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Teaching My Sister

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To start, I have three sisters, two older than me and one younger. Also, everyone in my family has been taught how to masturbate by the next oldest when they become a teenager. My mother taught my oldest sister, she taught the next down, and she taught me. Now, since my younger sister was of age, it was my turn to pass it on. On the day, I told the older ones that I was going upstairs to teach her, they wished me luck and my mom gave me a hug.

First, I made sure that she had never masturbated before, which she hadn't, then took her to her room and closed the door. I told her about it, how to do it, and that she can do it any time she wanted, but to do it in her room or the bathroom.

After the talking was over, I stripped off all my clothes and told her to do the same. When we were both naked, I sat down on her floor, spread my legs and told her to do the same. I pressed my feet against hers and told her to watch me first. I started out by rubbing my clit and quickly moved on to running my finger up and down my vagina to get it nice and moist. The whole time, I was telling her how good it felt and exactly what I was doing. When I knew I was wet enough, I slid a couple fingers inside and moved them in and out, brushing against my G spot. I squeezed my nipples and started moaning along with every stroke. Again, I told her exactly what I was feeling, and when I came, I cried out and told her just how good it felt while catching my breath.

Then it was her turn. Her hand ran down her tummy, over her newly sprouting pubic hairs and onto her tiny, tight slot. She kind of fumbled around at first, but got the hang of it in no time. When she stuck a finger inside, she let out a gasp and her eyes bugged out. I smiled and told her to go easy at first, so she did and a few seconds later, her eyes closed and she let out a deep 'mmmmm' sound. She kept at it for a few minutes when she said she thought it was about to happen, and I told her to keep going; yell out, lick your lips, curl your toes, anything she felt. One hand was working her hole and the other brushing and squeezing her clit. And then, she came. She made a loud squeal and fell back onto her elbows as her pussy contracted with her first orgasm. She told me it felt incredible and thanked me for it.

After she calmed down, she said she wanted to do it again, so I told her I would with her. For another 15 minutes or so, we sat there watching each other, probing and fondling, our hair thrashing around and our sweaty feet sliding against each others'. I came first, and watching her again, she wasn't far behind. After it was all over, she hugged me and thanked me again for it. We talked for a few minutes and then said she was tired, so she was going to take a nap. She climbed into bed still naked and curled up under the sheets and fell asleep. I got myself dressed and went back down to the rest of them. They asked me how it went, and when I told them they said they were all proud of me. That night, my mom took us all out for dinner as a little celebration.

I guess I taught her well, because last night I could hear her moaning and grunting through the bedroom wall. All I did was smile and masturbate, wondering if anyone else in the house was doing it with us.



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