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Teaching Neil

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My third orgasm with another boy.

His first orgasm.


We were both 13 when this happened.

And it happened many more times after this, still happens every now and then...but this time was the first.

His first. My first time with him.

Neil's arm had been broken two weeks before we went camping, and since we had been looking forward to the trip for so long, his parents said he could go but that I had to help him do things he could not do for himself, I assumed they meant help him pitch a tent and stuff like that. We pitched a tent alright, several times over the course of the weekend. But it started innocently enough...

'Dude, can you, uh...help me with something over here?' Neil asked. It was just after seven and still light out, but it was getting kind of cold, especially for April. We were walking along a trail about a mile from camp, and knew that we should be heading back soon.

'Sure, man.' I replied, walking over to where he stood just off the trail. I thought he had gone over to take a leak, but figured he must have found something interesting and wanted my help moving it.

'I...uh...need some help...with my pants. And I can't really aim with one hand, could you...help me with that?' he asked, seeming very nervous.

'Yeah, alright.' I said, not really minding the idea of getting to touch my best friend's penis, even if it was just to help him piss. I was much taller than Neil, though we were the same age, and so I could look over his shoulder and see what I was doing pretty clearly. I unzipped the fly of his jeans and reached in to pull out his member. It felt warm to my touch, hot in fact, and as I pulled him out I realized that he, like me, was uncircumcised. This made me quite happy, as I had only encountered one other uncircumcised friend, and had yet to even touch him. I used one hand to pull back his foreskin, and the other to steady his shaft.

'Okay, dude, fire away.' I said, and a stream of ammonia-smelling urine hit the tree in front of him. Though his penis was not all that big, it was like holding a fire hose. I shook his penis gently when he had finished, gripping his foreskin tightly and sliding it up the shaft of his slightly erect member.

'That all, dude?' I asked.

'Yeah...thanks...it's difficult for me to do that on my own, with one hand and all.' he said.

'Bet other things are difficult to do with only one hand, eh?' I said as I tucked his penis back into his pants.

'Other things? Well, I can't play video games or stuff like that.' Neil said.

'I meant something...else.' I said.

'Oh...you mean...touching it? When I do that it feels like I'm going to pee and I stop. Besides, my parents always yell at me for doing it.' He replied. 'What you just did, helping me, felt really nice.'

'I could...if you wanted to...make it feel even nicer. What you feel isn't pee, man, it's something better, that only guys can make.' I said, hand still lightly touching his now hardening cock inside his fly.

'Umm...that would be nice. Can we do it when we get back to our cabin, though, I feel a bit...exposed out here.'

I agreed that doing it in the privacy of our cabin would make more sense, so I zipped up his fly after giving him one more little stroke and we went on our way.

Back at the cabin I helped him get his pants off. He had a little tuft of pubic hair above his cock and almost none (a few wisps) on his balls. Like the hair on his head it was black and stood out against his almost milk white skin. I stepped out of my pants and removed my shirt, and with some difficulty helped him get his shirt off. Naked and alone, we pushed our cots together and lay down next to one another.

'Dude, you have a foreskin too?' Neil said, seeming surprised.

'Yeah, though you are the only other guy I know who has one. All the other guys I've...are circumcised...' I stopped.

'You've...done this with other guys?' Neil asked.

'Well, yeah, it wasn't gay or anything like that, we were just making each other feel good. Nothing wrong with that.' I said.

'Yeah, your right.' Neil agreed. He had become slightly erect while we talked, and I wanted to make him even harder.

'I'm...going to show you how to do something really cool, okay? It is called masturbating, and the stuff you will shoot out is called 'cum'...if it helps make things less awkward, just think of a hot girl doing this to you. I...' I rummaged through my backpack and came up with my stash of nude models a friend had printed out and given to me before coming on this camping trip. 'I have some pictures here that might help.'

'So how do I...' Neil asked.

'Oh, I'll show you, but since your hand is broken, and you really need two hands when you first get started, I'll show you by doing it to you and then doing it to myself.' I said.

'Okay. So...what do I do?' he asked.

'Nothing, just lie there, look at these pictures, and let me make you cum.' I said.

I reached across to his cot and gently grabbed his penis. It was warm in my hand, as hot as I had imagined it being. I gently began pulling his foreskin back from his head. His penis became even more engorged with blood as I did this, and I felt him harden fully under my very first stroke. I licked a finger and ran it around the edge of his purple glans. He gasped slightly, almost inaudibly. I grabbed his now erect shaft below the foreskin and began pumping his shaft so that his prepuce would slide up and over his head. This was how I had first been masturbated months ago, and it was how I wanted to introduce him to the world of personal pleasure.

'Now, it might feel like you have to pee, but don't worry, then it will feel really, really good.' I said as I stroked him. I felt my now hard cock brush against his leg, making my foreskin slide back just a little, I think he felt the pre-cum that was forming on the tip of my glans.

'Dude, you are getting...pretty hard.' Neil said.

'Of course I am. I am thinking about how good it will feel when I cum.' I replied.

'Oh.' was all he said. 'that feels really good' he paused 'really, really good. Much better than when I do it to myself.'

I replied reassuringly and adjusted my grip just a slight bit higher, so that my fingers would touch the head of his penis before his foreskin did. I sped up my pace just a little bit, bringing his foreskin over his glans with each stroke.

'Can I touch it?' he asked, referring to my foreskin.

'Sure, play with it all you want, it likes the contact.' I said, reveling as his two fingers and thumb gingerly pulled my foreskin back along my shaft and then forward to cover the head. I bit back a moan.

I straddled Neil and began working him harder. He was easy to handle, five inches erect and very pliable to all instructions. I stroked him by making an 'O' with my finger and thumb and wrapping that 'O' around his shaft and easing it up towards his corona, the darker area at the base of the glans. I pumped him faster and faster. I used my free right hand to massage his head, which became shiny and purple under my touch, changing from its usual dull pinkish-red. I felt a little bit of fluid on one stroke of his head, and knew that he would be having his first orgasm soon, that I would giving him one of the best feelings on the planet for the first time.

'Dude, dude. Stop. It feels like I'm going to pee man, I...oh, dude, if you don't stop I think I'm going to pee on your hand.' Neil said, trying to shift himself slightly under my fingers.

'Trust me, Neil, you are going to shoot something, but it will not be pee. Just let me show you.' I replied, it seemed to mollify him, though perhaps since he was very close to an orgasm, his body's pleasure centers just took over.

Neil's body shook and I felt muscles in his hips and pelvis contract as he spoke. I pointed his dick slightly upward so it would be over his chest and slowed down slightly, tightening my grip as I did so. My right hand moved to cup his balls gently, a finger creeping up to toy with his asshole. In my weeks of learning the joys of self-pleasure, one thing I had learned was the value of a well-placed finger up my ass. His testicles, perfectly formed under an almost hairless scrotum, tightened as I played with him. For a brief moment I considered stopping and letting him come down a bit before going on, but knowing how torturous that method of masturbation was, I licked my fingers and wrapped them around his cock. I pumped his foreskin slowly, easing my fist around his uncircumcised glans.

'I want to feel your cum on my fingers, come on man, I've never seen this much pre-cum, you are so close man, just squirt for me.' I begged him to cum, I was desperate to see, smell, and taste his semen.

'Unngh, ooooh, I can't stop...' Neil cried as I pumped his foreskin up and down his shaft. Weeks before I had experienced similar feelings when my first orgasm was given to me by a friend. And then he came, his semen spurting out four inches from his cock and tumbling back over my hands and his small thatch of black pubic hair. I continued to pump him as his dick oozed more jelly-like semen. He moaned.

'Oh, man, oh...oh...oh, it's, I'm, you, yes, just OOOOH!' he cried out as he ejaculated. Semen poured over my hand, gushing onto his chest as he came. I counted a total of five jets of semen in all, yellowish-white and carrying that ozone like smell common to the fluid. As with my first cum a few weeks ago, it was kind of jelly-like to the touch yet also kind of runny.

He was still gasping for breath when I turned to face him. 'Oh. My. God. Dude. That felt amazing, like, amazing, I've never felt like that in my entire life. Oh, wow! Why...how...thank you!' Neil gushed, much like he had just done onto his chest and my fingers.

I sucked his cum off my fingers. It tasted different from mine, good, but different.

-More to come-

(in the next volume:

Neil has an operation.

I masturbate with his sister.

I teach another friend how to masturbate.



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