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Teaching Scott

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School had let out and it looked like another long, dull midwestern summer would be staring my friend Scott and me in the face. Scott was 14 and I, 17. Neither of us had girlfriends both being extremely shy around the opposite sex. Over the last few weeks I noticed Scott was beginning to show signs of adolescent horniness but recently catching a glimpse of his balls underneath his underwear I hadn't detected any pubic hair, so my guess is he was pretty innocent sexually. I had masturbating anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day since I was 14 but I never had even been naked in front of another person, yet alone discussed masturbation with my friends. One day Scott found some his older sister's porno magazines and we began to flip through the pages together. Scott was taken aback by a close-up shot of a big hard, hairy dick shooting a massive ejaculation in a woman's face. 'Why does she let him piss in her face'. 'That's not piss, it's semen', I answered. Scott pretended to know what I was talking about as he continued to flip through the magazine. I noticed Scott had developed a hard on in his gym shorts and kept bumping up against me, playfully. My penis was hard underneath my cut-off jeans but I was too shy and embarrassed to show-off. Scott put the magazine back where he found it and faced me sideways so I could get a better look at his bulge. I got bold. 'You're getting pretty big, almost as big as the guy in the magazine', I offered encouragingly. Scott peeled off his t-shirt and his shorts. My eyes bugged out at the shaft of his pink erection through his white cotton briefs.
'Show me yours', he said. My heart almost fell into my stomach. I took my shirt off and turned around to loosen my shorts. They were all I had on and when I dropped them to my ankles I was naked with my nearly six inch penis standing to attention. When I turned around I Scott was nude too, his throbbing member pointing upward. We giggled and began to admire one another. We were both pretty fit but neither of us had much hair on our bodies. Scott was completely hairless except for the beginning of a tiny downy beard at the base of his cock. But, I was jealous of my friend because his member pointed higher while mine stood out straight. He also had beautiful, sculptured buttocks which he quickly bent over to show me in all their glory. 'How long is yours?', he asked. 'It's about 5 and 7/8ths inches'. 'Mine's six', he smirked. But when he got a ruler out to measure his penis from the top he turned out to be almost exactly the same length as me. 'Do you want to do it?', he asked. 'OK, but you can't tell anyone'. We sat down facing each other on his weightlifting bar. We gingerly touched each other, I could feel him throbbing in my fingers. I was already about to spurt into his clumsy hand. 'No, rub underneath and around the head, like this'. I pulled on his uncircumsized penis gently and he let out a soft moan. 'Why's your dick getting wet?', he then asked. But, before I could answer I could feel the sperm rising from my balls. I arched my hips upwards and squeezed the muscles at the head of my penis while Scott kept stroking. When I let go I literally exploded. The first thick white rope shot at least three feet into the air and landed on my chest. Scott looked confused and slowed down his strokes. The second and third rope landed on his penis and leg. I felt fantastic ejaculating in front of my friend, I felt very powerful. I kept pumping Scott's cock and began to tickle his balls under his scrotum. By the look on his face I could tell Scott was near the point of no return. 'It's OK, let it happen, let it come out!' Scott leaned his head back and thrust his hips forward. One amazingly thick rope spurted out of his penis and into my pubic hair. That was it though, he was spent. Our first sex lasted just 30 short but incredibly sweet seconds. He looked at me, slightly embarrassed, his face reddening. 'Did you like it?', I asked. 'It was great', he said. I noticed his penis was still throbbing. I was ready to go again, myself. On a whim, I scooped up some of the semen from my chest and put it to his mouth. He licked it up. I tried some of his thick load, I can't really say I liked the taste but it was an incredibly intimate experience. It was the summer of our sexual initiation.



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