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Tax Time (2)

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Jean had walked in on me in the middle of a huge masturbation session. To my surprise she seemed completely comfortable and into it. When she left my office she invited me to stop by hers later, to show me something.

I couldn't do it. There was no way I could look at her after such an embarrassing encounter. I decided to clean up and just get the hell out of there. I started having panic attacks about her telling someone in the office about what she had seen me doing, maybe even a client of mine. I was sure my reputation, and career, were screwed. I was so terrified I stopped any more masturbating thinking I could make a bargain with God, I'd stop masturbating if only nothing bad happened to me. I was pretty nuts.

I made a point of staying out of the office for most of the week. Every couple of days I'd sneak in late at night to check my mail and pick up materials from clients. But this was the busy season for taxes and I finally had to come in during the day to meet with people. I was so freaking nervous that I'd run into Jean. I started trying to convince myself it hadn't really happened, that she hadn't watched me cum. By the end of the day nothing had happened so I started to relax a little. I'd been working all day and didn't realize how late it had gotten until I looked outside and saw it was dark. I needed to use the bathroom so I quietly and quickly walked across the hall.

About two minutes later the bathroom door opens up and some guy walks in and just stands there looking at me. WTF, I think and then he introduces himself as Jean's husband! Before I could do anything he smiles at me and says he knows what happened last weekend in my office and that he's 'pissed off' because whatever she saw made her so horny he's had to screw her twice a day every day since then. 'What?' I finally say, and he smiles again and says 'Next time you get her that worked up I'd appreciate it if you'd take care of her yourself.' with that he started to leave but then added, 'It's totally cool dude, we're a very open couple, I really just wanted to see your dick. Jean said it looked huge.'

After he left I ran back across the hall, my heart racing, and right into Jean! She sitting in my outer office and there's no way I can get away. 'I came to return the paper I borrowed.' she said. 'What happened to you last weekend? I wanted to show you something.' And with that she slid her left leg over the arm of my guest chair, exposing her beautiful, very wet looking pussy. I got an instant erection and could not stop looking at her as she started rubbing herself and moaning softly. 'What about your husband?' I asked 'Don't worry, he's probably back in my office with his pants around his knees thinking about what you and I are doing in here.'

It didn't last long but she had me take out my dick again and masturbate into her mouth while she rubbed out her own intense orgasm. I was just catching my breath when she suddenly stood up and excused herself. 'My husband will want a full report and a little taste.' And she closed the door behind her. So now I don't know what I've gotten in to. I was soon to find out.



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