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Technique Evolution

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Development of a serious wanker's technique


The first erection that I remember happened when I was about 5 years old. It was a suprise to learn that my penis was capable of the related pleasant sensation which I warmly desired to repeat, so I began fondling it in an effort to reproduce this experience. Soon I could get it hard whenever I desired by rolling it between my hands or pullling on it by grasping it between my thumb and first two fingers. Being aware of of its hardness made it possible to do things with my penis in this state. When I awoke with a hard on, I would bend it down between my legs, roll over and hump the bed. I soon learned that it was better to let it remain in the natural position between my abdomen and the sheets. Humping in this position gave a more pleasant sensation than with the penis bent in the unnatural way of its head pointing toward my feet. I added a pillow to the humping, and must have continued in this way for about a year.
The way forward was provided by my older cousin Steve who at 8 was a more efficient penis operator than I. One summer he spent two weeks with us while his parents were travelling sleeping in my room in one of the two beds. I noticed that before Steve went to sleep, he always played with his penis. He also began his day by repeating the same exercise in the morning. Curiosity being aroused, I asked him why he did this. He replied that he was jacking off. I didn't know what that meant,so I asked for an explaination. Steve said that it was something that he learned from our 13 year old cousin Mat by walking into the bathroom when Mat was jacking off sitting on the toilet. He arrived just whem Mat was comming which he described fully, adding that he could not shoot like Mat because he was too young. He volunteered to show how he jacked off, grasping his little penis between his thumb and two fingers just like I did. Only he continued for about 10 minutes when his whole body stiffened, began to tremble, and ended with him shuddering and gasping for breath. I repeated the same process and was rewarded with the same result. After this, I tried to get as much jacking off as possible, but usually confined it to bed time at night and waking up in the morning. Steve and I got together on weekends to hike in the woods which usually included a jacking always with the penis between our thumbs and first two fingers.
As my penis got larger, I changed the technique by gasping my penis with my whole hand. This began when I was about 9 and had a 4 inch long pecker when it was hard.One weekend with Steve on our hike, he and I jacked off about five times leaving our peckers red and sore. He asked Mat for advice to remedy this, and was told to use vaseline whenever we had a serious session. Both of us did this. If our parents were not aware of our jacking before we began using vaseline, they must have been afterward because its use tripled, but neither of them said anything. By this stage, Steve and I were averaging about 5 to 7 jacks a week; three at home and 2 to 4 on weekends. Technique was with vaseline and full fist grasp. Time to orgasm was 10 to 15 minutes. The next significant development came at 12 when I began to come; my penis was about 5 inches long hard the technique was still full grasp with vaseline. Frequenccy was 2 a day during the school week, and 5 to 7 on weekends. Frequency gradually increased to 3 a day during the week. About this time, I learned that a session could be prolonged if jacking stopped before the point of no return and resumed afterward. Repeating this stop and go method made it possible to jack for 30 or 40 minutes. I also learned to recognize the symptoms of approaching orgasm. As the session progressed, the shaft became cherry red and the head purple. If stroking was stopped at this point, I didn't go over the top. The point of no return came when my balls retracted into sockets in my abdomen placing them even with the shaft. If this happened, orgasm could not be avoided even if jacking stopped. The penis took on a life of its own. If relassed, it continued to move in and out on its own and orgasm followed.
My friend Lenny introduced the next change one afternoon when I was at his house swimming. He discovered that he could have good orgasms by letting the jets hit his penis. The same thing was possible with water in the bath tub.
Steve introduced the next addition when he told me that the force of an orgasm could be greatly increased if when near the point of no return, you put a finger in the anus and stroked while continuing to jack. This worked, but it was clumsy, and was reserved for the weekend sessions when we took turns massaging each other's prostate while the other jacked. Eventually, we stopped this because the added pleasure was not worth the effort, and if done more than once a session resulted in a sore behind.
I guess I reached an erotic plateau of sorts at about fifteen when I must have been avaraging 3 a day and 5 to 7 more on weekends. I reached the summit when I got in 15 in one day. By this time I was getting more involved with girls, so jacking began to decrease, but the first sexual encounters with girls began with mutual masturbation so it did not stop completely until most of my sex was by intercourse with girls. Even so I would get in an occasional session.



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