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Teaching Myself :)

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Thank you for this site! It is a wonderful haven. :)


Masturbation has since the very earliest of my memories been a big part of my growth. I used to feel very guilty about it and even now it seems wierd to share it with all of you, but I have accepted it as something very natural and beautiful, so with you I'd like to share my story and hope you mite get a thrill from it. :)
As far back as I can remember, any kind of pressure on my genital area would send this delicious tingle through my body, so naturally I wanted more of that feeling. My parents gave me a book on the ways of the 'birds and the bees' so to speak instead of telling me and completely enamored with what sex was, I would hump pillows before I went to sleep at night until I got that rush, which of course I didn't know was an orgasm.
Also at that time (I had to be like 7 or 8) my friends and I would play house and one of us being the 'daddy' would put socks in our panties and we'd thrust our little pussies into each other until we had 'had sex' which usually resulting in a great feeling but no orgasm.
When I got a little older I started exploring myself a little more and would rub my clit often to get that feeling, but I still felt it was wrong. Not until the more recent side, I am now 20, did I discover inserting objects into my pussy, or creating lasting, delicious orgasms. I have only had one boyfriend and that was rather brief, so I am often extremely horny and always extremely wet.
My favorite way to get off is to come onto this site and read about how other girls pleasure themselves and then watch some lesbian porn, which I have downloaded (I am completely heterosexual, but I find women absolutely gorgeous and seeing other women's pussies or sucking on each others clits and tits drives me absolutely wild...the mere thought of other girls reading this and touching themselves, is making me incredibly hot and wet). I then get a mirror so I can watch my pussy drip and beg for attention, then I often get something to put inside of me (I have gone thru toothbrushes, stool legs, fingers, markers, popsicles, hairbrushes and curling irons <~the last two of which are amazing!) and first I tease my clit a bit, running my fingers and nails just lightly touching it, sending shivers up my spine and causing my nipples to stand on end. When the teasing is too much, i insert whichever object I have chosen and thrust it in me and start pumping, slowly at first, and then when the tension is too much, faster and faster. My creamy cum drips out of my pussy and with it I sometimes lick my fingers or use it to lubricate my clit. I could cum instantly like that, but I like to make my pussy beg, barely able to hold on, and start and stop over and over...those are the most intense, wet, exhilirating orgasms ever.
I would love one day to explore another woman, just to feel another pussy or taste her sweet juices and give her the pleasures I enjoy so deeply. I hope you've enjoyed this and don't let taboos get in the way...masturbation is amazing! Keep at it ladies and if you'd like to get in touch with me I've attached my e~mail so if someday e~mail exchange is permitted, I am available. :)



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