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I am 15 years old, and am a frequent masturbator. Recently I went to visit my grandma for a weekend, and on one of the days, my younger cousins came over. There is David, who is 11, and Emma who is 10. While they were over, it turned out my grandparents were going to need to go out and get some things, and it would take a couple of hours. I said it was fine, and that I would watch the kids, I like them.

So they left, and I turned on the t.v. After about 45 minutes of that, Emma said that she was bored. David wanted to continue watching t.v., so I went with Emma into the other room. She told me she wanted to play with her new doctor's kit. Not thinking, I said okay, and took her into the room I was staying in. All she said was that she was sick, and needed a check-up. I took the stethescope, worked it into my ears, and commenced to get her heartbeat. It was difficult to hear through the cloth, so I told her to take off her shirt. That's when my teenage mind came into play. NAKED!! I felt the familiar sensation between my legs, but kept going.

I told her she needed to take all of her clothes off for me to finish the check-up. She laughed, and I repeated my request. She did, but she left her panties on. Those too, I requested. She gingerly pulled them off, and sat there naked. She had no visible breasts, and her slit was clean shaven. I had her lay down, thinking about the possibilities. I lightly pressed around her stomach, and then said I needed to continue, but she needed to move her legs open. She did, and I zeroed in on her hairless slit. Now I regret saying this, but I had not seen a real vagina until that day. I lightly touched the outer lips, and she let out a sigh. I spread the lips apart, and peered inside. I pulled my head back, and slipped two fingers in. I felt the cavern begin to moisten. She started to moan, and move her head back and forth. I found her clit, and started to rub it, and suddenly she was gushing juices. When she finished, I said she was all cleared, after one question.

I asked her if she did that on a regular basis, and she replied that she never had. I explained what it was, and how it made you feel better. She then said it was my turn, and so I sat on the bed waiting. She asked what the problem was and I simply said 'This!' pulling my pants down. My five inches were standing out of my boxers, and she looked shocked. She said that she had seen David's before, but it wasn't as big. I told her that he still needed to grow, and that if she took my length in her hand it would feel better. She reached out and held it.

'Now move your hand up and down.' I told her, as she began to jack me off. It only took two minutes for me too come, but I think she was more freaked by the cum itself as it flew through the air. She let out a little scream, and moved aside.

'What's all the noise?' David was in the doorway, looking at my package.

'Doctor,' I said to Emma, 'Your next patient is here.' I picked David up and sat him on the bed. On his own, he pulled off his pants and boxers to reveal his little penis, and I told Emma to repeat the same thing she had just done to me, as I left the room. When they came back out, they were dressed and smiling. A week later David turned twelve. When I talked to him on the phone, he told me that he and Emma looked at each other everyday when they could, and a little bit of liquid comes out of his wiener when he jacks off. I laughed, knowing I was the teacher, and they my pupils.



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