stood there with my back arched, my fully exposed erect penis twitching, as I slowly regained my composure. I was virtually naked with cum dripping from my boner! Then they honked the horn!! I heard howls and lots of laughter!

I quickly looked up, as if amazed I was being watched, and pulled up my pants!!

As I started to leave, walking across the parking lot, they pulled right along side me in the car! I heard one say, "He's cute" as they pulled up. The girl in the passenger side asked me if I wanted a ride. I was so scared! They were all smiles, and so cute! They said "come on, get in, Please!" Foolishly, I said no! I was too young and nervous! When I got to the streets I ran between two houses. I saw them driving around, looking for me, but I went off the road and they couldn't follow!

It was one of the first times I masturbated in public for teenage girls...and they loved it!! I was hooked! I did go back there many times, but never saw them again.



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