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Taught by the Paper Boy

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My neighbor and I, who was a year younger than me, were out riding our bikes, and the paper boy came along and asked us if we wanted to follow him down this dirt road and we said sure since we knew who he was. We got down to a trail and asked if we wanted to see what we would look like when we got older. Not knowing what he meant we said sure.

We followed him down this trail and he gave some story about sun burn to explain why he was taking his clothes off. He sat on a rock wall and started to play with cock. He got hard very quickly. I would guess now that he was probably about 16 or 17 as he was fully developed, but had no visible pubic hair. We were 13 and 14 respectively. He sat there on the rock wall with me on one side and my friend on the other just slowly stroking his cock. He then asked us to touch it. I did grab his cock and sort of squeezed it and could feel it pulse and he threw his head back and moaned. I did not stroke him, and I don't recall being hard myself. However, I did watch him intently and observed an orgasm for the first time. I was amazed and intrigued by the white stream of semen that came shooting out. He dressed and we left, and there was never another encounter, but it opened up a whole new world to me.

That night or soon thereafter I lay in bed at night and undid my pjs and started rubbing my hardon. It took a while, but I reached my first orgasm in about 15 or 20 minutes. It was dry, but so unbelievable. Soon I learned the start and stop on my own, and had as many as four or five orgasms in one session. Before you begin ejaculation you can have multiple orgasms with no refractory period. I would conservatively estimate that I had over 1000 orgasms before I turned 14. I had my first ejaculation about a month before I turned 13. I later discovered at 14 that I could suck my own cock. I could get the head in my mouth, and I did cum in my mouth several times, but self sucking, although great was not my prefered masturbation.

I also engaged in regular mutual sessions with a neighbor starting at some time after I turned 13. It started off innocently with some comparison, but being touched was unbelievable. It eventually lead to mutual jerking off. His cock was small and he was not in good shape. I never liked giving, but felt obligated because it was mutual. I was tall and thin and lean and had 6.5 inches long by 5.25 inches around which was not huge but respectable and I think my neighbor was into me, although I did not realize it then. His parents had some weekly event they would attend, and for about a year I would go to his house that each week and we would get all horny and start jerking each other. I would always finish him first because once I dropped my load I was no longer willing to reciprocate.

I am married now with kids and have a fantastic sex life. I trim my pubes and shave my balls which the wife loves. I still love to masturbate and do get off reading these stories. True raw stories are the most erotic and get me the hardest.



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