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Teaching Carry and Others (Chap 2)

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Chapter 2 continues with Carry, adds Collete, the one the story is named after


Chapter 2

Carry and I continued to experiment at least once a week, often more. We would always spend time with each other during the evenings that my parent's clinic was open late. Almost got caught once when my mother came home early to get something for a snack for dad and her.

Carry and I were in the TV room when mom came in the house. I still had my pants on, but Carry was totally nude. I had been attending to her and giving my fingers exercise. Her cunt was dripping with her juices and I jumped up, got my shirt on and met mom in the entry way. During this time Carry picked up her clothing and dashed into the storage room off of the TV room. Mom never did know Carry was there, although she thought Carry was an angel and wanted to help her reach her goal of medical school.

After mom left, I resumed the fingering of Carry's pussy. She was so hot, after almost getting caught that she came so hard she almost passed out. That was the first time she squirted. 'Now I know how you feel when your cock squirts. Awesome. I want to do that more', she said. Also, this would be the first time Carry put my cock between her breasts. She said she had wanted to before, but it just never happened. Let me tell you, those breasts of hers worked some magic I will never forget. In and out up to my cock head, down the shaft to my balls. I came hard, again. This time Carry was able to watch all this using the mirror on the wall. Holding my cock just under her mouth, she was able to see me cum into her mouth. About five good hard squirts. She licked up all the cum that ran down over her hand.

It was around five months since I had first started having fun with Carry that she mentioned she has a younger cousin that lives at the other side of town. Small town, not all that far away. Her cousin, Collete lives on a 10 acre hobby farm, raises horses and is two years younger. There is a man made swimming pond on the property and we were invited to come over and swim, picnic and have fun this Saturday. My mom and dad said OK, so the plan was made.

On that Saturday, I met with Carry and we started walking to Collete's farm. During the walk Carry seemed nervous about something, so I asked her about it. She stopped, turned to me, told me she loved me and had something to ask me. I said I loved her, too and said to ask away. Seems her cousin had been asking Carry about boys, particularly about boys penis and testicles. Carry had mentioned to her about the guy that had gotten an erection and came all over my mom. Carry tried to explain, but words can't describe this very well. Collete knew Carry was seeing me, was hoping that together we could explain more about boys. I told Carry I was willing to try and Carry asked me if I was willing to 'show and tell'. I said I would have to think about that.

I met Collete's parents and the three of us went to the swimming pond on the other side of the farm. We swam, had some lunch and were just relaxing when the conversation began. Collete asked Carry if she had approached me about the boy subject. They both looked at me, both very pretty girls, and I told them I would try to answer any questions Collete had. Her first question was about sperm and how it got into the penis from the testicles. Carry answered that question, but Collete was not grasping the concept. I offered to lower my swim trunks and show her. Collete's eyes were the size of quarters when I slid my trunks down. My cock was still soft and flopped around. She was glued to my cock and balls. I explained, while pointing, 'the sperm come from the balls, go through a tube and join the semen at the prostrate and continue out the end of the cock'. Collete was mesmerized with my cock, and while watching me explain, saw my cock begin to erect and grow to it's full six inches. Then it was time for her to ask if she could touch it. Carry said, 'OK, but that is mine'.

As the instructions progressed, explaining the foreskin, the silky 'skin' on the head of my cock, some pre-cum appeared. That then required some more explanation. Collete touched the pre-cum and put some on her tongue. She smiled and said, 'Nice'.

It was time for Carry to demonstrate the best part of the boy parts. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began pumping me. More pre-cum appeared, and Collete took that into her mouth, smiling more. As I was getting close, Carry told Collete to continue with the pumping. More, bigger smiles, and her hand grabbed my cock and pumped as she had seen Carry do it. I exploded, shooting cum up and all over Collete's hands and arms. Some landed on Carry, the rest on me. Collete jumped up and down and grinned from here to Texas. 'Thank you, Ted, that was the most amazing thing ever'. She scooped up some cum, put it on her tongue. 'Oh, that is salty, and warm. I want it all'. Carry said she would have to share.

More exciting times happened in that little town, and more may be coming later.



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