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Tax Time

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I'm a CPA and tax time each year is pure insanity. I spend 10 to 14 hours every day at the office and some weeks see clients every single day of the week. On Sundays I'm usually the only one in my building and if I'm not expecting a client I'll usually leave the door to my outer office open just to keep me from getting too claustrophobic. There are about 30 offices in the building and all kinds of small business owners rent space there.

My wife travels for work and is often out of town on the weekends when I'm working. Needless to say our sex life suffers during tax season. But I'm usually so busy I don't even have the time to jerk off for relief. It can be several days before I remember I haven't cum in a while and take care of it.

One Sunday last March I noticed there were no other cars in the parking lot when I arrived at the office so I left the doors open as usual. I was pouring over a box of receipts one of my clients was hoping I'd be able to turn into a healthy refund. But it was a huge mess and I found myself getting increasingly frustrated. I needed a break and so cranked up a little porn on my computer and before long had a nice hard-on to play with.

My outer office has one door out to a common hallway and my office suite is about halfway down and next to the restrooms and water fountain. So there's a fair amount of foot traffic during the week. I have a couple old chairs, an overflow desk with tax forms and a box of copier paper and tons of old file cabinets. There are also a few plants along with one of those little zen waterfall machines designed to help calm down stressed out clients and to mask the discussions in my office from people waiting to see me. But no one was coming in that morning so I had both my office door and outer office doors open to the hallway.

Well I have my cock out and I'm pumping away and notice I'm ready to explode in no time at all. It had been almost a week. But I want this to last. So I decide to go for broke and take off my pants completely and really take my time and enjoy this. After a few more minutes my cock was enormous and throbbing. I like the way my cock looks and really enjoy watching it engorge. It was also dripping with pre-cum which I like to collect on a finger and taste. This also makes me even more horny and now I'm really about to lose it when suddenly I hear something in my outer office just outside my office!

I immediately stop pumping my dick but my pants are completely off and I've got this raging erection dripping pre-cum and I can't really do a damn thing. I'm also in that close to coming haziness I get just before I dump my load so I wasn't thinking too fast. Before I could make another move a female head pops around my inner office door. It was the middle-aged attorney who had rented out an office during the last year at the other end of the hall. We had never said anything but 'hello' as we passed each other in the hall but I'd always thought she looked pretty hot and very athletic and I'll admit I'd cum a few times while wacking off thinking about her taking my 8 inches up her ass.

Now she's walking in my office door and had just begun asking if she could borrow some copier paper when she stopped dead in her tracks and gasped. I was caught. There was no way I could explain this. But before I could do anything she smiled and said 'wow, that's impressive!'. I couldn't believe it. I started to say something but she went on, 'I do that in my office too sometimes, mind if I watch you finish?' and she sat down on the edge of my desk and stared at my bouncing, dripping cock.

I was so close to cumming anyway I could only get out a quiet 'sure' and started pumping away again. There was so much pre-cum by now my cock was making smacking noises when she said 'Slow down, I want a good show.' So I loosened my grip and swiveled my chair around so she could get a full look. Her eyes were locked onto my erection. I gripped it tightly at the base and it raged an even deeper red as the veins popped out and a huge drop of cum began rolling down my shaft. She wetted her parted lips with her tongue and smiled again and I lost it. My head went back as I moaned and I shot load after load all over my hand, leg and chair. She gasped again and before I could say anything she stood up and said 'That was very nice Michael. My name is Jean. My husband dropped me off here this morning. I've been out of town for days and have a lot of catching up to do. Boring stuff really. I'm going to help myself to some of your copier paper. I'll be in my office all afternoon. If you feel like it you should stop by. I'd like to show you something.'

After she left I cleaned up and put my pants back on. As I came back to my senses I smiled and decided to visit Jean in her office. But that's another (true) story...



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