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Tanya Oh Tanya

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Fond memories of a really sexy girl.


When I was about 33 I was dating this fantastic girl called Tanya. She was beautiful with long dark curly hair, very long legs and an incredibly sexy body.

Recently she has been on my mind a lot, and I keep remembering the fantastic sex we used to have, it forms the basis of a lot my masturbating sessions.

One session I recall was amazing. I arrived at her apartment as usual one evening, she took me straight into the bedroom and told me to get undressed. I of course did not argue. When naked Tanya told me to lay on a rug that was on the floor by the bed. I was, to say the least, intrigued, oh, and my cock was begining to take notice as well. She produced some silk scarves, and said that she wanted to tie my hands and feet to the bed and dressing table. I was unsure but more than interested, always up for new experiences.

So there I was naked on the floor tied up to the furniture, with my penis almost poking upright. She left the room to get changed, she said. I think I laid there for at least 10 minutes, if not more. I could hear the shower running, the intensity of the situation was amazing, my heart was pounding.

Finally Tanya entered the room, what a sight. She was wearing a short black pvc skirt with a black lacy top, very see through, with a sexy skimpy bra beneath. She stood at my feet, offering me a fantastic view of her stocking clad legs. She then stepped forward and straddled my body, giving me a lovely view right up her skirt, showing me her little thong, that I hoped I would see more of soon.

Can you imagine how I felt, completely helpless, unable to touch her, or more importantly my throbbing cock, I am not sure what was the most frustrating.

She moved away and started to pose in the most erotic positions, it was like having a live porn magazine with the pages turning themselves. After a while Tanya started to strip first the top then slowly she wriggled out of the skirt, there it was the thong, it was tiny barely covering her trimmed bush. She turned around, wow the little string disappeared up the crack of her arse.

My cock was aching, I wanted badly to stroke it, but I had to wait, I had never been so frustrated, normally I would be wanking hard by now.

Now Tanya had pulled to one side the flimsy bit of lace that was covering her sex, and was massaging her clit with her thumb in a little circular motion. Then she slipped two fingers into her pussy, I was desperate to do that and jerk my cock at the same time, but no not yet.

Next, very slowly, Tanya slid down the bit of lace and string, it was so small, she placed it on my chest, I could smell her sex on it and it was very wet. Then taking a dildo from the dresser she slowly inserted it into her vagina, all the time paying homage to her clit. I was very jealous she would not leave it alone, and my throbbing penis went untouched. In and it went her breathing becoming more rapid and she was moaning, a lot. Every time it came out it was glistening with her juices. Finally with a little squeal, she came. I was so horny now what a fantastic show she had given me.

'Now for you' Tanya said, with that she crouched between my legs, and started to stroke my cock, it was fantastic, gently at first, then slowly speeding up. It was not long before I was close to cumming. She eased off, stood up and thrust two fingers into her cunt again. Again she stooped down and massaged my cock and balls, running her fingers lightly down to my anus, again she stopped when I was close. I had been squirming about, as much as I was able.

Tanya went back to rubbing her clit and shoving the dildo in and out. This continued for about 20 minutes, the pre-cum oozing from the end of my penis was practically running down the shaft.

Next Tanya crouched over me with her beautiful pussy just inches above my dripping cock. She once again took it in her hand and began stroking it up and down, stopping to massage the pre-cum into the end with her thumb, glorious. I could not take much more of this. Finally I exploded with such a force, the feeling was amazing, such release, such sensations. I shot strand after strand, most of which landed on Tanya's leg. She was now rubbing the spunk all over her inner thigh with the end of my cock, which was still pumping out what seemed an endless stream of thick milky spunk.

Tanya pushed the dildo back in and furiously thrust it in and out, rubbing her clit like mad, eventually collapsing on top of me with another orgasm.

After a few minutes Tanya untied me and we finally fell into a deep sleep.

I hoped you have enjoyed this memory as much I have enjoyed telling it. Please let me know if you have.



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