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Taught Her

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Well, I don't know where to start this one, so I'll just start from when I got to the party.

I was visiting one of my cousins over a Halloween weekend and he was having a party, no theme but kind of scary. He had his basement decorated with cobwebs and spiders and all kinds of scary stuff. He even had some scary background music playing.

Anyways, a bunch of people were in the den getting ready to start a scary movie, so I decided to join. I sat by one of my friends, Rachel, and we started talking.

Before we go any further, I am a bisexual male. Rachel and I often talked about the guys that we thought were hot, but I rarely mentioned girls to her, even though she is bisexual as well.

We were close friends, and most of our conversations started and ended with sex. What we liked, what we had done, what we didn't like, and so on. Tonight was no different.

The movie had only just started when there was a scene of two guys and two girls suntanning by a pool. The guys had on trunks, the girls bikinis. They walked calmly into the house, where one of the guys stripped, and climbed into the shower.

I could feel myself getting slightly hard, so I covered up with a blanket. Rachel covered up as well, and we were soon close together under the same cover. I was distracted by the movie, and so was she, as one of the girls shed her top. I was semi-erect now, and I'm sure Rachel was getting horny as well. We both whispered quietly while the crowd around us talked aloud.

My cousin was making out with his girlfriend, and one of my other friends had just left the room with his. There was still about ten people left in the room, though, so it was pretty loud with everybody talking.

Rachel rested her head on my shoulder, and her hand on my thigh under the cover. The movie was about half over now, and my boner had faded, but Rachel and I were still talking about sex in general. She asked me if I had gotten lucky recently, and I honestly told her that it had been at least six months.

She said that it had been a while since she had orgasmed as well. I had told her before that she should masturbate, but she said that she wasn't sure about it, so I mentioned it again. She said that she had been thinking about it, but was still sceptical, so I grabbed her by the arm and told her to follow me into a nearby vacant bedroom.

I asked her why she was so hesitant to masturbate, but she kind of avoided the question. I knew that it was because she just didn't know how, so I offered to help. I proposed that we exchanged orgasms. I would help her get off, and she would help me get off. In the process, I would show her how to masturbate herself. She thought for a moment, and then agreed.

I stood up and slowly started to unbutton my jeans. She stopped me, probably having second thoughts, then told me to proceed. While I was taking off my jeans, she removed her sweat pants. She had on pink lacey panties, and I had on black boxers.

I was starting to get hard, and I knew she could tell. I asked her if she wanted to go first, and she said she would. She laid down on the bed, and I removed her panties. She had a nice, tight vagina, and it was only slightly wet at this point. I rubbed her clit in circles, and she almost immediately started to moan. I kept up with the rubbing for a few minutes before inserting a finger into her pussy.

She moaned rather loudly, but still not loud enough for anyone outside the room to hear. I showed her what I was doing, how I was rubbing her and inserting my finger, and told her to take over. She started off kind of hesitant, but then started to get faster and faster. I took over again after a while, and she soon orgasmed explosively. I was pretty sure that the people watching the movie had heard her that time.

She kept true to her part of the deal and as soon as she had got her fair share, she ripped my boxers off me. She immediately started to stroke me back and forth. I was already hard from fingering her pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she was on her knees on the floor still bottomless. I was about to cum, but I held back because I saw her starting to rub herself again.

I stopped her and told her to lay down again, and I started to rub her clit again. It wasn't long until she had another orgasm, and then she was ready to start jerking me again.

I was super sensitive now, and I was ready to cum in just a few minutes. Now I was on my back on the bed, and she was sitting across my legs, straddling them and facing me. I told her I was about to cum, and before I had finished my sentence I blew my load all over the place. Some hit her face and some landed on her upper thighs, but her hand was covered.

The real problem was getting cleaned up. I ran to the bathroom and got her some tissues to clean off her hands with, but she just wiped it off her face. She put her panties back on over the cum on her thighs and we laid down on the guest bed.

I had put my boxers back on, but laying there beside her, my best friend, in my underwear still felt strange, especially after what we had just done. We both fell asleep, and we spent the whole next day talking about it. We did meet up a few more times, but only when we were both in need of a good orgasm.



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