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Teaching a Friend, Etc

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This is a story starting from teenage learning how, to the later years of enjoyment with a loving uninhibited wife.


Teaching a friend

I grew up with a best friend I associated with during scouting days and camp outs. We lived two blocks apart and played together now and then. We were at the age when all young boys started having spontaneous erections and we both started about the same time and noticed our bulges and talked about how good it felt but neither of us had been told anything about sex from our Fathers. Back then it was mostly street talk. One day my friend asked if I had heard of guys talking about how good it felt to get hard and beat their meat and watch their cum shoot off. I said yes but didn't know what they meant by beating their meat and shooting off.

I had tried all sorts of things but never thought about rubbing my small 4 inch dick up and down until one day when I was washing it got hard I and spent too long soaping up and I by accident I automatically experienced my first cum. It felt sooo good but when I saw the white stuff ooze out I though I may have an infection. I didn't dare ask my Dad as he had never talked with me about sex or maturing sexually.

As research has shown, most young boys have their first sexual experience with another boy. The next time my friend and I were together, we decided to pitch our tent in his back yard and camp out. During the day we had gotten pretty dirty and sweaty so we decided to take a bath. While we were undressing I noticed he was getting hard and he boldly asked if I had learned how to beat off. By then I was getting a little hard too, as well as a little embarrassed but I said yes, a few weeks ago. I told him when your dick gets hard all you need do is hold it and pump it up and down for a minute or so. He said, 'since you know how show me so I can watch and see what happens'. I said OK but let's beat off together. Since I had already done it several times, in only seconds my cum was starting to squirt. It was his first time but when he saw my cum shooting off he couldn't believe it. It shot off a good distance at least a foot 4 or 5 times. He started beating faster and in a minute he started to cum and said it felt great and he always talked about it every time we got together.

One afternoon my parents were home and I was really horny so I went into the bathroom to take care of my dilemma. I had forgotten to lock the door and was just getting started when to my surprise in walked my friend. I tried to hide what I was doing but when he saw me with my pants down and holding my hard dick and he said he had wanted to beat off and cum all day. He was very outgoing so he unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard dick. We both started pumping and pretty soon he said. 'watch me, I'm gonna shoot my cum'. We finished almost together and enjoyed watching our cum shoot off. My first shot was so forceful it ended up on the mirror we were watching.

We did this a few more times until he moved away..... seeing who could cum first, how far we could shoot it and how many times, but never touched each other.

As youngsters we were always in a hurry to cum and watch it shoot off but as one get older we soon learn it is more pleasurable to take your time and enjoy the feeling as long as you want.

I have masturbated almost daily since my first time and am now in my 70's. My wife and I both enjoyed masturbating together as well as the other usual forms of sex. Masturbation was her favorite as we liked to do each other and let the other lie back, relax and enjoy it.

When I was a teenager I thought by age 60 people would lose interest in sex but mine has only become stronger by the year, thanks to a very uninhibited wife, and I still enjoy the wonderful sensation of a good session and the excitement of seeing cum shoot off....... until recently!

My wife recently passed away but she did teach me the pleasure of using her vibrator. Unfortunately, due to medication, I am unable to ejaculate cum but I can still climax, remembering many fond memories. Without a partner a vibrator is unbelievably fantastic! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.



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