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Tease Me

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Ok well let's get things started by saying, I'm straight. When this happened, I was just curious....and horny like normal.

About a year ago I had a steady boyfriend for about 6 months. He and I had started to experiment and sexual pleasures, also involving another friend of mine, let's call her Amy. So Amy and I went to the same school while my boyfriend didn't. Us two girls always joked about masturbation and stuff like that and one day she suggested that her, my boyfriend, and I have a threesome, of just mutual masturbation that is, no sex for us. I thought it was hot.

So it was planned, I was going to spend the night at Amy's house and my boyfriend was to come later in the night. Well, it ended up that he wouldn't be ale to make it so Amy and I just made out for a bit. She then suggested that me and her call up my boyfriend and pretend to be having orgasms for him to hear. Well that didn't work, he knew they were fake and hung up.

Amy and I are both horny girls so we were kind of hot in the pants from the making out so I straddled her, moving up her shirt and sucking on her nipples, teasing and licking and biting and such. She told me she was getting really wet, and I was too. We switched positions so she was on me now, licking my nipples. I could feel how wet I was and how my clit throbbed for attention. I was in ecstasy.

She told me she was getting very wet and needed to masturbate. I told her I would do it for it so I got up, and slowly pulled down her pants. I slipped my two fingers over her hard little clit feeling how wet she was and slipped them inside her. She moaned in pleasure, this was her first time being fingered by someone other than herself and she was greatly enjoying it. I fingered her harder, circling my thumb over her hot clit, listening to her moan and feeling her squirm in pleasure. I bent down and gave her clit two little licks and I knew she had come.

I could feel my hot juices running down my leg and I knew I needed to be next. With out saying anything, she pushed me on the bed, pulled off my pants and slipped two fingers right inside of me. Oh the pleasure I got, I could have come right there, but I wanted it to last, I was enjoying it way too much. Her other hand found my clit instantly, which wasn't hard to find, it was so swollen. She circled and rubbed my clit as hard as she could. I was trying so hard not to moan too loudly in case her parents heard. She moved her hand away from my clit under my protests only to lean over and circle it with her tongue. I came right there with the biggest orgasm I have ever had. Her hand was covered with my come. I sat back panting as she crawled up beside me and we fell asleep.

Since then I have lost touch with her, we've both been busy, but I'm sure we will both remember this forever.



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