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Tara Came to Visit

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Hey to you all, I had the best week of my life at Christmas time. David's cousin Tara came to visit & she is so sexy & hot!

When she first got here David called me to go over to his house to meet her. We went to the basement to listen to music & talk. It was weird in a good kind of way sitting in the same spots that David & I do when we're naked working out & jerking off. I was hoping David wouldn't tell her we actually jerked each others cocks before & he didn't. That would be embarrassing.

After a while I felt not so shy like I usually do around girls because she was so nice & talked to me a lot. That night we didn't talk about any sex stuff at all but the next time was another story.

I guess David did his sex talk stuff like he does & then he called me to come over. He said bring my skates & we'll all go to town skating at the outdoor rink. I showed up with my skates & we drove off in my truck to town. On the way David said that Tara knew all about me going to uncles house & why so it was no secret. I thought I was going to drop dead but then Tara said it was way cool & told me I was a lucky guy to have an uncle like that. Then David asked if we could go to my uncles place because he already knew I planned on going later that night & uncle was away for the last time before Christmas. I wish he never asked in one way but now I'm glad he did.

I knew I shouldn't but I took them both there. Once we went inside I told them to sit down in the living room but right away David asked where the room was & said that's what Tara wanted to see. Tara jumped in & said yah I came to see the porn room & then she made a funny smile showing her big white teeth with her eyes wide open like she was having fun. It was like nothing weird at all & something she really did want to see.

We went to the room & unlocked the door & went inside. There is a big chair sitting right in front of the big TV & off to one side is an short sofa only big enough for 2 people. The short sofa is good to use because it gives me more room to move & my elbow doesn't hit the arm. A lot of times I like to sit cross legged while I jerk off & it's better than the chair if I'm doing it for hours.

David & Tara sat in the short sofa & David said to ask Tara to pick a movie to watch. Tara crawled over to the TV & sat beside me on the floor to pick out a movie. That was another weird feeling but Tara made it better because she was smiling & kept saying each one looked good & even joked if she could please take a few home with her. Then I felt sexy but normal with her.

Tara picked a movie & we put in on. She said she liked it because it had a beach & palm trees on the cover. The movie is about a guy & girl that go on vacation at a beach place & they have sex on an island then two native looking guys see them & come over to watch. The vacation guy invites the one native guy to join in & then the girl is on her hands & knees with her boyfriend behind & the native guys cock in her mouth & the other native guy sits on a rock & jerks off watching them. All the while the movie was on Tara made comments about what was happening. She likes sex a lot!

The camera moved to the guy who was jerking off for a while back & forth & Tara said he looked like he was having just as much fun as the other guys then asked me & David what we thought. I had such a hard boner by then & I was wishing it was me jerking off like that guy. I've never watched porn without jerking off before. David just shook his head & said oh yah but Tara asked me again what I thought. I told he was probably having almost the same fun then Tara asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her no but I was hoping to have one soon. Then she said I must be more like the guy on the rock & she made that funny smile with the big eyes again. I never answered right away & Tara said I must be just like the rock guy with all those great movies to watch & that she wises she had all those movies to watch. That was way cool! I just had to ask her if she did it (I said did it not jerk off or jill off) & she said she'd tell me if me & David told her first. She said she already knew we did it but she wanted us to say it. David just raised his hand & said busted. The Tara looked right at me & said ok & you? I felt so horny & I wanted to tell her all about my cock so I told her yes I did it & that I came over to uncles as much as I could because I am always horny & need to do it. Then she said you can say jerk off you know, it's what it's called. She is so cool & nice.

Tara asked David how often he jerked off & David pointed at me & said I do it a lot but not as much as he does. Tara asked me how often I did it so I made it my chance to tell her all about myself. She made me feel so normal talking about my cock & jerking off. In the middle of telling her I stopped & remembered she never told us if she did it so I asked her. Tara said of course I do it, all girls do it just like you guys. I told her more about me & we started comparing guys & girls jerking & jilling off. I had such a hard boner & I'm sure David must have too.

We talked for about a half hour & I told her almost all about how I jerk off & how long & stuff. David told a bit & Tara told some nice things too like how she likes to use her fingers inside at the same time as she rubs the outside. Oh that was SO sick & way cool to hear her say! David told a bit but not much but then he said something great. David said I should show Tara how I jerked off as long as she was OK with it. Instantly Tara said sure I'd love it. I felt my heart thumping right away in my throat & my face got hot. I didn't know what to say & I just sat there looking stupid. Tara told me I should do it unless I didn't want to. I told her I wanted to but not all by myself & I asked David if he wanted to do it too. David said no he was fine & I couldn't believe he said that. He always likes jerking off. I couldn't say that though because I did not want Tara to know we did it together.

I wanted to do it so bad then I asked Tara if she would do it with me. She said maybe once I do it for a bit she might join me. That was all I needed & I said I was going to do it.

My heart was beating so fast & hard! I could hear it a little bit in my head. I stood up & took off my shirt & Tara made a woooh sound like I was stripping & she said ok now the pants. I pulled off my socks & last was my pants. I pulled them to down & kicked them off with my feet. Tara made a comment on how she could see my cock bulging through my underwear. I don't wear boxers any more because I get too many boners in public or at home. Then I pulled off my underwear & let my boner show for a girl for the first time in my life. I felt so sexy & dirty standing there with my boner sticking way out so far & hard & Tara was looking right at it. Right away she called it huge & I felt the best ever! I sat in the chair & Tara got on the floor & told me to go ahead & show me how I did it. Even hearing her say that was so dirty & good. I sat on the edge of the chair with my legs apart & started jerking off. All I could do is roll the skin up & down a bit because the lube was over in the bottom door of the table beside where Tara was sitting before. Even that felt really good because I was jerking off while a girl watched me! So cool!

Tara kept looking at my cock & every few seconds she looked up to my eyes & smiled a real smile. She made me feel so good about what I was doing. I wanted to use the lube stuff so bad so I asked Tara if she would get it from behind her. She got out the big bottle & laughed about the size & asked me how long the big bottle lasted. She told me to stay sitting & walked over on her knees to where I was sitting. She turned the bottle over & dripped it onto my hand & told me to smear it on to see if it was enough. She stayed right there a few inches away watching me so I started jerking right away. She looked right at me & said it looks like enough then she sat down right in front of me to watch. David asked if she was going to come back to sit & she said no I have a front row seat right here. She is so way cool. I like her a lot.

I slid my hand up & down my big cock & kept looking at Tara while I did. She mostly watched my hand & cock but she still looked up & smiled every now & then. She kept saying things like, that looks like fun or, that must feel good. Then she asked me if it felt good & I really liked that when she asked a question about how my cock felt. I told her it felt great. Tara turned to David & asked if he was going to join but he still said no. That's when I said what about you to Tara. I reminded her she said she would do it if I did.

Tara gave that funny smile again & told me a deal's a deal. She grabbed her sweater & pulled it over her head & all her hair stood up & made a snapping noise with lots of static so we all laughed. She was wearing a red bra & she stood up on her knees closer to me & unhooked it from behind then her nice tits were bare. Wow does she have really nice hard tits! I kept looking at them. They are as nice as some of the girls in the movies but not a big as most. Most of the big ones are fake & Tara's are real & hard & so nice! They're not very big but they sure are shaped nice. I think her tits are perfect on her because she's skinny & tall like me.

I told her she had nice tits & she told me they are boobs not tits. Tara rolled back & lifted her ass of the floor & yanked on her jeans until they were below her knees then she stood up & took them off with her underpants at the same time. She stood on her tippy toes & twisted her hips & said look, no hair just like you. Now I consider her my first naked girl because the strippers didn't count. Her pussy lips are dark for some reason. It's a bit weird but that's all. I love her tall skinny body.

All that time I was moving my hand up & down my cock to make what I was watching so much better. She was like live porn. Tara asked me how much I liked her boobs & I told her they were perfect. Then she told me I could feel them. They felt like what I think perfect tits should. She has real soft skin & her tits move but don't hang down at all. Her nipples feel bumpy & they're even more hard. I love her tits!

Tara moved back over to the short sofa where David was & leaned against it but sat on the floor. That's where she did it & I saw my very first real LIVE girl jill off for me. I felt like I died & went to heaven. Tara used 3 fingers to rub on the outside at first & then she started to breath harder. I know from listening to all the girls in the movies talk about how the jill that she was rubbing her clit. Then she slouched down a bit & stuck 2 fingers inside her pussy. She started moaning & saying how good it felt & told me to jerk harder for her. That's when David said he had to join in. I guess it was too much to just watch.

It didn't take Tara very long to cum & she can do it a lot of times close together right away. She told us after that it is a gift. I had to stop jerking off or I was going to shoot my cum too when that happened. I loved watching her body when she had her cums. Not sure how many times she did it for sure. I think 5 in all but I was not counting. I'll try to describe what she looks like when she cums.

She squirms & moans a lot & it looks like the getting to her orgasm takes a long time. I'd say it takes her almost a whole minute to get from the bottom to going full out to cum then she just goes quiet. She goes from lots of breathing hard with her legs open, then louder & louder & her body rolls from head to toe almost like a mermaid swimming but in very small movements. She is so pretty when she does that. Then when the cum part gets close or orgasm I hear the girls in the movies call it, she closes her legs & pulls her knees up just a tiny bit so her legs are not straight out. Her head tilts forward & she stops breathing. I mean no breathing at all for a while. Then her body makes these tiny little bobs up & down & she starts to breathe again & she says oh oh oh really soft like until she is finally done having her orgasm. Then she stretches out & takes deep breaths but she doesn't talk right away until she starts to breath ok again. That takes about a minute & it's so cool to watch her.

David kept quiet most of the time, Tara put the bottle of slippery lube in the middle for us all to use. Tara asked if David & I were going to cum soon & just when she was asking David groaned & shot his cum back onto himself. Tara watched him & I guess I did too but I was watching more how she liked to see him cum. Then she asked if I was going to cum now & David said maybe Tar would have sex with me. Right away she said NO because she had a boyfriend back home. Then Tara said I could go wash off nice & clean & she would be able to give me a blow job then gave that funny smile. WOW! I couldn't believe what I just heard her say. She said a blowjob was not really screwing around.

I washed off & when I came back & Tara was sitting on her knees in front of the chair where I was sitting before, She patted the chair & I sat down. My cock was still real hard & I could not believe what was going to happen. Then she touched my cock & moved the skin up & down a few times & told me my cock was nice & big. She said it was bigger than her boyfriends. That felt so good to hear & even better when she held my cock in her hand. She looked at me & told me to lay back & relax. This is the best part I keep thinking about all the time since. She held my cock at the bottom to keep it straight up & she held the short bit of skin back & tight too then she slid her lips over my cock & gave me a blowjob with her lips only. I watched her lips move up & down my cock but she only went a about 2 inches below the head each time. She knew right where it feels the best. She stopped & asked if it felt good & of course I said yes. Tara said a real blowjob does not include hands & that's how she does it.

I was not so happy because I could not hold back my cum like I usually can. It felt way too good & she looked so hot doing it. As soon as I felt like I was going to cum Tara stopped sucking my cock. She knew just when to stop. I like her so much! She stopped a few times for me & the last time she said she would not stop next time but I could not cum in her mouth. I wanted to so bad! I asked if her boyfriend did & she said yes but that was different. She said that she really likes cum but that would be more like screwing around if I came in her mouth & she said I could cum on her tits.

She went back on my cock & I felt like I was going to shoot my cum in less than a minute. I sat up as straight as I could in the chair then Tara told me to stand up. This time she kept me in her mouth until just before & I thought she was going to let me cum in her mouth but she didn't. She pulled my cock out & used her spit to jerk me off all over her tits. When I came it felt like one of the hardest cums ever. I watched my cock shoot out 8 or 10 streams of hot cum all over her great tits. Then my body did that shaking & jerking thing it does if I've been jerking off for a long time. I had to drop back into the chair. I was in the chair bouncing around & even though before I thought I'd feel stupid if a girl saw that happen, I felt great! I let my body do what it needed to do & after I was all done Tara said it was sexy. I looked at her tits all covered in my cum & she actually took her hand & scooped off a huge gob then licked it off & swallowed it! She said oh you do taste nice & maybe one day. That's all she said. I couldn't believe she licked a big gob of my cum & swallowed it after not letting me cum in her mouth. That was the only part that I didn't like about the whole thing but now I think to myself that she's gone & some of my cum was inside her. That makes me feel good.

I tried to do it again with Tara but we never did. She did give me a kiss goodbye & now I think to myself if she liked me then other girls will too. Tara made me grow up just a bit. I can't stop thinking about her & I jerk off now without the porn. She is all I think about. I keep seeing her holding back my cock skin sliding her lip up & down & then my cum shooting all over her tits. I also think about her licking up some of cum & swallowing it. I see now why people get married. If she makes me feel that way after seeing her only for a week & after doing a bit of sex stuff only once then it must be great for a longer time.

I hope I meet a girl exactly like Tara. I like everything about her. Nothing was bad.

Talk to you al soon.



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