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Teddy Got It Good

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Definitely one of the most memorable experiences during my adolescence was shortly before I really began to see the outward results of puberty. Around the age of 11 or 12, my best friend Nate introduced me to a whole new way to masturbate:

In the basement of his parent's house, we would explore all sorts of topics as young boys, but none as commonly as sex. I was just recently entering the ranks of chronic, teen-aged masturbators (however, remaining in complete ignorance about orgasms), and ached for any opportunity to beat my meat.

I remember fondly, all the terms we used for masturbation: choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, etc. But, no matter what it was called, I loved to do it. Especially with friends.

During one of our explorative afternoons in his basement living room, Nate showed me this cheesy, soft-core porn that he had recorded from some cable channel late at night. We watched this thing intently, remarking on the techniques, pointing out the guy wearing underwear as he was supposed to be banging this girl from behind. Whatever.

But it did the trick. We both were rock-hard.

About this time in my life, I had become aware of the fact that I liked other guys sexually, but didn't really know what to do with that. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long for Nate to offer a wonderful opportunity.

He told me he had something to show me; something that he tried just yesterday. I was enthralled; my young boner at complete attention. I knew he was horned-up as well, and I couldn't wait to see what he had to show.

First off, he wanted to do the I'll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours game... which I was by no means afraid of. He pulled out his hard dick, right through the fly of his tighty-whities. (I've got a fetish for them thanks to this particular afternoon). I couldn't help but stare at his young manhood, wishing I had the pubic hair that he was sporting.

I was getting even harder now, and ached to show him mine. Finally, I stood up and pulled my piece out, proudly displaying it. 'Nice,' he said.

I wish now that I had the courage that day to touch his cock, let him touch mine, or for either of us to try anything more daring; but for now, it will have to remain in my memory as the day I discovered something amazing:

What he really had in mind to show me was more than his dick. Taking one of his stuffed teddy bears, he laid upon it on the couch, hard-on up against his belly, and began to thrust his hips into this poor little creature.

While telling me to grab one of the other stuffed animals, he quietly humped his toy, and I obediently nabbed one of his other plushies. Laying down on top of it, letting the underside of my sensitive penis roam the sensations, I looked over to him curiously, wondering what he was feeling.

Soon, I began to lose all sense of control and just humped away; when suddenly, Nate begins to shiver. He's breathing heavy, and curious, I stop my own thrusting (mostly because it began to become irritating to my dick).

I asked him what happened, and he said, 'I hit the point', and he left it at that, leaving the room.

Not knowing what he meant by that, I gave up, wishing he wouldn't have left. Later on, I discovered what 'the point' was and thoroughly enjoyed all that it had to offer.

I've since grown up, leaving behind all my stuffed-animal play; exploring my sexuality in many other forms. But, without question, I definitely have a thing for furry (hairy) boys: their legs, butt, chest, or a furry stomach drives me WILD! You could definitely say that I love the bears... especially since my sex-capades with poor little Teddy.

Hope you enjoyed! Feedback welcome!



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