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Teasing Leads To More

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Back when I was just out of university, I lived with a good friend, a gay guy named T. One of his best friends was a straight woman named S, and over time she became a good friend of mine as well.

Now, I never had any interest in being in a serious relationship with S. For one thing, she was usually in a relationship, but more importantly, I got to know her well enough that I realized she was really not capable of being honest, and that's a big deal for me. Don't get me wrong, though, she had a lot to recommend her: Short, slim, very well muscled legs, breasts small but round and perky, and a manner that was flirtatious with absolutely everyone and warm enough to melt butter and charm the pants off whoever she pleased. In fact, one of the things I didn't like about her was her addiction to turning on this charm just for the power it allowed her to exert over guys. In any case, she was really not very self-aware and not very able to be honest, so I directed my pursuits elsewhere.

Or, at least, I tried to. I didn't make advances, but at some point, I don't know exactly when, she figured out that I was attracted to her even if I wasn't technically interested in a relationship.

I think it was a Saturday in May. I was working away on the computer in my room, with my door open. She had been running some sort of road race that ended near our place so she came over to rehydrate and shower. I heard a strange banging noise and rushed out of the office to see that the bathroom door had crashed open on its own, she must have opened the bathroom window while the balcony door was open, something my roomy and I had long ago learned not to do. And there she was, drying herself off, still naked but with the towel at her waist, breasts exposed. She saw me and blushed but just sort of smiled and didn't get angry or turn away. I was stunned and couldn't move. Or, at least, I didn't. Neither of us moved to shut the door. She slowly stood up straighter and dropped the towel, so she was standing there completely naked. She blushed deeper but still did nothing else, and I was mesmerized.

'Guess I better close that door,' she said. As she reached out with one hand, another wandered suggestively down her body, just touching the brown curls between her legs as the door blocked my view.

Well, after that, she went all out to tease me. For example, she crashed at our place on a semi-regular basis because we lived down town and she lived out in the west end of our city, near the university, so it often made sense. She usually slept on the couch, or occasionally in T's bed if he was away. She would mostly wear an old t-shirt and long, baggy pants, or sometimes silk pyjamas. Except after this she would occasionally appear in a short t-shirt and underwear, for no apparent reason. And her ass was to DIE for, very muscular. One time she was wearing undies with some funny saying or other printed on the bum, and she felt it necessary to show me by getting down on hands and knees. Another time, when I was headed out of the city to visit a friend via an overnight bus so she was going to be crashing in my bed, just as I was leaving she said in this coy little voice, 'Oh, you don't mind if I sleep in your bed in just my underwear, do you?'

I told her I didn't mind.

The next step was the back rubs. She and T. had always traded back rubs on evenings when they were just casually hanging out. I had never been a part of that and never particularly wanted to be. Except then she started offering me a back rub when just the two of us happened to be around. I accepted of course because, hey, why not? Except my traitorous body made things difficult, I kept getting hard from her hands on my back, as if I was some sort of desperate sixteen year-old. I had an unrealistic hope she wouldn't notice, and she didn't say anything, but I'm sure she did. The first couple of times I didn't offer to reciprocate. The next couple of times I offered but she said no. Then, if I offered, she would usually agree.

Mostly, I just avoided thinking about it too much. Then, one night, she was over waiting for T. so they could go out and dance the night away at some gay dance bar and both check out the hot guys. He failed to appear and she was pissed off, and I wasn't thrilled either since I was counting on an uncomplicated evening alone in front of the TV, with a solitary wank later on. Well, she stuck around, and once she got over being grumpy about T. standing her up, it was fine. We watched stupid television, ate junk food, and relaxed.

When I disappeared to my room to get night attire on, baggy sleep pants, baggy t-shirt, she was busy as well, putting the sheets on the couch and getting ready for bed. As had become usual, it was a short t-shirt and underwear (pink, this time, with no funny sayings anywhere I could see). We sat back down and kept watching the movie. And without asking, her hands started drawing on my back. And without asking, my cock was getting hard.

Well, I'm usually pretty timid, but that night I had had enough, I was sick of teasing and I was horny. When her hands fell away and we shifted around, my hands started out drawing on her back. Then they started to slip around her sides now and then. She didn't react. I went a little farther. Then a little farther. My hands were definitely on her breasts. She sighed a little. I reached completely around and massaged them, still over her t-shirt.

I pulled back to see what she would do.

After a few seconds I heard, 'Turn around, please.'

She was drawing on my back with her fingers again, this time under my shirt, skin on skin. It was tantalizingly slow, but electric. I was dying to spin around and lock lips and, but I just held still. Eventually, her hands work around front, across my chest and belly, gentle pinches to my nipples. One hand just brushed my cock (with my pants in between, alas) and then I felt her draw back.

'My turn,' she said.

I breathed deep and turned around again. This time it was my hands under her shirt, again beginning with a thorough treatment of her silky back, and gradually working my way around. By the time it was my hands on her breasts, she was giving these sexy little moans.

She pulled away and turned around. She was still breathing hard.

I began, 'What are -'

She kind of tackled me and kissed me at the same time. Her lips were locked to mine, her clothes were somehow off, and she was moaning and grinding her pussy into my hand, which had made its way down between us. She came almost right away.

And then my pants were around my knees. She was on her knees beside the couch and me still lying on my back. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow and jerked my cock up and down and up and down and...I didn't last too long either.

We both lay there, a little stunned by what had just happened.

She recovered first. 'So,' she said, 'I sure hope you aren't done yet, because I'm sure as hell not.'

She headed through to my bedroom without looking back. I took a few deep breaths and followed.

What happened the next day when we had to talk about it all was a bit messy but, damn, that was a good night.



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