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Teen Flasher, Public Masturbation

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When I was in middle school, 14 years old, I was already a flasher and public masturbator. I also played sports after school. One day after practice I walked around the locker room, which was very large, with several different rooms and alcoves. One whole section of it was completely deserted at that time, because it wasn't used at all later in the day. There was a door at the end, marked as an emergency exit. It was not an entrance. I opened it to see where it led, and it was back into the school, at the end of a deserted hallway, except there were rows of lockers there. I saw a cute girl who I knew from the bus sitting in front of her locker, playing flute. She was in the band and they rehearsed after school too. They usually got done earlier than the sports teams, and I soon discovered she would usually sit there rehearsing, reading or doing homework until it was time for the bus. Her name was Jamie, and she was one year behind me in school, so she was probably 13. She was thin, with small boobs, but very cute, with long brunette hair down to her waist. She always wore short skirts. When I opened the door, she glanced over, but I hid back behind the door. I don't think she really saw me. I was dressed already, so I couldn't do any flashing, but I saw that if I propped the door partly open, she would have a clear look right into the locker room.

The next day, before I went to practice, I opened the door, and wedged a towel under it, which kept it about half open. I didn't want it to be too obvious, and I didn't want her to know it was me who was leaving the door open. After practice, I was shaking with anticipation, wondering if anyone would have closed the door. When I turned into that section of the locker room, my heart was racing, as I saw the door was still propped open, just as I had left it. And yes, Jamie was sitting by her locker, with a clear view in! I didn't want to look like I was flashing her, so I stood a little way back from the door, and slowly started to undress. I wasn't really in full view, trying to be coy, and I didn't think she saw me yet. I kind of flicked the towel around a little, and I think she saw it out of the corner of her eye, and I saw her look my way. I acted quickly, not looking at her, I dropped my shorts real fast, and then turned my back to her. Then I started toweling myself and slowly turned, exposing my penis! I shot a quick, small glance in her direction and saw her staring right at me, eyes wide open, with a shocked look on her face. I stepped out of view, and got dressed. I was shaking like a leaf, and that night at home I jerked off like crazy thinking about it!

Well, the next day, I repeated myself exactly! Towel in the door well ahead of time, and as I came into view, there was Jamie. Once again I undressed, this time more slowly. I also walked around a little, back and forth, sneaking glimpses of her as I did. She was pretending to be looking at her book, but I clearly saw I had her full attention1 She was staring right at me!! This time I dried my penis with the towel, rubbing it a few times facing out towards her. I would come in and out of view. It wasn't a direct, blatant flash. We were both being coy! This was lasted a few minutes. I rushed into the bathroom when I got home, and again jerked off like crazy, thinking of Jamie looking at my cock!

Well, I quess she thought she had found a secret look into the boys locker room, because the next day, when I glanced out through the door I wedged open, she was there with two of her band friends. I didn't know their names, because they were all in Jamie's grade. They were so cute! Once again, I pretended I didn't see them, and undressed, and rubbed myself with the towel. They were sneaking looks in, and I could hear lots of giggles! I rubbbed my back with the towel, facing right at them! They saw everything! Once again, that night I masturbated like crazy thinking about flashing them! The next day, I passed two of the girls in the hallway, and they were all coy, smiley and giggling as I passed. After I went by, I heard fits of laughter!!

Well, the weekend came, and then a few school days passed with no Jamie outside. I think she was stuck late in band practice. I was thinking all was over, but I persisted in my open door locker routine, and then one day, there they were again! Jamie and her two friends, sitting by her locker. Jamie's skirt was so short, I was horny beyond control! I could be either in or out of their sight, depending on where they sat and where I stood. I was trembling as I took down my shorts! They had repositioned themselves to peek in, and I turned right at them! I could hear faint giggles! Then I was just overcome with sexual tension, and an uncontrollable urge to masturbate!! I sat on the bench, angled towards them, but partly sideways, and slowly started to masturbate! I heard a faint 'Oh my god!', and then lots of hush and shush sounds as they were telling each other to be quiet! I layed back on the bench, not looking at them, and began to jerk off! When my dick was totaly hard, I would rub slowly, and hold it taught at the bottom, so they could see its whole length!

Finally, I came, letting the cum fly all over my chest! It hit my neck and shoulders!! I couldn't hear what they were saying, just hushed whispers. My cock was still twitching, and I moaned a little! Then, I had this Oh, no, I'm gonna get in trouble feeling, so I quickly got up, and towelled off. I glimpsed over for a millisecond, and saw them trying to contain themselves! They were all smiles and giggles! Then I saw them get up and run down the hall. I was scared I would get in trouble, so I didn't go back for a long time. Meanwhile, Jamie, who was on my bus, but had always ignored me, became friendly towards me, always, smiling and saying hello. Eventually, when it was clear I wasn't going to get in trouble, I did go back, and reopen the door. I exposed myself to Jamie and lots of her friends all sports season, and must have jerked off for at least 10 different girls! My reputation did spread around the school, but maybe I'll write more later.



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