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Teen Exhibitionist Library Masturbator

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After the sports season was over, I couldn't jerk off for Jamie anymore, and I was looking for a new way to flash girls. I soon realized the school library was open after school. It was usually pretty empty then, but there were sometimes girls there doing homework and there were also two cute girls who were library aides who were there all the time. There were lots of study desks and library stacks. I would try to find a cute girl, and then sit across from her. If she was in a study cubicle, I could often look up her dress without her knowing. Soon I started masturbating there. At first, I would rub through my clothes. Then I started opening my fly. I would rub my penis looking at the girl. I remember my cum welling up through my underwear. Eventually, I began to take my penis out completely through my fly and masturbate, usually into paper towels. I wasn't flashing, just peeking upskirts and masturbating.

One day I was really into looking up this girls skirt and jerking off. I lost track of my surroundings. Finally, I came all over the floor! After I was done, I was cleaning the cum up with paper towels, when I saw one of the library aides looking right at me, with a smirk. I knew her from English class. She was a long haired thin Brunette who liked to wear short skirts. Her name was Mary Kay. She was not really that pretty. I left quickly, and was scared she saw me and would tell. I saw her and a few friends smirking and smiling at me in class, but after about a week, when nothing happened, I returned to the library.

I saw her when I came in and she saw me and was smirking again. This time I sat down in a soft chair, with a newspaper in my lap, looking at a girls legs in a study cubicle. I masturbated, but I could clearly see Mary Kay, and her friend, Kathy watching me from across an opening in the room. They were pretending to reshelve books, all the while staring at me! I completely exposed myself, and just stroked till I came alll over the place. They were hysterical with laughter!! I wiped up the cum and left, with them laughing like crazy!!

After a few weeks, when again I realized I wasn't going to be reported, I went back again. I repeated my blatant library masturbation for them and a few of their friends, who they would bring to watch. One day in late spring, in English class, Mary Kay asked me if I was going to the library to 'study' after school. I said yes, and she told me the air conditioning was off, so I should wear my gym shorts or I'd be too hot. I said 'thanks', and told her I would. She never spoke to me about watching me masturbate, and I always pretended I was doing it in secret, even though I would sneak peeks at them watching me.

After school that day I went to my gym locker and changed into shorts. That got me so hot! I walked to the library, and I saw her as I came in. She was smirking and smiling. I took a seat on the soft chairs. I saw her get into position to watch me, as she had many times before. She was alone that day. She was kneeling on the floor, pretending to be looking at and sorting books on a library cart. I was so turned on that day, in my shorts, that I actually lowered them all the way to the floor and took them off! I was naked from the waist down! Maybe she knew I wouldn't be able to control myself if I was wearing them! I masturbated like crazy, and then came all over the place! I let the cum shoot up and out! At age 14, it only took a few minutes! She had just smiled and stared the whole time, eyes fixed on my cock! Since I felt safe she wouldn't tell on me, I even showed off my erection stopping and holding the base of my dick, before stroking like crazy until I squirted!! I was exhausted after a great cum, but soon recovered and started cleaning up.

I was so fixated on Mary Kay I didn't pay any attention to a study room nearby, It had shades over all the windows, which were always down! The lights were off and the door was closed. I was sure the shades were down when I went to my chair that day, but as I got up, after I put my shorts back on, I saw all the shades were up!! In the room were about 10 girls, all of whom I knew from English and French class! They were all laughing and jumping up and down and going hysterical!! Even through the glass and closed doors, I could hear hoots, and oh my gods and I don't beleive it! Mary Kay had set me up! She asked if I would be there that day, told me to wear shorts so the other girls could see better, and then invited them all to hide till I started to jerk off! Then they all opened the shades and had watched my whole masturbation from only 10 feet away! As I started to leave they came out laughing!! I heard pervert and nice show!! I was so embarrassed and scared I didn't look at anybody and ran out! Obviously, word spread throughout the school, but amazingly I never got in trouble! The next day, I got lots of smirks, but no one actually said anything to me directly. More happened after that and the following school year.



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