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Teaching My Cousin

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Just cousins helping each other out.


I was 14 at the time my cousin was 13. He was a curious boy always asking me questions about puberty etc. until one day he asked me about this thing called masturbation, That he heard it from boys at school. I was shocked, I didn't really think he would discuss something like this with me. I went on to explain to him that boys play with themselves down there. He told me he played with it and it didn't really make him feel any good. More shocked, I explained that he must not have been doing it right so I asked 'What do you do?' with that he went on to explain that he just squeezed it. I went on to explain it to the best of my knowledge and out of the blue he said 'Show me.' A little nervous I said tonight, When we have a shower and for the rest of my day that is all I could think about.

Before I continue, Every time I visit my aunt she make my cousin and I shower together to save on water. So we have seen each other naked before but this was the first time in a couple of years. Night time came and getting closer for us to shower and my aunt had to pop out for a bit leaving me and my cousin alone. Before she left she made it clear we were to have a shower.

We got our pjs and headed for the shower. You could see my cousin was eager but nervous at the same time and I was a little to myself. We slowly but eventually took of our clothes sneaking little looks at each other. My cousin now had hit puberty with a little pubic hair around the base of his dick and his dick had grown an inch since the last time I saw it. I ran the shower and we both got in, Not really saying a word to each other. We bathed ourselves and about to get out when he said 'Are you going to show me what masturbation is?' I kind of shook my head to say yes. I sat on the bottom of the shower floor, Being a kind of small shower his dick was right in my face. He watched closely as I grabbed my now hard dick 6 inch uncircumcised dick and began to slowly jerk away. My cousin watching closely as I noticed his dick began to swell. Seeing his dick becoming erect lead me to an early orgasm and I told him that I was about to have an orgasm. As said that he grabbed his 5 inch dick and copied what I had done. That sent me over the edge cumming about 8 ropes and the look on my cousins face was priceless.

He continued to jack off but not having much luck gain an orgasm he asked if I could do it for him, Still trying to catch my breathe I agreed. I grabbed his dick and began to stroke it slowly with each stroke catching a little bit more speed and before I knew it I was becoming hard for the second time. I grabbed his balls with my other hand and begun to massage them and at that point he began to pant and I knew it was nearly time for his very first orgasm. Weak legged he began to be with each stroke bringing on his first orgasm and than it happened he began to moan and shot 5 ropes of cum one hitting me on the chest. After he calmed down, All he could say was 'Wow, Thanks cuz.'

We cleaned ourselves up, Got out and got dressed just in time as my aunt just got home. We ate dinner, watched a couple of movies and were told to go to bed. We shared a bed and began talking about what happened in the shower and I explained to him all ways he can masturbate and that he should do it in privacy and where it can be done. In the process of receiving boners. He told me he was hard and I told him that I was too. Our hands slipped into our boxers and we began to masturbate when my cousin return the favour and slipped his hand into my boxers and pulled out my dick and started stroking me. This was the first time another person had touched my dick, I can't believe our good it had felt. He stroked me right up till my orgasm shooting about 6 ropes of cum which had landed on me and my cousins hand as he just kept stroking me and wow that was the best orgasm I had at that time. After I had regained myself I lent over and finished stroking him to orgasm. After we cleaned ourselves we fell asleep.

We went on masturbating each other for another 6 months until I got myself a girlfriend who satisfied my needs and lost my virginity.



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