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I like this site alot. It lets me know lots of guys have done things like I have and not feel gay. I will make this short and to the point. Let me say I never felt or thought I was gay.The first time I got off with a guy was when I was 12. It was my cousin, he was 13. We would jack off in front of each other, and as time went on we started jacking off each other. Then sucking each others dick. At about 14 I went to a military school far away from home. Thats when I found out that alot of guys do each other. Over the year I was jacked off by three diferent guys. I would jack them off too. Two of those guys I sucked, and they sucked me. Once this one guy cought me and a friend jacking off. Later that week he ask me if I ever fucked a dude? I said no. He said Its just like fucking a chick. So I new he had done it. So we tried, but could not make it work. He said we did not have enough lube. We were just using our spit. We never did anything again. After that year I did not go back. But me and my cousin still did each other when we could. When I was about 15 we were in my bed and it was late a night. I was sleeping and felt him pull down the front of my underware and start sucking my dick. But he did it different then before. He was going very fast and all the way up and down. There was alittle light coming in from the window and it was very quite. I could hear him sucking. We would tell the one sucking when we were going to cum and they would finish by jacking that person off. But it felt good and I just started cumming in his mouth. By the way, thats what he had planned. But what suprised me is that I could hear him swallow. He swallowed it all. I pretended to be asleep and he just jacked him self off. The next day he told me he gave me a blow job. He would beg me to give him one but I did not want to. He said he would give me another one anytime I wanted. So finally after a few months of him begging I did. When he came in my mouth, I did not see what the big deal was. I did not think it was gross or anything but never did it again. There was only one other guy I did something with. I was 16 and he was 15. We jacked each other off a few times. At 17 I got my first girl friend and got to see and feel a pussy. From then on I never did anything with another guy again. I did have the chance when I was 23. I lived in a apartment and the guy next door was 18. I did not have a girl friend at the time and neither did he. Some times we would watch porno movies together and we knew each other was hard. One time we were watching porno and I got up to go to the bathroom. There was this girl on TV sucking this guy. When I walked pass my friend I said, you should should suck my dick like that. I ment it as a joke. As I passed by him, he said I will if you will. I pretended like I did not hear him, and kept going. When in the bathroom ,I found I was turned on and wanted to do it with him. But I did not say anything to him when I came back out. Neither did he. I think if he would have said something again I would have done it. Anyway I am happly married and have told my wife all the stories. In fact she is here with me now. Some times we like to watch porno movies and get our selfs off. She likes gay movies and to tell you the truth I do to. But still would rather be with her than any guy. But it is cool to remember the things that I got to do.



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