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Teen Flasher Maturbating in the Library

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Since I was young boy, I was always a flasher and an exhibitionist. Starting when I was in ninth grade and continuing for years all through college, I masturbated in the school library. At first, beginning in seventh grade, I used to go to the library and try to look up girls skirts. Then after I got real horny looking at their panties, I would go to the bathroom and masturbate. After a while, I began to masturbate right there in the library as I was peeking. At first I rubbed through my pants. Later, I just opened my fly and rubbed my penis through the underwear. I remember the cum welling up through the cotton. Then, eventually I began taking my penis out, but still in my pants, and with books on my lap to hide. After I would cum, I used paper towels to blot the cum so it wouldn't stain my pants.

However, eventually, as I was having problems with the annoying zipper, I finally began to undo my pants, open my fly and completely take out my penis, and masturbate, fully exposed, but still with some books around to hide myself. The first time I was caught was in ninth grade. I was peeking underneath a study desk. There was a cute girl named Sandy, one year ahead of me, who always wore short skirts. I was at a desk opposite hers, and was leaning under the desk, looking at her panties, and masturbating. I came into a big wad of paper towels. Just after I came, I looked up and there was a girl in my classes who worked there as a library aid, staring right at me with an amazed, I can't believe this look on her face, only 10 feet away! I panicked, quickly closed my zipper, and, as always, ran to the bathroom, where I did my final clean up, and left. I was scared she would tell on me, but after about a week, nothing happened, I was getting so horny, I went back to the library.

This time, when I entered, she saw me, and I saw her give a smirk. I found a seat near a girl at a study desk. I liked them because they were enclosed, and I could really stare and peek without the girl seeing me. As I began to get hornier, looking at the panties and I could also see a few pubic hairs, I saw Mary Kay, the girl who saw me before, position herself near some bookshelves near me. She was pretending to shelve the books, but was really looking right at me. This time, I took my penis out, but kept the books to the side, so she could see everything! I masturbated freely until I came, with her watching the whole thing! After I came she quickly moved away, and as I left I saw her by the front desk, with a grin from ear to ear!

I waited a few days, and once again, I didn't get in trouble, so I went back! This time as I came in I saw Mary Kay by the front desk, but when she saw me, I saw her nod and smile to her friend, Kathy, who was sitting nearby. This time I took a soft chair near the newspaper and magazine section. Within a few minutes, I saw both of them nearby, again pretending to re shelve books, but really watching me! I opened my pants, and took out my penis, with the newspaper over me, but completely lifted up in their direction, so they could see everything. Then I just jerked off as they watched! They were near hysterical, with smiles and muted laughter. This time, instead of cumming into paper towels, I came on the floor in front of me, shooting out the cum! Then I bent over with my dick still out and wiped it up! After I put my dick away, they left, and so did I. They were laughing hysterically as I walked by the front desk! I continued to masturbate all year for Mary Kay, Kathy and a lot of other girls she brought to watch me! After that year, I continued to do library jerk off's for years. Although I've masturbated in open windows, the car, parks and beaches, I think the school library may be the most dangerous.



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