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Teaching My Little Brother

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This happened a while ago, I was 15, my little brother had just recently turned 13.


One weekend quite a while back, my parents had gone away for the weekend, leaving my brother and I alone. To start off, I am 15 years old, I have blond hair, and am rather short and skinny, I'm small for my age. (I don't mean to sound like a douche, but I do workout, play sports, and am in good shape.) My penis is about 5', and we'll say my name is Josh. My brother, is 13, he has brown hair, he is small and skinny, but not much more than me, so is a little above average for his age, but not by much, and has around the same build as me, his penis is about 3.5', and we'll say his name is Jason.

It was Friday night, we were chillin watching movies at around 8:30pm just after my Aunt had stopped by to check on us, and made sure we didn't need anything for the night. We watched a few movies, and then I went to bed. My brother stayed up and I think watched another movie or something. When I got to bed, I started masturbating before I fell asleep as usual, this time, I accidentally left my door open a crack, sometimes I did, but no one ever just walks in, in my house, so it's not a worry. This night, my brother wasn't thinking, and just walked in, even though he knows it always pisses me off even if i'm just watching TV. When he walked in, I was in the middle of beating off. He opened the door, and unfortunately I didn't hear him. I guess he stood there for a second in shock before he yelled 'What the fuck!?' I jumped up, and grabbed my sheets to cover my naked body. I said 'Get the fuck out of here dude, do you not know how to fucking knock?!!' He closed the door quickly and walked away.

I was really embarrassed, and even though I was still really horny, I didn't feel comfortable finishing. I turned on the TV, and started watching TV, but I got a little tired and so I shut the TV off and rolled over to go to sleep. I kept thinking about what had happened, and was really embarrassed about it, I didn't want him to tell my mom or dad, and I really didn't even want to talk about it. I figured he probably did it too, but it was still really embarrassing. It was now about 2:30am and since I couldn't sleep, I decided to put a movie in and see if that would help me pass out. Not long after I started the movie, I heard a knock at my door. I said 'what, Jason?' he replied with 'I want to talk to you about something..'

'Can it not wait until tomorrow, I'm trying to sleep.'

'Well, it's just.... I wanted to.... I keep thinking about what happened... and I can't sleep....'

'I can't either, make this quick.'

He opened the door and came in, I was only wearing boxers and a white wife beater, tank top if you will, and he was wearing PJ bottoms and no shirt.(It is common for us not to wear shirts around the house, but this time felt a little uncomfortable for some reason.) He stood there and asked 'What were you doing?' I replied with a laugh, and 'you can figure that out yourself. Thank you for your time, goodnight.' he said 'b-but Josh!!' I got up, and gave him a shove out of my room, and shut my door. I was mad, I was so embarrassed and I didn't want to talk about it! I felt a little bad, but he doesn't need anyone to explain it to him, I found out about it all on my own, I didn't need anyones advice, he is a big boy, he can do things on his own now. By now, it was about 3:00am and I still hadn't slept, now my mind was racing even more, I started to feel guilty about being so mean, maybe I should have just told him I was masturbating, and then told him to leave. I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to run into him. Finally, I got up and went, because I didn't see any lights, and figured he was in bed. When I got to the bathroom, I saw light from the cracks of the door, I could hear him in there doing something, I knocked on the door and asked if he was going to be long, he kind of sounded panicked and said 'uhhh.... one second..... I was just... uhh.. I'll be right out'

I waited outside the bathroom, and could hear him putting his clothes back on or something. He came out of the bathroom and looked flustered, and walked quickly to his room without making eye contact. After I was done, I left the bathroom, and there he was, standing there, looking frustrated. He said 'Ok! I tried doing what you were doing, but nothing happened expect my penis got hard, which happens a lot, but shaking it wasn't doing anything, why were you doing that?!?!' I told him I didn't want to talk about it, and he said 'Well we are!' I looked at him for a second, and asked why he even cared, doesn't he masturbate to? I told him how he should figure things out on his own since he is a big boy. He told me how some kids at school are starting to talk about orgasms and stuff, and he knew what they were, kind of, from sex ed, but wasn't sure what all the hype was about.

Finally I gave in, and told him to go into my room. He did, I pulled down my boxers, and lifted up my shirt, I started shaking my dick to made it hard, once it got hard, I explained that you have to use your fist, and pump up and down using the access skin on your penis(we are both circumcised, but there is still access skin). He said 'Ok.' and I told him he could run along now. as he was leaving the room, I started to put my boxers on. he turned to me and said 'Can we do it together?' I told him that I was over that, and only did it with a couple close buddies when I was younger, but liked to do it alone. I told him that it isn't something you should share with people. He started asking more questions, like 'have you had sex' which I replied 'No.' (because I hadn't, all the girls I dated, I treated with respect, and never asked to do more than just kissing) He kept asking me questions like what is a blow job, which I explained, and lots of other questions. Eventually, I agreed to masturbate with him, but only until he got the hang of it, then he had to leave so I could finish. He pulled his clothes off, as did I, and he got up beside me on my bed, I turned on the tv, and got some porn on (I knew the porn channels by now) we were both beating off, and he was watching me to see what to do, I told him to take a picture, because it would last longer, and laughed.

He smirked and said 'Sorry' I asked if he was ready to leave, and he said he wanted to stay so he could watch the porn, I was going to tell him to turn it on in his room, but thought I would let him stay and be a nice older brother for once (lol) after a while he was getting bored because nothing was happening. He told that to me, and I said 'it's all about patience man, you want to wait it out as long as you can.' So he kept going. After a while he said 'I'm just going to say this... I wasn't going to ask, but wondered if you would do it for me, I feel like I'm doing it wrong, and it sucks because I can tell how much you enjoy it!' I said 'no way dude, the whole point in masturbating is doing it yourself!' he said 'Please man, I'm seriously begging!' I hesitated for a couple minutes, but gave it, and told him to lay back. I want you to picture the scene. We were both naked, I was wearing nothing but a thick, and a couple of thin bracelets, and my brother was the same. My brother had no hair all over his body (besides eyebrows, hair, etc.) besides a little light brown hair above his penis, I have short pubes (I keep them trimmed) and armpit hair, slightly hairy legs, and a small, just badly noticeable, happy trail.

He laid back with his hands under his head, I had to climb over him so I could use my right hand, as that was the hand I use for jacking off, when I was climbing over him, I put my left arm, and leg on the other side of him, so for a brief second, I was on my hands and knees over top of him, and then I leaped/fell to the other side of him, I was really embarrassed because my hard dick head accidentally brushed on his leg. I leaned on my left elbow, and used my right hand to jack him off. I took my right hand, and slowly moved it towards his dick, I was nervous, and my heart was beating fast and hard, I said 'u ready?' he said 'Yup!' my hand touched his dick, and I could feel it jump, I took my hand off like it was zapped or something, I said 'sorry' and put my hand back on and started slowly rubbing. All I could think about was 'just make it quick, and efficient.' I wanted him to have a really good first orgasm, but the sooner I was done, and the sooner he was out of my room at this point, the better. I started pumping, and told him to focus on the hot girls, and pretend that I was one of those hot girls, he said okay, and not long after that, I started to feel his penis throb a little bit, he yelped, his dick twitched hard, his head flew back, arching his back, and yelled 'STOP I HAVE T-' his dick twitched about 5 more times, pumped out three or so little drops of cum onto the head of his dick, and onto my thumb, he was breathing heavy, and just looked at me like he met Santa, the Easter bunny, Jesus, and all of his top idols at the same time.

I told him that since I did it for him, he had to do it for me. (I was really horny because I hadn't masturbated in over 3 days) he said 'ok.' and I got on the other side of him again. This time, he pulled me on top of him, and kissed my lips. I told him to stop fooling around, and get on with it. (I knew that he was just fooling around, we always fooled around by licking each others cheeks, and giving 'passionate' hugs to each other for pictures and stuff, its just the way my family is) He laughed, and said he was kidding, that it just seamed like the romantic thing to do! (again, he was totally kidding, thats just our type of humor) He took his hand, and nervously grasped it, I told him to try and copy what I did, but when I say stop, stop immediately, remove your hand, and don't touch it again until I say go.(I really like the stop and go technique) He said ok, and started pumping, after about 5 minutes, I told him to speed up, he did, going faster and faster, and then, I could feel it building up, right before the moment of no return, I screamed 'STOP!!' he took his hand completely off my dick, my dick did 2 or 3 twitches, and a decent amount of pre-cum dribbled out of the tip. he said 'So we are done?' and I said 'nope, we are just getting started, use that clear stuff with your thumb and spread it across the head' so he took his thumb, and spread it out, I told him he could start going again, just regular pace, he did, and you could hear the slippery pre-cum slurp between his thumb and my dick, I was actually getting really turned on, this was the first time anyone, other than myself was touching my dick!! I couldn't help but be excited!

We repeated what just happened about 4 or 5 times, and after the fifth time, he said 'Alright, What the hell? You didn't give me this many orgasms!!!' I laughed and explained what I was doing, and that this time I wouldn't make him stop. He continued going. After about 5 minutes of regular pumping, I was about to tell him to speed up again, but just before I was about to say it, he said he wanted to try something. I was a little nervous but said he could. He got between my legs, and so I spread them out, and put my knees up, with my feet still planted into the bed, I suddenly got very excited because I was almost positive of what he was about to do, I thought 'Is he REALLY going to suck my dick!!??' he laid flat on his belly, and started pumping me again, I was about to ask what he was doing, when his head started moving slowly towards my dick, I got overwhelmed with excitement, his mouth was so close, when I started feeling the build up as he was still jerking me, I felt his hot breath on my penis, and before I had the chance to tell him to stop, I blew my load, I shot three large ropes, two hit his face, he jumped out of the way, and the other landed on my stomach, and the rest pumped out down my dick. My brother screamed 'GROSSS!!!! EW GET ME A TOWEL!!' I felt really bad, but couldn't help but laugh, I said 'sorry bro! I was going to tell you to stop, but it was too late!' and got him and myself some towels to clean up.

I said 'were you going to suck my dick buddy?' as I laughed a little,

'yeah, I wanted to see what it was like, they kept doing it in the movie so I thought it would be fine to try it!' with a little smirk

'I wish you could have, but am a little glad you didn't!'

'why? Is it bad?'

'Not bad.. but, your girl should be the only one doing it, not your brother!'

He felt really bad, and asked me if he was gay, I told him he wasn't, that he was just trying to help me out, and even if he was gay, it would be fine. We masturbated again the next night, but we didn't touch each other, just ourselves. We masturbated from time to time together after that, but not very often, just on occasion.



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