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Teacher Mess

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My English teacher is very attractive teacher in my English class, she is a substitute, early to mid 20's biggish ass, nice tits and part Asian with a nice set of thighs.

Well I sit up the back of my class and masturbate almost everytime I have English since she has been teaching. I have even got her to come help me with my work so I can get a look down her top and quite often see some nipple all the while tryig to hide the fact that I am masturbating.

Well this one time I brought my camera to school and asked if I could take a pictue of her, she pulled a pose which was quite sexy as she was joking around with the camera as everyone was with the photos.

Well the next day feeling more daring I had brought in a copy of the photo and when I had english I unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard cock and rlly started going at it wanking my cock. I pulled out the photo of her and started to look at it as I was wanking over it, I was at the point of no return and started to squirt cum all over the photo, on her face, thighs, tits, ass and pussy as much as I could see in the photo of course.

What I hadn't realised is she had just walked over my desk, I was so nervous I thought I had been busted for sure. She had thought I was passing notes and asked me to give her the 'piece of paper' in my hand, I was so scared but didnt want to be suspended from school as I already had a bad record and it could lead to more servere punishment. I gave her the photo and as I saw her look at her she became wide mouthed, cum started to ooze onto her hands, my heart was racing, thats when I had realised in all the panic I had forgotten to put my cock away, she stared down at my cock, still erect with cum on it. She told me to put it away and step outside, saying this discretely of course so the rest of the class wouldnt notice.

My heart pounding I sat outside the class, heart pounding and scared as all hell.

The bell had rung just as I had gotten outside. The rest of the class left and then my teacher came outside wiping the cum off of her hands on a hanky which was starting to turn me on again.

She looked at me and said that this was not appropriate behaviour for school, then said she was flattered though and if I was going to 'wank' over her, to do it in a more personal environment. She could tell I was still a tad scared so she gave me a hug and said that she wouldnt tell anyone and that this would be our little secret. I could feel her bigish breasts pressing against my chest as we hugged and I sprung a stiffy again, my hard cock started to prod against her thighs and mound, she felt this and pulled away from me.

She said to me you might want to go to the bathroom and take care of that. She said I hope you have another one of these photos in your bag and smiled at me, she said she would confiscate this one in her safe keeping so no one else could get their hands on it and said for me to make sure I conceal the next one I make a mess on after I leave the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and jacked furiously and shot a load of cum all over the picture, I walked out of the bathroom folding the picture she was outside and smiled at me looking at the picture, I smiled back and quickly walked off.

I am wanking off over her picture again just telling this story!!



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