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Taught To Masturbate At The Age Of Seven

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Taught to masturbate at the age of seven
When I was (approximately) 7 years old, a friend (Julian) who was about thirteen at the time came to call for me. He told me he had something important to show me 'down in the fields'. I thought nothing particular of it, but I was inquisitive and went along with him.
We went to a place where there was a fallen log which he sat on and he took his trousers down and showed me his erection.. I can still see it now, it seemed so huge and thick and hairy. Also, he was uncircumcised - unlike me - which I found fascinating. He started to wank and asked me to get my cock out too. I did this and he compared them... mainly gloating about how much bigger his was, but he was also a bit shocked at how stiff mine was, it was really like a piece of wood. He then asked me to have a go and I wrapped a hand around his shaft... I am sure that this experience gave me the fascination with uncut cocks that I now have. He was so easy to wank.
At one point he saw somebody out for a walk so we stopped for a while, and then I resumed. After a while (and totally unexpectedly for me) he ejaculated. I was transfixed by the creamy fluid, there seemed to be gallons of it, and I remember its unusual texture as I wiped my hand on the grass. I must have known a little as I said 'wow, hundreds of babies' and he said 'millions'! We never did that again, but I tried it on myself. I remember the first time having no ejaculate but feeling my first orgasm. Since then I have been a confirmed masturbator, even when I've been in relationships.
There have been many memorable occasions, but one I would like to share is this one.. My wife and I were working in a resort area that had beautiful clear warm water. We weren't getting on - she had left me and was fucking another guy, but I was besotted at that time and wanted to try and keep things 'pleasant' (We did get back together but it never worked).
Anyway, I had the use of a boat and suggested that the two of us go snorkelling... perhaps I should mention that I have always found her petite body absolutely gorgeous... and so we did. Don't know whose suggestion it had been but we ended up going in naked. We must have half an hour in the water which was driving me crazy, catching glimpses of her lips and seeing her beautiful ass and I guess I was getting pretty worked up. Eventually we went back to the boat and she started to get in first. As she struggled with the rubber sided boat I stayed back slightly and appreciated the view and started pulling my cock. When she actually got over the side, she stayed for a moment getting her balance and she was kneeling forwards with her legs apart effectively giving me an amazing view of her ass, her pussy lips and her pubic hair curling around them. I knew I only had a moment of this so I continued pulling my cock and came in the water.
I don't think she knew what I had done and the way things were I wasn't about to tell her.
I love to discuss true stories and if any females or couples would like to get in touch please do...



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