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Teaching Her How

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In the 1960s I was a young assistant professor living alone, having recently separated from my wife. One day in the neighborhood drugstore I ran into a graduate student I'll call Gwen. She was a pleasant-looking, rather stocky girl with whom I had never been on more than friendly academic terms. We hardly exchanged two words before she announced with obvious delight that she had a new boyfriend. We chatted about other things for a bit, and when I left the drugstore she tagged along. Soon she divulged another piece of information: 'I've only had sisters, no brothers,' she said, 'so I don't know much about boys.'

It being early evening, I asked her out for pizza. During the meal I said to her, 'I have a theory. Tell me if I'm wrong. Your boyfriend does something to you, something that feels good. You'd like to do something for him in return, but you're not sure what or how.' Without a hint of a blush, she put her hand on mine and said, 'You're perfectly right. Could you teach me?'

'If you're game for a hands-on learning experience,' I said. Her frank smile told me this was going to be a teaching episode I would not soon forget. We went back to my basement apartment and sat on the couch. 'Let's first do what your boyfriend does to you. You guide me, and then I'll guide you.' She led me through the typical stages of what was at that time called 'hot petting': First some kissing, then feeling her breasts through her shirt, then reaching into her bra, then unfastening her bra.

I started out feeling awkward and unaroused, but when we got to her bare breasts that all changed. They were firm and shapely, with the biggest aureoles I had seen. I started to kiss and lick her nipples without being coached, and this was evidently something beyond what her boyfriend did. Nature was taking its course and I quickly got a full erection. I didn't really need her coaching for what followed: passing one hand over her belly, which quivered as I move farther and down into her jeans.

By the time I had unfastened her jeans and slid my hand into her panties, she was soaking wet and her clitoris, which was on the large side, stood out prominently. She started groaning as soon as I began stroking her, and within a couple of minutes her pelvis began bucking and she cut loose in a prolonged and noisy orgasm. 'Whew!' she exclaimed, 'It's never been that strong with my boyfriend.'

Now it was my turn to start giving directions. 'Put your hand on my penis,' I said. It took her a moment to find it, because she reached right at my crotch and only got hold of my testicles at first. She seemed surprised, on groping around, to find the head of my penis well down one pants-leg. 'Now you say, 'Would you like me to do something for you?'' She asked the question, at the same time fondling the head of my penis in a such away that I had to catch my breath in order to answer, 'Yes.' I directed her in unfastening my belt, pulling down my shorts, and extracting my very stiff rod. Having earlier removed her glasses, she had to bring her face very close to it to inspect it. 'It's so big,' she said. 'Are other guys' that size.' 'I don't really know,' I told her. 'I think mine's about average length, but maybe a bit thicker than most.'

'Now what do I do?' she asked. I showed her where to grip my penis, and guided her hand until she was stroking it with a gentle rhythm and the right amount of force. I became like two people. One was a horny young man building to a climax and the other was the teacher. The teacher part said, 'Pretty soon semen is going to come squirting out. Normally I would catch it in a tissue, and that's what your boyfriend will probably do. But I expect you'd like to see it.' She agreed emphatically, and so I kicked aside the throw rug and positioned myself on the edge of the couch. 'A little faster now,' I said, and that was all it took. A few seconds more of pumping and I exploded, sending a stream of cum farther out than I think I had ever done before. She gasped in surprise but continued stroking until my spasms ceased. Sanity returned. We looked at each other a little embarrassed, but kissed warmly when she left.

A few days later I met her on the street and she said, 'Everything's fine now. Thanks so much.' We did meet in my apartment once again but not for a lesson. I'll tell that story some other time.



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