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Taught to Masturbate: Father's Request

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Being taught to masturbate opened up an entire world of pleasure!


Hi! My wife and I are avid readers of the stories in your website. We have a passionate relationship, which is kept at fever pitch by the stories. At her continued insistence, I am writing an account of how I learned to masturbate.
First, a little family history. My father was born in Scotland and has a twin brother. Both are strawberry blondes with green eyes, fair complexions with light freckles. Both are doctors who sought and married twin girls. So, my first cousins easily pass for siblings. There are a total of 11 children, mostly boys.
We are an open, outgoing bunch with few if any secrets. Dad and Uncle are both urologists, which will explain why my story is somewhat 'outrageous'. We are all also very athletic. I have been on a swim team and have played tennis since childhood.
As I was entering puberty, I was getting more and more frequent erections but had no idea how to 'deal' with them. As I began to notice girls, the erections became worse and even more frequent. I had male friends who mentioned having boners and joked about jacking off but somehow, I was never in a situation to learn more. As I was always so active and busy, the subject lost priority. As a family, we watched movies and hung out together. I would sometimes have noticeable erections but would always continue the family activities, as I did not know that I could masturbate and make the erection fade.
By the time I was 13, the erections became more frequent and persistent. I was often miserable and would have temper outbursts. Sometime during the summer when I was 13, I awoke from sleep and realised that I was drenched in a puddle of some fluid. At first, I thought that I had urinated in the bed. I fell asleep again, but the next morning I remembered the incident and looked at the bed linens. A very large stain confirmed the memory. I was not troubled about the stain and told Mom about the stain and that I was sorry. She said not to worry, as the laundry would be done that morning. I did notice that I was in a much better mood.
A few nights later, it happened again. I told Mom again. She smiled and said OK, and added that I could wipe up the semen with tissue or a cloth next time. I was puzzled over the word 'semen', but said that I would do that. I suppose that she was satisfied that I had started to masturbate. However, I had not done so. I believe that she told Dad who patted me on the back and said that he and Mom were pleased to watch me grow up. Ha!
The wet dreams were unpredictable and so went through some periods of being very cross until the next one occurred. Fast forward to the summer after my 15th birthday. On April 15, I had turned 15. It was now the end of May and school was out. My mother had left the day before for Scotland accompanied by my 17-year-old sister and my 10-year-old twin brothers. My 20-year-old brother had remained at university and my 23-year-old brother was in medical school. So, only Dad and I were at home. It was a Saturday morning. He came into my room and sat by me on the bed. He said that he had come to offer an apology from him and Mom. He said that they were satisfied that I had discovered masturbation and was now a regular practitioner. However, they had observed me lately and had misread the 'signs'. He said, 'Iain, you really don't know what masturbation is, do you?' I said that I had heard the word but that I did not know its meaning. He said, 'Mom and I are so sorry. However, we are going to rectify this today.'
Let's have a bit of a physical first. He listened to my heart and lungs, checked under my arms and neck and in my groin. He said that everything so far was normal. He told me that he would next check my genitals. He gently examined my testicles and then took my penis in hand. He rolled back the foreskin and then pulled it forward over the glans. He did this several times. I started to get an erection. He said you are developing a nice erection. He told me that he would continue this until I had a firm erection. When my penis was fully erect, he said that I was very well developed. He took out a tape measure and placed it at the base of the penis next to my stomach. He measured it at 8.5 inches and said told me that I am typical for the family. My penis is rather big around, is very straight, lies against my abdomen, and points directly at my chin.
Next, he said to me that he needed to call my 19-year-old cousin, Malcolm. He told me just to relax. Malcolm who lived next door was home from college. His girlfriend had gone with her family to Europe and were to be gone until mid-July. He called Malcolm and told him good morning. He said, 'Do you have plans for the day?' Malcolm must have said that he did not. Dad said, 'Son, I have a favour to ask of you. I want to thank you in advance for helping. Have you jacked off yet today?' Dad asked. Malcolm must have said no. Dad then said, 'No, I don't need a semen sample but I would like for you to come over and jack off here. The back door is open. Come in and come up to Iain's bedroom.'
Malcolm is very buff and I have always admired him. He is smart and is fun to be with. He must have been excited at the prospect and came almost immediately. When he came in my room, he was wearing blue jean shorts and a black silk tee shirt that clung to his torso. Dad asked him a few questions about his sexual practices to make sure that he practiced safe sex. Malcolm said that he and his girlfriend always used condoms. He said that he and his roommates often jacked off together and jacked each other off. No anal sex. Malcolm had a noticeable erection. Dad asked him to strip and then examined him. Dad grabbed his penis and pumped it 8 or 9 times. Dad said everything seems to be in working order and told Malcolm that he certainly was prepared for the task.
Malcolm then said, 'Uncle, just what do you want me to do?' Dad told him his regrets about me and that he and Mom had realised that I did not know how to masturbate. He told Malcolm that he wanted him to teach me how and to take me on a student as I had missed out on several years of jacking off. Malcolm told Dad that it would be his pleasure. Dad smiled and said that he was sure that he would feel that way. Dad told us that he would be in his study and would have to leave to check on patients in hospital.
On my bed, I had a chair-like pillow with a back and arms, which I could use when I was reading or studying. Directly across from the bed were closets covered with mirrors. Malcolm told me that I had the perfect setup for this job and that he would teach me as he had his girlfriends.
He told me prop myself up in the pillow chair and spread my legs slightly. Next, he sat up between my legs. I had not even thought of my cousin in a sexual way until then. Having his buff body next to mine was stirring up new feelings in me. He was really sensual and gorgeous. He told me to reach both of my arms around him and to rub his chest with my left hand: he took my right hand and placed it on his penis. He told me to feel of it and to look at it in the mirror. His penis looked so much like mine that I could not believe it. It was warm and sensual. I could feel his heartbeat in his penis and his chest. He told me that he and his girlfriend had had sex three times Wednesday night because she was leaving but that he had not had time to jack off since. He told me that when he does not jack off daily it takes him a long to have an orgasm and ejaculate. He said that we could both have fun, however. Next, he replaced my hand with his and told me to watch for a few minutes. He is uncircumcised as we all are in the family. He grabbed his penis about midway on the shaft and pulled the foreskin back as his hand moved to the base. Malcolm moved his hand on his penis out to the end, which covered the head with the foreskin. For about the next five minutes as I watched in the mirror, he continued to pump his penis with a regular but not fast rhythm. Clear liquid began to come out of the end of his penis in waves. He called it pre-cum and said that it is a good sign as the jacking off was having the desired effect. He then told me to put my hand around his cock and to pump it as he had. I had not had an erection when we started but had one now. He reached around to feel of it and simply said good boy. I did as he told me and pumped his penis, which seemed to grow even harder, warmer and darker in colour. He told me that he was really feeling good. About thirty minutes had passed since we had started jacking off Malcolm's cock. He was making moaning noises and saying that he was feeling wonderful. He then said that I needed to look for some changes that would happen before he 'busted his nut'. He told me that a minute or two before that the pre-cum would run out in a continuous stream. By the way, he had already poured out volumes of it. It was everywhere and pumping his cock made slurping noises, which I found erotic. He also told me that his cock would get very stiff and that about 30 seconds to a minute before he was going to blow his wad that the pre-cum would get cloudy and then turn white. I listened to what he told me, continued to jack his cock and to watch. Now, forty minutes into the jacking session, the signs began to manifest. The precum was now like a fountain, his cock got even warmer and harder, the cock head looked like a Damson plum about to burst; and then, the precum turned from clear to cloudy and then white. Malcolm was moving and moaning and saying that he was in heaven.
Just then Dad walked in and asked if he could watch. In a hoarse voice, Malcolm said, 'Ok.' His words had just left his mouth when the eruption began. His cock was like a fire hose pouring out one continuous stream of semen. He was moaning and saying, 'Oh! My God! That's Wonderful.' He said, 'I really need this.' The ejaculation continued as he writhed and moaned.
When he finally stopped ejaculating, there were puddles of semen all over his chest, abdomen, legs and my bed. Dad then said to Malcolm, 'I can see that you are a Balshaw. That's just how your Dad and I blow our loads - just one continuous stream and lots of it. I hope that you both have had fun. I had not thought of doing it the way you did, Malcolm. It was a very good idea to have Iain jack you off in order to learn. Are you going to jack him off now?' Malcolm told Dad that as soon as could recover and wipe up some of the semen that he meant to do just that. Dad left for the hospital.
We traded places. Malcolm said, 'Iain, that was awesome. My girlfriends have never been able to jack me off like that. You are now an official jacker.' I sat between his legs and he did to me what I had just done to him. When Malcolm grabbed my penis, electricity shot through me. After five minutes, the precum began to surge out. I was feeling great. He said that I would probably be just like him. The feeling grew stonger and better. Twenty minutes into his jacking my cock, I told him that I was feeling pressure like I needed to pee. He told me that I would not pee but that it would feel that way the first few times until I got used to the sensations. My cock got harder; the precum ran in a stream and then finally turned cloudy and white. I told Malcolm that I was feeling strange and that something was happening. He laughed and told me to hold on as he continued to jack me off. This incredible feeling came over me that was heavenly. Then, the semen shot from my cock as it had from Malcolm's cock. I felt exhausted but refreshed and very much at peace. What a feeling. There are not words to describe it.
I turned around and hugged Malcolm and kissed him. I told him thanks. That was fabulous. We hugged and kissed for a few minutes and then cleaned up my semen. I was so proud.
He was still hard and so I asked if I could jack him off again. He said yes. He added that as he already blown the other load of semen that it would only take about 15 minutes to jack him off. I jacked him off again with great pleasure.



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