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Tantric in Sydney Australia (2)

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This is day two of my Tantric education in Sydney Australia. Read the first part for the background



Saturday morning began with a 8:30 am breakfast, made as a group, come as you are and the men wore robes and the ladies wore bra and panties. We shared our experiences and feelings from the night before over breakfast.

At about 9:30am we began emotional and more anatomy education in a group setting. The men were taught specifically via drawings, charts, books, etc about physical anatomy of women and men (it is surprising what we don't know about our physical bodies) and how our emotions (the emotional aspect was a large part, and Fiona asked us to identify any traumatic events which may affect or constrict us) fit with the physical body.

The education continued with a video on giving complete body massage to a woman. For the physical part each of the ladies continued allowing themselves to be physically touched, examined, explored in detail and offered their physical body and pussy for exploration in a group way. We were (so erotic) shown their secrets again, how their breasts, nipples, ears, neck, hair, clitoris, G spot, labial fold, perineal, urethra, and anal areas appeared and functioned. We were shown and allowed to touch them ourselves how they each liked their nipples, skin, feet, faces, hair, behind, anus, thighs, etc. to be touched and stroked.

Each of the women also gave a talk, with Fiona's help, of sexual toys and demonstrated use of sex toys. One of each surrogate showed use of different types of vibrators, nipple toys, clitoris vacuum, and butt plugs which was inserted in the anal area on a man or a woman.

Each of the ladies was different. I think I found this to be most educational, erotic and inspiring part of the weekend. We were allowed to explore each of the ladies who talked us through each area and gave ideas and demonstrations, etc. In this exercise each lady rotated among the men allowing each an opportunity to explore each, up till now it was done in a group.

I was also explored by the women and was asked to show the different parts of his erotic areas. This lasted until about noon and was followed by free time for everyone. The ladies had some time off. Fiona spent about half an hour with each man going over his personal anatomy and explaining things, different parts and how to use them, how to use ones brain, how to turn the thinking off and the experiencing on, etc.

At about 1:00pm we broke into couples again. Each man was then matched with a woman by Fiona. She had been watching and getting to understand each, and based on her own intuition she matched us up. I was given Kelly again, like last night, and shown how to massage her body, breasts and pussy, the energy movement and blocking areas, genital massage, body to body massage.

Fiona went from private room to private room and helped move things along, giving suggestions, ideas and introducing things which had not been done in the group session. Fiona rubbed my ass and anus while instructions to me on giving a good anal massage to Kelly. This included anal massage on the lady and man, and use of a vibrator on Kelly. Kelly talked about each specific thing that was particularly erotic to her and asked me to do the same for her. After learning and exploring her, Kelly then gave me a sensual massage and asked that I tell her what was most erotic.

Then we did edging, when Kelly, then Kim, then Christine rotated around to each room and edged us closer to orgasm with fantastic cockstroking. While stroking my cock I was able to suck her nipples, reach behind to her ass and stroke her body.

This was followed by time off for everyone for pool and hot tub and the ladies had some time off and went elsewhere. We were given literature to read on massage, anatomy, relatedness, etc. We then had dinner together and discussed about the two main sessions of anatomical and sexual positions education. Fiona went around and did a private check in with each man and some counseling about focusing on the connections and relatedness.

Beginning at about 6:30 pm after dinner we did a group masturbation exercise and the ladies and men talked about their ways of masturbation. We talked about the sexuality of the eyes and how we looked at and to each other. We broke into different couples and I was with Christina, who was new to being a surrogate and soooo innocent. She had B cup breasts and was 5-9, and tiny girl nipples, and a long sloping flat tummy to her full hair pussy. We did more in a group setting on massage. I sucked her nipples and massaged her pussy while she stroked my oiled cock.

There was time off and the ladies took care of themselves for about two hours. One of the options was for a second overnight with your surrogate/partner and I did this with Kelly on Friday. I was matched with Christine for Saturday and she got on stop for a body to body massage. Massage was part of it but orgasm was discouraged by Fiona in advance.

Christine suggested edging ourselves to the limit of orgasm on several occasions which I did and talked me through going to the limit of orgasm and relaxation then back down, building in intensity and to the edge. Orgasm was permitted at this time but I chose not to rather I focused on going to the edge and back on a few occasions. We touched and stroked and talked until late.

I awoke with my morning erection and Chrstine stroked it for me while I stroked her pussy again.

Next I will tell you about Sunday.



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