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Teaching Little Brother and His Friend

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A story of teaching my little brother and his friend how to masturbate.


I learned / started to masturbate a year ago when I was 14. fast forward one year and I am basically doing it every chance I get.

Though this one time I was in my room masturbating, I was almost at the climax point, when the door opened and my little brother who is 13, entered the room. I quickly put away my penis and he asked what I was doing to my thing. I just told him I wasn't doing anything and left the room. I thought it was over and in the clear as far as getting caught as my brother didn't know about masturbating.

However, two days later, he came into my room and shut the door and said he talked to some of the other boys in the class and found out what I was doing (he did not mention it was me however which relieved me since I didn't want to be seen as a pervert to his class), he said I was masturbating. I was a bit taken back by it since I though this ordeal was over but I guess not. He then said that if I could teach him how to do it since some of the boys in his class have done it and said it is the most amazing feeling they have ever felt. I reluctantly agreed, since I didnt want him to tell out mom about it. I scheduled the 'teaching session' the next day after I got home from school.

I was very nervous all day but was also very horny about the fact that I was going to teach my little brother how to masturbate. I didn't masturbate the day before unlike I usually do a few times a day so it just added to the hornyness.

When I got home my brother didn't seem to be home yet so I just waited in my room and watched TV and was preparing what I was going to say to him in my mind.

A knock came on the my door, it was my brother but also he seems he had one of his friends with him who was also 13 and in the same class. My little brother excused himself for a moment and came into my room and shut the door to explain the situation.

He said that that person was his best friend and also wanted to learn how to masturbate and asked me if his friend could stay for me to teach him also.

I really didn't want to but the thought of another person in there was just making me more horny. I agreed to it and he said thank you and rushed out to get his friend.

I turned off the tv and when they both entered the room, I told them to sit down on the floor or on the bed and closed the door.

I sat on the bed and started to explain masturbation to them, a lot of basic stuff like why do males do it, how do they do it, etc...

After my explanation they both looked confused which I guess was thanks to my not so great lecture on the subject.

I decided the best way to show them was by example. I was already rock hard (I'm sure they noticed it also by the huge tent it created) so I just got up and said to them I will show you how you do it and dropped my pants and my boxers and sat back on the bed. They both sat back in awe saying my penis was huge and it had a lot of hair around it. I grabbed a bottle of lube from my night stand (which I always used) and lubed myself up and explained why I used it to both of them and then started stroking my penis. I explained this is the way to masturbate yourself by gripping the shaft with your hand and going up and down your penis with your hand.

I kept on masturbating and noticed both my brother and his friend starting getting bulges in their pants also, this upped my excitement as I was about cum in front of two other boys. I didn't take too much longer before I had a huge explosion of cum. Most landed on my stomach and on my legs and a little on my bed, the rest trickled down the shaft of my still pulsating penis.

Both of them just sat there in amazement at what had just happened. I explained I had just ejaculated and that the stuff that came out was called cum and means I successfully jacked off and how great it felt when I released it. They were still focused on all the cum and still in shock (I was pretty shocked the first time I saw it also). They kept asking all different question about the cum and I did my best to answer them. I told them they could pick up a glob of cum to examine it if they wanted to. I guess they both agreed and got up and my brothers friend scooped a lot off of my stomach and my little brother got some of the cum that was around the base of my penis. They were both there playing with my cum and more questions kept coming about why it is sticky, why it is white, and why it smells. I couldn't believe they were both there playing with cum, swirling it around, moving it from one hand to the other and sniffing it. Then probably one of the most amazing things happened, my brothers friend licked some of the cum off his hand to taste it which shocked me a little (I've never tasted my own cum before so had no idea what I would taste like). He said it was a little salty but also sweet at the same time. My brother followed suit and also tasted a glob and said it tasted like that also. I decided to try my own juices and grabbed some off my leg to taste it. I never knew how good it tasted. I couldn't get over we all just tasted my cum.

I decided that was enough teaching from me and cleaned myself up and told them it was their turn to try it now. Both of them were still hard. They were a bit reluctant to remove their clothes but eventually did. My little brothers penis was about 4 1/2' long with some hair around he penis and balls. His friend had about a 5' penis though but really didn't have any pubic hair. I noticed that my brothers penis curved upwards like mine while his friends was more straight. I handed my brother the lube bottle first and he lubed up exactly as I had done it. His friend said he was going to wait until my brother finished masturbating first so I just gave him the lube bottle. My brother was moving up and down his shaft tightly, I told him to loosen his grip and it would feel much better and he did. It didn't take long for his climax to build and then it happened, his first ejaculation. His penis shot big ropes of cum all over my bed and over him until eventually he stopped and just laid back breathing heavily. Once my brother recovered his friend reached over and grabbed some cum and tasted it and my brother did the same (I guess we were going to taste every ones cum now) I grabbed some also. I was amazed at how sweet it tasted compared to mine, there was pretty much no saltiness, we all went back for seconds and got pretty much every drop.

It was now his friends turn, he lubed up but instead of laying down and masturbating he stood up and did it. He was really going at it and enjoying himself. About three minutes into it he started to moan and his breathing got heavy and I know he was about to cum. My brother was laying on the bed watching him and his friend was basically standing over him, I told my bro he may want to move and his asked why then his friend started to cum. He started shooting rope after rope onto my brother which my brother quickly got up after the first couple. The rest landed on the carpet, my bed and one rope landed on my foot. My brother was shocked as he didn't know cum could go that far because he thought it only dribbled out of the penis because both me and my brother masturbated laying down. His friend told my brother sorry for the cum landing on him and my brother told him it was alright. My brother just stood and there was a long rope of cum going across his face and another on his chest. It was very hot. His friend also said how great it felt when he released it. All three of us grabbed some of his cum to taste it. It was also very sweet but you could taste saltiness.

We all laid on the bed exhausted at what had just took place. I never thought it was going to be like this, I thought it was just going to be a simple jack off session but I thought wrong. I still had a hard on so I started masturbating again, this time using some of my brothers friends cum and it felt amazing after I ejaculated for the second time in a short time. My brother and his friend just watched. After I finished they both got up and started to get dressed and clean up the mess we made. They both thanked me for the incredible experience and I also thanked them for what they did also.

My brother and his friend left the house and I just laid on my bed thinking about all the stuff that happened and not soon after my penis was hard yet again...

More sessions like this took place, over the years we even had a facial party but I will save that story for another time.



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