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Tantric in Sydney Austrialia

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This is my experience at a tantric workshop for men in Sydney Australia. Enjoy. I will post what happened on Saturday soon. This is just the Friday part.


I went to a tantric workshop in Sydney Australia last year and this is my experience.

Kim, Kelly, Christina, Fiona (the women)

The programme began with a brunch type of meal on Friday with the three men and Fiona the therapist. She presented herself as a sexual educator for men and a tantric therapist. The weekend was related to tantric teachings, sexual and experimental education.

11:00am - 1:00pm

The meal was low key and she sort of presented what the plans and ideas were for the weekend, although as the weekend went on it was clear part of her plan was to not inform us of things, but to make for surprise of erotic education and exploration. This was excellent.

One thing Fiona did do was to make sure we knew this was not a sex type of weekend. We had learning and personal exploration to do, the content happened to be only partly sexual and primarly relational and experimental in a personal sense. It was more to do with personal growth and development of new experiences to draw on.

Fiona told us about the three ladies, all university students, between 22-24-years-of-age. We were not to intrude on their personal lives etc. but they would share some of their background with us. They were present for the weekend to educate us and help us learn about women's and men's sexuality.

Fiona gave a presentation about sexual education and tantric thinking for about an hour at lunch. It was about sexuality as relatedness and connection with ourselves and the other it wasn't about just sex or just getting off on an orgasm, etc. She encouraged us to not ejaculate during the weekend but to hold onto the ecstatic nature of it.

The three men met each other and we shared some personal information, some ideas about our goals and expectations for the weekend. Fiona told us we would have to learn to be comfortable with our sexuality in front of men, as well as women. (i.e. our erection and more in front of the other men). Fiona advised us we should not go out of our way to have an orgasm, particularly early in the programme, as it would take away from the erotic energy and capability for relatedness. She advised us if we were to or wanted to orgasm it should be a certain point after which we would have time to 'recharge' such as Friday night which was not advised to do but we could recharge overnight, Saturday night so we could recharge overnight or Sunday last thing before the weekend wrapped up. She suggested two orgasms as a maximum or perhaps only one or none.

1:00pm - 5:00pm Friday

Friday afternoon we met as a group with the three ladies, three men and Fiona. They were very pretty, young, slim small busted and tanned. They presented themselves as innocent not slutty at all. Some of the ground rules about respect were discussed, seemingly just in case any of the three men had any wrong ideas.

A discussion took place about each of the participants, including each of the ladies, who told about a fifteen minute life story about themselves and what they had done in life, what they were doing at University, and what each of the men wanted to learn over the next 48 hours.

A type of game was made in which our clothes were shed. It was put in a metaphorical sense about shedding our inhibitions. We talked about outer and inner expressions such as what our clothes said about ourselves. A fun exchange took place about what each persons choice of underwear said about them, and we made up ideas about our jockeys, boxer and the ladies panties and what they said about each person. We passed our clothes and underwear around and talked about women's panties and mens jockey shorts in a pretty lively and fun way. By this time it was about 2:30pm and we were all sitting in a circle naked including the therapist Fiona who was nude as well.

We did relating exercises among ourselves asking questions about each person's life story and sharing feelings about being naked in a group for about an hour. My cock was so hard already and so was Jim's and Edwards's cock too (the other men).

We did some relating exercises of looking into each others faces and talking, about feelings and exchanging thoughts and feelings. Fiona talked more about relatedness and connection as sexuality. Each person was asked to make up a dance (the women chose this activity but I was too nervous to make up a dance) or saying or drawing or some type of artistic expression of how they were feeling and to discuss it. I made an abstract drawing of a variety of colours showing strong primary colours to show my feelings of wanting to burst out.

Each of the men was asked to discuss their feelings about masturbating during the weekend and was asked to show how they masturbate to the group. I stroked my cock for them but I couldn't for too long or else I would cum. This was to break down barriers between the men. A group masturbation exercise took place in which the men and women all showed the other how we masturbate (no orgasms allowed please). I had to just gently work around my cock so I didn't come. It was the most erotic experience I ever had watched, seeing three women finger their slits.

This was followed by a presentation by Fiona of 'jack and jill' parties where she talked about how to set up a party where men, women and couples join together a social time and for joint group masturbation but no touching or sex.

At this time each of the ladies: Kim, Kelly and Christina gave a discussion of their own private sexuality, how they experienced sexuality as a woman and how they felt it was unique to themselves and different from other women and different from how men approached sexuality. The most erotic part of it was they sat in a reclined open spread eagle position while we listened. This was led by Fiona who drew out each lady and helped them along in their discussion.

It became apparent this was Christina's first time on a weekend, but not the other two ladies. They were all given the title sexual education surrogate partner. A discussion took place among the ladies and partly the men asking questions about the ladies discussions. It was now about 5:00pm and we broke for a catered type of meal, all nude and some free time in the pool/hot tub. No program just hanging around.

7:00pm - 10:00pm

At about 7:00pm to 8:30pm a most amazing session took place. Each of the ladies, each one in turn, showed her sensual and erogenous areas. Each student surrogate leaned back on a massage table and Fiona took us on a tour of her body, her tits, ass and pussy. Each lady was different of course and the difference in sensual areas, touch, the shape of their breasts, the curves of their bodies, feet, vagina was all explored by each man. The lady and Fiona guided us through touching and examining the vagina, perineum, clitoris, external anal touch, nipple play, her hair, neck, etc. The table was set up with stirrups and a speculum was brought out and each man was able to see the internal organs in a way never seen before. We could see the G spot in each ladies pussy and were allowed to touch it to learn of her reaction. Each anatomical area was shown and discussed. This was simply amazing to me that each lady was so open to allow the touch and gaze of each man. All the while I would oil my cock and give it a stroke when I wanted, and so would one of the girls give a playful little tug once in a while.

The female orgasm was discussed by each lady, and also female ejaculation was presented. A funny term was given to this whole exploration called the 'gynecological dig' a play on archeological dig. There was nothing digging about it though as each man was shown how to gently touch and stroke, finding each of the lady surrogates special spots.

For a follow up to this Fiona said that she would show us female ejaculation if she could. She took her position on a special type of chair which hung from a beam. She directed each person to a special place to bring her to her orgasm. Fiona talked about how a lady achieves this, and her talk was as much for the other three ladies to encourage them to aspire to that level of orgasmic intensity.

I remember she talked about when a lady orgasms she tends to draw the pulsation and experience inward, while ejaculation happened when a different type of relaxation and outward pulsation occurred. One man was given a vibrator to help her, one man was on each side to massage her inner thigh, tummy and breasts and nipples. Fiona held each of these man's erections to heighten herself. One girl stood by her head and was asked to massage her hair, ears, shoulders etc. and also to gently rub her own pussy on the top of Fiona's head and through her hair. The other lady assisted with the vibrator and clitoral massage.

Fiona was directing what she liked until everything was just right for her, so she then appeared to just let the pace take her all the way. She appeared to build and relax, build and relax several times over about a 35 minute time period. On one of the times of increasing pleasure and intensity it just happened, she gently pulled the vibrator from the man and pushed his hand away (as she had told us at the beginning), then Kim reached for a small glass bowl and this stream of liquid pulsed out of her vagina maybe about eight ounces? I think. So amazing and the intensity of her orgasm was unlike anything I have ever heard of, it went on for a while, after the initial stream of liquid she pushed the vibrator back into her vagina and asked that it be gently moved in circles and back and forth, she spoke momentarily about the filling up feeling. Part of the liquid was poured onto Fiona's chest and tummy and vagina and each took turns using the warm liquid as massage oil, when this was gone the rest of it was poured onto her tummy and breasts and the massage continued until Fiona said to stop, she was wrapped in a warm blanket and her hands and hair was stroked, while the rest of us gently touched and stroked each other.

Since Christina was on her first weekend she was obviously highly eroticized by the session and deeply moved.

By now it was getting late and each man was matched with his own personal sexual educator, Kelly for me.

The next part was the sleepover and we simply retired to bed and were told by Fiona it was not for sexual activity. It was talking and cuddling for me, and for Kelly it was simply sleeping with me in the spoon position. I put my hand around and put it over her breast and nipple and fell into sleep.

Next week I will tell about Saturday.



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