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Teaching the Other Boys

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The boys in the tent.

This is one of my most memorable experiences and one I often think about when jacking off. I was 14 and by this time in my life, I had been jacking off for more than a year and I seemed to always be horny. In fact, jacking was something I did just about every day and everywhere I could. I loved the feeling of my hand on my dick and experimenting with new ways to increase the pleasure. The best was when I got to play around with some of the other boys in the neighborhood. Nothing better than doing it with other boys especially if they would stroke me like had happened a few times. Most of them were my age and several sure did like the same 'games'. I was pretty good at coming up with ways to get them to show me their dicks or even better for me to show them mine. We would play strip poker or Truth or Dare or other simple games with only one objective which was to see each other's dicks. I guess I always have and still do like showing off.

One summer evening, the two boys next door had put up their tent in the back yard for an overnight camp out. Billy was the youngest at nine and his brother Brian was 11. They were both red heads and really pretty cute. I had fooled around will Billy many times and even though he had not developed at all, he was always willing to help be shoot a load. I would also play around with Bill's dick which was pretty small but he was too young to shoot. His dick was about three inches long and he had small balls but he still enjoyed having me play with them. But the best thing was that he liked playing around with my dick and helped me enjoy jacking quite a bit. This usually was having him feel my balls and the area below them while I stroked myself off. Billy was always willing to do that for me and I think he liked seeing the 'white stuff' as he called it shoot out. He would watch so intently as I got closer and closer to shooting a load and he would smile his cute little smile when I produced the cream for him. Knowing that Billy was in that tent that night, I decided that it offered a good chance for a little more fun and maybe if I was lucky a chance to maybe see his older brother Brian's dick that I had never seen.

I went over to the tent to say hi and found that Tommy from across the street was there too. Tommy was also about 11 and for some time, I had really wanted to get a look at his dick and to find out if he liked to mess around. If nothing else, maybe I could show off my dick and if lucky, I would get them to drop their pants as well. When I went inside the tent, I was glad to see that they had two cots set up. I was beginning to get excited at the possibilities as we started to talk about the stuff that boys talk about. I think I had a hard on even when I had walked in to the tent. Eventually, I worked the conversation in the direction of sex and everyone was doing there best to show all that they knew. After a little while, young Billy said something about how guys could shoot white stuff from their dicks. His brother asked him what that was and how did he know about that. To my surprise, Billy said he had seen me do it. This really got Brian and Tommy interested and they started to ask Billy and me all sorts of questions about cumming and how it was done and where we did it and stuff like that. They wanted to know how you made the stuff come out, how much squirted out, what was it like and many more questions. Then Billy really surprised me when he asked me. 'Do you want to show them how you do it?' This was going better than I had dreamed.

Brian and Tommy were a little reluctant but I told them all that if they promised to keep it a secret and if they would help me beat off, I would show them. They quickly agreed and settled in to watch the show. I could tell they were excited about what I was about to do. I told Brian to use the flashlight they had and to shine it on me so everyone could get a good look. I stretched out my skinny body on one of the cots in the tent and pulled my jeans down to my knees and my tee-shirt up as far as it would go. They could easily see that I had a ranging boner under my boxers. Brian said 'look... there's another tent'. I knew they were anxious and I wanted to show them my dick so much I could hardly wait. I asked who wanted to pull down my shorts and Billy said he would do it. He slipped his fingers under the waist band and I lifted my butt off the cot a little. He slowly started slipping them down. I think he was sort of teasing his older brother and Tommy by taking his time to do it. I could see the big grins on their faces as they eagerly awaited to see my dick. Billy stopped when my pubes were exposed and made sure the others noticed the patch of hair. Then he continued to slide the undies farther down my hips and eventually my six-inch hard-on flipped out in to the cool damp summer evening air. I remember how good it felt to have it released from its confines and to be out and in the spot light, so to speak. Tommy said, 'wow, look at how hairy it is.' I guess he and Brian had never seen a dick and balls with hair on them. Not that I had a huge amount. I had a nice blonde patch of soft hair above my dick and some hair around my dick and on my balls. The rest of my body was really smooth. This seemed to really be a turn on for them to see a developed dick for the first time which, in turn, was a turn on for me. I told Tommy and Brian that they could both feel my dick if they wanted to. Again, they were a little hesitant at first but they both took turns touched it a few times and commented on its size and how warm it felt. By this time, I was dripping pre-cum and they wanted to know what that was. I explained how that was a good lubricant to help stroke off. I reached down and wiped off the pre-cum with my finger and then licked it off my finger and I told them how sweet it tasted.

I asked them if they were ready to see me shoot the stuff and they all eagerly said yeah. Then I gave the boys their assigned duties. I told Brian to keep the light shining on my dick, I told Tommy to lightly run his hands around my tummy and chest. My tummy always got that fluttery feeling when someone touched it and I really liked that. Tommy got down on his knees beside me and with both hands he started to lightly caress my tummy which kind of had me wiggling and twitching. After I made a few suggestions he was working on my nipples and chest as well. My dick was as hard as I think it had ever been and I would have bet an inch longer than ever before. Billy got to do what he was so good at. He sat at the end of the cot and leaned over to start playing with my balls. He would run his fingers softly around my balls and the area below them like he had done for me so many times before. He had a very gentle touch and needed no prompting. He seemed to know just what I liked and was even explaining to Tommy and Brian how to do it.

I started off by just working the swollen head of my dick with a ring made with my thumb and forefinger. I worked the head for a while just enjoying the slippery wet sensation. In a little while, I had made a fist and started stroking the full length of my dick slowly up and down. It was such a wonderful turn on to have four other hands working on my body while I stroked and to be in the spotlight with three pairs of eyes on me watching me was even better. I loved to show off like this. Brian asked where I was going to shoot the stuff and I said that usually it only goes on my tummy and hands. I really pulled the shirt up to show off my nipples and chest and to give Tommy access to an area to work on. Brian asked how long it would take and I honestly thought it would be really soon.

This was one of the best sensations I think I ever had while I masturbated. I quickly felt the cum start to boil in my loins and slowed down to savour the moment. They all wanted to know why I was stopping and I explained I was making it last. But they all said they wanted to see me squirt the white stuff and to be honest, I wanted them to see it too. It was fun being the first one to introduce Brian and Tommy to the joys of stroking and to show them what it was like to jerk off. I really wanted to give them a good show. I started stroking again slowly. However, soon I started to stroke in earnest knowing I had to let the cum shoot as I could not hold back any longer. I was dripping lots of pre-cum. Billy said my balls were getting tight and he knew that meant I was about to shoot my load. Right he was. I picked up the pace of stroking and soon I was at the point of no return feeling that wonderful warm sensation in my loins. I announced to them I was about to cum and I erupted with three long threads of cum going all over my chest with one hitting the side of the tent. I continued to pump out the cum which ran down my dick and all over my hands. Tommy and Brian both said 'look at the white stuff shooting out' as I slowly began pumping less and less of that wonderful juice on to my body. Billy said something like 'pretty cool isn't it?' sort of like he was a little proud of his part in making me cum. Brian asked what it felt like. I told him it is the best feeling there is and asked them if they liked the show. They all agreed it was a good show and it apparently had turned them on as well. I cleaned up with a Kleenex I had brought along just for this purpose.

Tommy was the first to suggest that he wanted to show off his dick too. He lay on the other cot and quickly pulled down his pants and underwear for all of us to see with the flashlight shining on it. He was so proud of his dick. He had a really nice dick that was thinner than mine but surprisingly about five inches long I would guess and it stood straight up. He had no hair down there at all and a pretty nice set of balls. I thought he was beautiful. We all got a good eye full and he let all of us touch it as well. I started to give him a few strokes and asked him how he liked it. He just groaned. Billy started to work his balls and I could see he was in heaven. In less than a minute, he had a dry orgasm. Then he quickly pulled up his pants. Then it was Brian that wanted to show off his male pride. He got on the other cot next and with the light shining on his crotch, he slid off the pants as Tommy had done. Brian was a bit smaller but it was a beautiful dick just the same and Brian had just the slightest bush of red hair just starting to show but no hairs on his dick or balls. Brian then began to stroke himself and the rest of us offered to work his chest and nipples and to feel his balls. Brian's mouth quickly fell open as his eyes closed in pleasure. This was the first time he had been even touched by another boy and he was totally enjoying it. I wanted this to be special for Brian and so I offered to take over the stroking and he was more than happy to let me do it. Again it was less than a minute when he thrust his hips up and moaned as he felt his first orgasm. He dribbled several drops of cum but it was enough for him to be pretty excited and proud. That summer, we repeated the camp out jerk off sessions two other times.



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