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Teaching Carol Ann

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Although I was teaching Carol Ann I too was learning.


I can remember the first time I was interested in my cousin, Carol Ann. She and I were the same age. I had recently learned about masturbation and I was doing it at least once every day and often more than once. I had an older cousin on my father's side of the family and he was the one who told me about jacking off, as we called it. We also talked a lot about girls and what they did. He had found a little book that belonged to his parents that had drawings of the private parts of both men and women. He told me that a man stuck his hard dick in, what he called, the woman's pussy hole. By moving his dick back and forth he would eventually cum in her. He also explained how women played with their pussy. The drawing showed the woman's clit. My cousin said by rubbing her clit the woman would cum. I had studied that book until I learned everything in it. I dreamed of the day I could put my new-found knowledge to use.

My parents and I were visiting Carol Ann and her family that summer Carol Ann and I found ourselves alone one day in her room. I remember I started touching her in places of interest. She did nothing when I put my hand over the material that covered her little tits. When I put my hand between her legs she objected even though she had on shorts. I asked her why and she said she did not think it was right. I asked her if she had ever masturbated and she had no idea what I was talking about.

I then asked her, 'Of all things that has ever happened to you, what felt the best? What makes you feel better than anything? She thought for a minute and then said that one time she had a sore shoulder and her mom had rubbed some cream on it and it felt really good and relaxing. I told her I could show her how to do something that would feel one-hundred times better than that. One-thousand times better. One-million time better even. She didn't believe me so I told her she would have to let me touch her between her legs to prove I was right. She said, 'OK'.

I started rubbing her crotch through the material of her shorts and panties. Finally I asked her to take her shorts off. She said she would if I would take mine off. Pretty soon we were both totally naked. It was the fist time I had ever seen a girl naked and the first for Carol Ann. She was really interested in my dick which was hard by the time we got undressed.

After she looked at me for a while I had her lay back and spread her legs. At first glance her pussy did not look like the drawing. Where were all the parts. But when I spread her lips I could see everything. I spotted her clit and when I touched it I saw it quiver. I touched it again. This time Carol Ann jumped. When I asked if she felt me touch it she said yes and said it felt good. I also noticed that her clit was getting larger and sticking out more. I explored the rest of her pussy.

When I stuck my finger in her vagina it was moist and really warm. She asked me to touch her again where it made her feel good. I started rubbing her clit and after about two or three minutes Carol Ann started squirming around. Her ass was bucking up and down. Then it hit her. She started moaning and groaning and her legs came together on my hand trapping my hand on her pussy. Her whole body shook as if she was having a seizure. It kind of scared me when I saw the look on her face. She looked like she was having a seizure. But I was relieved when she started smiling.

I was sitting on the floor next to her hips and she jumped up and grabbed me around the neck and kissed me on the lips. Her first words were, 'Wow. I had no idea anything could feel that wonderful. Oh, I love you so much. You are the greatest. Why didn't someone tell me about this?' I told her she could do it to herself if she wanted to. She placed her hand on her pussy and started rubbing herself. Soon her fingers found her clit and she rubbed it. About a minute later she had her second orgasm, the first by her own hands.

My dick was throbbing by that point and I told her I needed to jack off. She sat and watched me. It did not take long until I shot cum all over Carol Ann. She jumped when the first rope of cum hit her but then laughed as it kept shooting out. My hard did not go down when I finished. She wanted to know if she could do it to me and I told her she could. She wrapped her hand around my dick and started jacking me off. A few minutes later I came a second time but did not shoot much cum out that time.

We spent the entier week with Carol Ann and her family and she and I managed to sneak off and masturbate each other every day. There was a creek not far from their house and we swam every day naked, playing with each other in and out of the water. I could not count the number of times she made me cum that week or the number of times I rubbed her clit until she came. We both hated to see the week come to an end. The last day there Carol Ann asked if I could come back the next summer and spend a month with them. I told her I would like that. As soon as we left she started in on her mom and dad about inviting me down the next summer. Finally her mom said something to my mother about me coming down on the bus a month early and staying with them for a month until they came down for their annual weekly visit. Her mom said that way me and Carol Ann would have five weeks together. My mother agreed. Her mom said she thought it was so wonderful that Carol Ann and I were so close. If they only knew why we were so close.

I spent at least five weeks with Carol Ann and her family the next four summers. I am surprised that our family never figured out what we were doing.

I remember one summer when I arrived. Carol Ann said she had not masturbated in a month, waiting on me to do her. She was so horny that just touching her hand or arm made her quiver. That night I sneaked into her room after her parents were asleep. We kissed for a while and I sucked on her beautiful little tits. Her pussy was soaking wet by the time I touched it. I stuck one finger in her pussy and then started massaging her clit. When her orgasm hit her she lost all control. She came so hard that she peed all over me while she was cumming. She was so embarrassed but I told her I did not mind at all.

Carol Ann turned out to be a very beautiful woman. Her pussy was covered with a patch of light brown, almost blonde, hair. Her tits never grew past an A cup but they too are beautiful. I am sure you are wondering if we ever did other things besides masturbating? The answer to that is yes.

I still see Carol Ann every year at the family reunion. She is still as beautiful as ever. She is married and has three grown children. Every year she will hug me and whisper in my ear, 'You are still my special cousin.'

We are in our late 50's now and I would like nothing more than sitting between her legs and looking at her mature pussy but we just don't have the chance, and I am not sure she would even allow me to do that now. But it is nice to remember. I still get a hard dick just thinking about the times we had together. She will always be special to me.



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