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Teaching My Girlfriend

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This was several years ago, I was 15 and she was 13


Several years ago, I went out with a girl two years younger than me, so she was in year eight and I was in year 10, I got a lot of abuse for this but she was just so cute.

We used to meet up outside of school because it was just too much hassle in school, so we decided to go in the local woodland for a walk.

It was around January time so it was fairly freezing cold still, so we were both wrapped up to keep the cold out. My girlfriend was about shoulder height in comparison to me, and im 5'9' so she's fairly short-but it didn't bother me. She was blonde with deep brown eyes. I have brown hair and blue eyes.

We walked around the woodland paths for a few hours, holding hands and the like, but eventually we strayed off the paths. Chat started to get interesting because we were alone and had run out of 'normal things' to talk about.

Eventually she asked me if I had ever done anything with a girl before, which I hadn't. I asked her the question back and she hadn't done anything with a guy either, which is understandable really. I asked her if she had ever masturbated before, to which she replied that she had heard about it but generally ignored people when they where talking about that kind of thing in school, but she said because it was just us around she'd be interested in talking about what it was.

I gave her the rundown as to what it was, how both boys and girls do it and why you do it, she seemed fairly interested which surprised me.

What really surprised me was after I had finished and gone into detail explaining it, she said with her wide brown eyes 'can I try it now? I'm interested to see what it's like' Needless to say I couldn't refuse!

The fact it was about four or five degrees didn't phase her and strangely she wanted to do it naked, she told me that she had 'always wanted to know what its like to get naked outside' so I said I'd join her and demonstrate what it was like for guys first.

I removed my clothing first and laid it on the ground as a soft dry platform to lay on. I lay down on the clothing with my knees up in the air while she sat by me and watched, fully clothed so she could stay warm.

I used a circular motion on the tip of my penis, which meant I could go for much longer and the build up was much much better. I kept going for about four minutes before blowing my 'load' all up my stomach, completely satisfied. She sat there stunned having never seen such a thing before, but she said she's glad she's experienced seeing it and is glad she understands now.

Then it was her turn, after I'd cleaned up (using leaves, its all I had to hand).

I got dressed again as I was freezing (thanks to the January temperatures), and she started to get undressed herself.

She started by removing the gilet she was wearing, then the hoodie and laying those on the ground first, she removed her boots and socks after that followed by her trousers, laid in a line on the leafy ground. She was left in just underwear and a t shirt now, needless to say I was ragingly horny again, understandably I found her pretty damn attractive and this was just heaven.

She then removed the t shirt she was wearing, leaving her in only a pair of plain white underwear with a flowery band round the top, shortly afterward she removed those with haste and I could have orgasmed right there second time over.

She wasn't very developed at all, but it really didn't bother me in the slightest. She had a tiny amount of wispy blonde pubic hair outlining the 'slit' of her vagina but despite this she was completely flat chested still, not a worry to me at all.

She told me to do it for her, because she didn't know how to do it herself, so she lay on her clothing with her thin legs spread for me, and I sat beside her and set to it. She reacted as if she was a natural, I rubbed her vagina in a circular motion like I had my penis and she wriggled about the place in pure ecstasy, she was breathing extremely heavily, with breathy high pitched moans every so often. She soon started thrusting her pelvis up and down, she was rubbing her body and chest up and down furiously, with louder breathy moans and sharper movements.

She then let out a humongous moan, her head was back, her eyes where screwed up shut and her mouth open. She carried on thrusting her pelvis but less so, I could feel her vagina spasming and it was slippery wet, she shook with pleasure and her toes curled up in ecstasy. She calmed and breathed heavily for a while after. She lay there for a few minutes completely stunned, and I simply kissed her on the forehead will massaging her entire body, while cleaning the wetness from her vagina with my hand, making her twitch slightly. Just so she was ready to dress again.

After she had recovered she sat up with her knees in the air and hugged me hard, giving me a kiss and thanking me for teaching her such a thing, she said that she was 'stunned she hadn't discovered such a thing before'

I helped her dress and warmed her up again before we started to head back home again. I know for sure I wont ever forget such a thing and I don't think she ever will either.



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