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Teaching My Sister, the Hands-On Way

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I've been reading this site now for a long time, often with my pants down and my hand around my erection while doing so. I never really thought about sending in a story until what I'm about to share happened. I remember when I wasseventeen years old, and I have a little sister, let's call her Kerri, who just turned fourteen. She and I have always been good friends, and I've purposely taken on a big-brother protector like role in her life, which she seems to like. A couple times I have heard her friends comment, when they thought I couldn't hear, how they wished they had such an awesome big brother. This always made me smile.

Lately it has not escaped my attention that she and her friends are starting to develop. Some of them still little girls, but others, like my sister, are well along in the development process and despite their age have bodies of girls three or four years older. This has presented a bit of a problem for me, in that some of them are seriously hot! For the record, I have a steady girl friend who we'll call Theresa, and she and I keep each other plenty happy if you know what I mean. We lost our virginity together a long time ago, and we have even talked about getting married after high school, or at least being room mates while we both go to the local state university. Anyway, just because I have a serious girl friend does not stop me from noticing beautiful females around me, and my sister and her friends are often around. Despite trying to stop myself, I often find myself staring at their breasts or their butts and trying to picture them naked. I have even masturbated to the idea of a orgy with some of them, and in my day dreams Kerri is there and naked and is fooling around with my best friend, who I know for a fact can't keep his eyes off her.

Anyway, I digress. A couple days ago I was sitting at the kitchen table doing home work. It was late and I had worked an evening dinner shift at my part time fast food job. My mom was watching the Democratic National Convention on TV, and my dad was snoring on the couch. My sister came and plopped down across the table and opened her pre-Algebra book and started to do homework. Even though I was not really paying too much attention to her, I could tell she was fidgeting more then working. After a while my mom turned the TV off, woke up my dad, and the two of them headed up stairs to bed. She reminded us that it was late and told us to finish up quickly and get to bed because it was a school night.

Almost as soon as they were out of sight Kerri started acting weird. She would look at me as if she wanted to talk, but when I would look at her she would turn away and pretend to be doing math homework. A few times she even opened her mouth as if to speak, but no works came out. After a while of this I was getting torqued because I had a lot of homework left to do and she was slowing me down. So I said, trying to not sound as irked as I was, 'Is something on your mind?' She gave me a blank stare back, and her mouth flapped as if speaking, but still, no words. I could not decide if I was either seriously ticked off by this behavior, or if I found it really darn funny, and because I generally try to not make people feel bad, especially my sister, I laughed out loud to keep myself from yelling at her to go away and leave me alone.

'WHAT?!?' I said.

'Can we talk?' she said in course whisper, and the tension in her voice told me this was not going to be a short conversation. I put down my pencil and closed my book.

'I am at your service' I said. 'What would you like to talk about?' At this, she looked at the floor, shuffled her feet, and turned a light shade of red. 'Aahhhh!' I said, taking a guess. 'Who is he?'

'No! No! It's not like that' she retorted quickly.

'Then what? Should I be asking who is SHE?'

'NO!' she almost screamed, but the giant smile I had on my face told her I was yanking her chain.

'Ok, ok' I said, calming her down. 'Seriously, what ever it is, you don't need to be embarrassed. If you want, I will never tell a living soul that we had this conversation. Cross my heart, hope to die, poke a what-ever-you-want in my eye.'

'Nobody' she said seriously.

'Nobody' I said back, equally as serious.

'Not even Theresa?'

'Not even Theresa.'

'Ok she said, looking a little more confident. Then she took a big, deep breath, and in one fast stream of words she said 'whatisanorgasm?'

'Oh, good grief' I said quickly. 'That's all you wanted to know? Why didn't you just say so?' This response seemed to put her at ease. I'm not sure what she expected me to do or say, but the way she was acting, I am pretty sure she was afraid I would respond like my parents would have to such a question. They most likely would have dragged her to the bathroom, shoved a bar of soap in her mouth, and told her what a nasty girl she was for having these kinds of thoughts.

'An orgasm is typically what happens at the end of sex.' I said, trying to sound smart and clinical, and as soon I said it, I knew it was the wrong thing to say.

'I KNOW that!' she said rolling her eyes. 'I want to know what it IS, not when it HAPPENS.'

'Oh, okay. Well, it's different for boys then for girls.' I was amused as she leaned forward in her chair. Clearly, the knowledge I was about to impart was valuable, and she had been anxious to have it for a long time. 'For guys, it's when he squirts cum out of the end of his erect penis. For girls, it's, well, it's just when their pussy reaches maximum excitement and goes into little miniature spasms.' She looked a little concerned at my use of the word 'spasms' so I quickly added, 'But for both guys and girls, it feels positively wonderful! There is nothing else in the universe that feels as powerful and sweet and as sexual as a serious, rocking, body shaking orgasm.'

'So....' she said, 'ok, but... what I don't understand is, do you HAVE to have sex to have an orgasm?'

'Nope. Not at all.' I knew why she was asking this. She had made it clear in previous conversations that sex was something for which she could wait, even until the night of her honeymoon if need be. I'd told her that I respect that decision, and if she wanted, I would break the knee caps of any guy who tried to pressure her into giving up her virginity any sooner. This, of course, had made her laugh. I was pretty sure she was asking this because she wanted to experience an orgasm without having sex, and wanted to know if you had to have sex to have an orgasm. And when I said, 'Nope, not at all' she sat up straight and her eyes got big.

'But, if an orgasm is what happens at the end of sex, then how do you have an orgasm without having sex?'

'Easy. You just trick your body into *thinking* it's having sex.'

'How?' She was now on pins and needles, as if she was near the treasure after a long hunt.

'Well' I began, and I stared to feel a familiar swell in my pants when it occurred to me that I was about to describe to my little sister how to masturbate. 'Guys do it by just rubbing their boner inside their hand, tricking their penis into thinking it's inside a vagina. A little rubbing and a lot of imagination go along ways.'

'That's it?'


'And then..... ?'

'And then, after a little rubbing, sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it takes longer depending on how horny you are, you start to feel a warm, sweet sensation inside your balls which spreads upwards really fast, and then you start to shoot spirals of cum in spurts, each spurt feels volcanic and powerful and makes your muscles contract and sends shivers and tingles from your head to your feet. It's seriously awesome.' She was listening with total captivation, eyes riveted and attention hanging on every word.

'What about girls? How so they do it?'

'Well, just like for guys, it's all about tricking your pussy into thinking it's having sex. When Theres....' I stopped, wondering if I was about to violate a confidence, but then I decided that Theresa would not mind me telling this to Kerri, so I kept going. 'When Theresa does it, she slides a finger way up insider herself and rubs really fast.' At this, Kerri's eyes got HUGE and she she slapped her hand over her mouth and did a muffled scream. 'What?' I said. 'Are you telling me that it never occurred to you to put your own finger inside yourself?'

'I can HONESTLY say that the idea NEVER occurred to me!' she said, still in shock. 'Have you SEEN Theresa do this?'


'She does it in FRONT of you?'

'Well, not often, but yes, she has.'

'Do you do it in front of her?'

'I have, yes.'

'Have you ever done it with anybody else watching?'

'Ummm.... none of your business. I plead the fifth. But, I wasn't done with how girls do it.' I wanted to get off the subject of who had watched me masturbate.

'Ok. What else would I... I mean, what else do girls do?'

'Well' I said, opting to not ignore her slip up, 'When you try it, don't just rub the inside of your vagina. Rub your clit too.'

'Oohhh' she said, unabashed that I was now giving her direct instructions. 'I think I know where that is. It's like right above my opening inside the folds, right? It feels good when I rub there.'

'That's the spot' I said, now smiling and horny as hell. The idea of my little sister feeling herself up and wondering why that one spot felt so good was a powerful turn on. 'The dual combo of a one hand working a finger inside, and the other hand working your clit outside, keep that up for a while, and the results will blow your mind.

Not to mention that girls can have just about as many orgasms as they want. Theresa told me that when she first figured this out, she would lay in bed at night and giver herself six or seven or eight orgasms in a row, and then only stop because she was raw and tired.'

Kerri was still listening, but I could tell that in her mind she was already there, doing it to herself, and imaging her very first orgasm. The mental image of her gasping and bucking her hips was almost too much, and my boner was now stiff and bent at an awkward angle inside my jeans. Almost without thinking about it, I shifted how I was sitting, reached down and adjusted the twins and my boner to try and make them more comfortable. The act did not go unnoticed. Kerri looked at me dead in the eyes and then said with a sly smile, 'Is this conversation making you horny?'

'I confess' I said, standing up so the bulge in my pants was clearly visible. 'Yes. This conversation has made me horny. I think I am going to have to go and... well.. you know... 'trick' him so he can get some relief!' I had every intention of going to my room to carry out the deed in private, but before I could take a step, the look in Kerri's eyes caught my attention. I dismissed a fleeting thought at first, and made a motion to head up to my bedroom. But, Kerri shifted to. The subtle motion and the look of ever-so-slight pleading on her face made me stop.

I knew what time it was. It was decision time. We were both thinking it. We were both wanting it. I could leave now, and in the future we might laugh at what had almost happened. Or I could stay, in which case I knew I would masturbate in front of my little sister while she watched with rapt attention, eager to witness and to learn. I looked at her. She looked at me.

The decision was done.

'Not here' I whispered. 'It's not comfortable. I'll do it on the couch.' She followed me to the living room where my parents had been watching TV a few minutes before. On the way, I began to undo my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. By the time I got to the couch, I was shoving down my jeans and boxers far enough that Kerri could see my naked rump, and when I turned around, she had a full view of my very erect boner. She stopped, mouth wide open, staring in awe.

'Is this the first boner you've ever seen?' I asked. She nodded.

'That thing would fit inside me?' she whispered, not taking her eyes off it.

'Well, this one won't be going there, but, yes, that's the general idea.'

'Are they all that... big?'

I laughed. 'Why thank you! And, yes and no. Some are bigger, some are smaller.'

'Phhheewwww' she whistled softly. All the fuss she was dishing out over my boner made me feel pretty good, and pretty horny... er. I shook my pants and boxers all the way off and sat down on the couch. I then peeled off my shirt, intending to use it for cleanup. Then I started to rub. As I was rubbing I noticed that my eyes were drifting towards her body, and this, of course, she noticed. At first she shifted a little and I could tell I'd just made her uncomfortable, and who can blame her? She'd just had her older brother undress her with his eyes while masturbating in front of her! But, what she did next blew my mind.

'It's only fair' she whispered. And then, to my amazement, she started to peel her shirt off over her head! I stopped rubbing at once because I knew I would blow my load watching her undress, and I wanted to wait to blow until she was naked. Or at least, as naked as she was going to get, I wasn't sure how far she intended to go. Once her shirt was off, she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. No longer ashamed to stare, I beheld the beauty of her still developing breasts. Her nipples were puffy and a tender shade of soft pink, and her breasts were larger then I had imagined they would be. She stood still, allowing me to get my fill before she began to slip her hands inside her shorts. In a moment they were on the floor and she stood before me wearing only white lacy panties through which I could see a tuft of dark hair on her mound. With no apparent embarrassment or hesitation, she slipped her hands in her panties and let them slide down her long legs, and I then sat and stared at her full nakedness while she, in a stunning display of confidence, struck several poses for me. In each pose she would highlight sexy parts of her body. First, she pushed up her tits and puckered her lips at me, then she thrust her hips forward and pointed at her pussy as if to say 'Ta Da!'. Then she turned around and showed me her lovely little ass, swang her hips to the side, and stood with a sassy swank in her legs, and gave her ass cheek a solid smack. Then she turned back around and said, 'Seen enough?'

I nodded. No words would have come out if I had tried to speak.

'Good. Then keep at it' she said, nodding to my boner.

Well, needless to say, it didn't take long. In a matter of seconds I felt the all too familiar warm swell from deep within, and as soon as it started the hot fire rocketed up my shaft and spurt forward in all it's glory. It was without question one of the most powerful I'd ever had. My eyes were closed and I lurched forward involuntarily and I felt my face get splattered again and again, then my chest, and then my stomach. As it subsided and the volcanic eruptions became dribbles, I opened my eyes to see my naked sister staring at this display in total awe and bewilderment.

'Holy shit!' she said softly. Kerri never swore. 'Holy F*ing Shit.!' And then we both started to laugh, we kept laughing until we had tears in our eyes, and when I could finally talk again I said, 'THAT is an orgasm.'

I grabbed my shirt and started to mop up while she still stood buck nude in front of me, and I kept staring at her body. I was amazed that she was so casual and well-at-ease with being naked in front of me, as if it was no big deal, and the familiarity and comfort with which she let me blatantly stare at her kept me rock-freaking-hard, and I knew I had at least one more good orgasm in me before the fun was over, but first...

'I think it's your turn' I said.

'I think you are right!' she said with eager anticipation.

We swapped places, and I watched in renewed awe as she flopped herself down on the couch, butt hanging off the cushion, and spread her legs wide. Clearly, it occurred to me, she was enjoying the depths to which I was staring her up and feasting my eyes on her nudity, and I cold feel her watching me as I looked up her pussy that was now spread so wide I could see inside it.

'Well' she said with great drama, 'there's a first time for everything. ' This' she said, looking at her index finger which was pointing straight up, 'could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.' And with that, she swung her hand downward and in a wide sweeping arch, her finger swang towards her pussy. Stopping just outside, she sucked in a deep breath, and then closing her eyes tight, she let her finger slide just barely insider her outer pussy folds, and keeping her eyes clenched shut, she bravely pushed it in a little further, then a little further, until gradually her finger was lost to sight up to the middle knuckle. She began to move it around, back and forth, up and down, and then, while I watched and giggled, she opened her eyes and stared at me in amazement.

'It's really warm, and wet, and smooth in there. No wonder guys wana get their wankers in all of this! She looked like a kid on Christmas morning as she explored and felt around, every now and then saying 'wo!' or 'oo!' or 'ahh!'.

'Don't forget your clit' I said.

'Right. Thanks.' With her other hand she began to feel and rub towards the top of her labia folds, right where I knew her clit would be. And then pretty soon she started to match the movements of both hands, rubbing and sliding in and out at the same time. She closed her eyes and let her head lean back a little as she got into the motion, and I watched with great delight as her breasts bounced as she rubbed. She kept at it for a while, every now and then shifting positions or changing motions a little, and while she played with herself I play with my boner, rubbing it gently and teasing it, letting it get close to orgasm again and then stopping. She kept at it, and I could tell that despite her efforts, she was no closer to an orgasm then when she started.

'Don't get impatient' I whispered. 'Sometimes they take a while.'

'She's being stubborn!' she whined. 'And my arms are getting tired.'

'Want me to take over?' The words came out before I knew what I was saying. I had been in the exact same situation a couple times with Theresa, and when she got tired I just scooted closer to her, and my hands took over on her pussy where her hands had stopped. It seemed only natural to offer the same thing to Kerri, and it was not until after I'd said the words that my brain remembered that this was my sister not my girl friend. Up to now, everything had been so casual, so fun, and so uninhibited that I must not have been afraid to make this offer.

Kerri didn't open her eyes. She just kept trying to rub herself, but she did say, 'All I want it an orgasm! Is that so much to ask?'

What the hell, I thought. I knelt down in between her legs and gently lifted her arms up and put them down to her side. I slid a finger inside her dripping pussy up to my first joint, not wanting to go to far and hurt her, and then with the other I began to tease and rub around her clit. She relaxed at once, and her chest and breasts rose high and then sank deeply as she took a strong, deep cleansing breath. I began to stroke the inside of her while rubbing over her clit at the same time, and pretty soon I'd found a rhythm. After a minute or two she was was softly bouncing her hips to my rhythm, and not long after that I began to recognize the signs of pre-orgasm. She clenched her fists, her face scrunched up, and her breathing came in short gasps. I knew her first orgasm was not far away.

Then it happened. Her breathing stopped all together, her hips rose up in the air, and I could feel the muscles in her pussy tighten around my finger. My boner nearly burst with delight, and I thought I was going to have a totally hands free orgasm but all it did was buck and convulse a few times, and stayed dry. My sister's orgasm didn't last long, and I knew from doing this with Theresa that her second orgasm was only a few seconds away and would be more powerful then the first. I kept rubbing and sliding my finger in and out, and without questioning what I was doing my sister kept matching my rhythm with her own hip gyrations. Sure enough, the second orgasm burst on her almost as soon as the first was finished, and this time a high pitched, piercing moan escaped her lips, she arched her hips way, way up into the air and her pussy mound was so high I could have easily kissed it, or licked it. For what seemed like a really satisfyingly long time, she stayed that way, and then slowly she began to breath again and her hips relaxed. I tried to keep rubbing, but she grabbed both my hands and shoved them away.

'Enough!' she gasped. 'Wo! Wo! Enough!'

I let her relax, watching as the sweat on her breast glisten and rubbing her hands up and down her legs and inner thighs. Then, when she was relaxed, I began to stroke myself again. After only a couple strokes, Kerri opened her eyes and glanced down at what I was doing. Without missing beat she slid off the couch and knelt in front of me, so now both of us were on our knees facing each other. Without saying a word she took my boner in her right hand and began to stroke.

The effect was electric. I think perhaps the pure naughtiness of what we were doing made it that much more exciting, and the knowledge that my little sister has giving me a hand job made me thrilled in a way I never knew possible, and as she stroked her hand up and down my shaft I closed my eyes and leaned back just a little to giver her full access. The tension of the past little while brought on my second orgasm fast, and in no time I felt it swell up and into my shaft, and a split second before it burst out I let out a loud gasp, and I opened my eyes to see streams of white launching between us. It went everywhere and got on both of us, including her breasts, and to my amazement, she didn't stop rubbing me until my orgasm had completely stopped. I looked down, and her hand and arm were literally coated in my cum. I was in awe!

She leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the cheak, something she often did after I'd done something nice for her, and then she grabbed her panties and began to wipe us both up. We were silent as we cleaned up, neither of us knowing what to say. I knew this would be the last time we would ever fool around like this, and I sensed that she knew it too. Not wanting it to be over, I decided to be bold. When all my cum was under control, I gently took her in my arms and laid her down on the floor on her back. I then started with her breast and felt her up slowly and gently, all over. I softly kneaded her boobs in my hands, rubbing her puffy pink nipples between my fingers. As I did this I purposely let my still semi hard boner fall to rest on her leg. I let my hands drift down over her tummy and thighs, gently tickling her hips. She giggled softly. I ran my hands down her legs and caressed her inner things. Then I rolled her over so she was laying on her front, and I gave her a butt massage, tenderly working her splendid ass cheeks in my hands. I move up, letting my penis rest in her butt crack while I gave her a back rub, and then I kissed her softly on the neck and laid down next to her. She half rolled over, put her head on my chest and her leg over my penis, and we stayed this way silently for a while.

Then at last she said, 'We can never do this again.'

'I know.'

'But it was fun.'

'Yes it was.'

'Will you tell Theresa?'

'I don't think so. Not sure how she would take the news that I cheated on her with my little sister.'

She giggled. 'Is it cheating if we didn't have sex?'

'I don't want to find out.'

We got up, and not bothering to get dressed, we went upstairs to our bedrooms.

This all happened about three weeks ago. Maybe less. Since then I have seen my sister buck naked a few times and half naked a lot of times. She has seen me the same, twice with a boner. We have totally stopped caring about being seen by each other, and mostly it happens in the morning while getting ready for school. When I see her naked, I swear she starts to strut. She knows she looks good naked, I think. We have an unspoken agreement to never tell anyone about what happened, although I did, a few days ago, show her this web site and asked if I could send in our story. She agreed so long as there was no way anyone could figure out who we are.

And so, there it is. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed telling it! Thanks for reading!



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